The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 452 Beyond the Times


In just two days, Qin Jun raised more than 300 explosive packages in the city, and the entire Taihu County is almost thick black and fire covered.

This saturated blow, let Qin Yu, who are ready to be sent, and a scalp is a numb.

After the explosion stop, dozens in the city ignited a fire, and the large half of the houses were collapsed. A famous Tianshang army opened the wooden brick tiles on the body, shaking and climbing out, a face confused.

However, the power of black powder is limited, although the number of people being smashed, but it is really killed or fried into a serious injury.

However, looking at the horror in the city, and thinking about the scene of the earth-shattering, most people have already lived their thoughts.

Even Lu Xiang was frightened, and after a wolf, he looked at dozens of stone machine outside the city, halfway speechless.

Obviously, I just had a saturation blow, the kind of endless explosion, completely subverting his war view.

Fortunately, in the Ming Dynasty, it is not a soil bag, and Lu Xiangti is also considered to see the people who have broad, read 10,000 books, soon steadily steady.

Knowing that this is just that the other party uses a stone machine to launch a large blossom bomb, as long as the wall is not collapsed, the soldiers are working together, still hold.

Therefore, immediately ordered the next order to maintain the order in the city, and he personally came back and forth in the city.

"Mother, it seems that it is necessary to force the old man to make the killing."

Qin Yu took his explosive bag and throwd it. He once again driven on the head and did not appear in his expected ghost crying, and it was also angry.

Although I can take the opportunity to kill the city, as long as the city's defenders are not cold, they will still resist, this is what he is not willing to see.

After all, they are now caught in the middle of the city, people in the city have no way to flee, once they are in ast, 3,40,000 people have been crazy, the consequences of the result is definitely not to bear.

It is also because of impressiveness, so he has been surrounded, not attacking, but not attacking.

"Give Laozi to the launch rack forward one hundred steps, all put it down, against the wall of the city wall, today, this king does not believe it."

With the roaring in Qin Yu, 20 launches, under the cover of the shield, push forward, have been pushed to the wall 50 steps, then turn the launcher flat, the word is straight and straight Wall wall.


call out…

call out…

call out…

call out…

A sharp broken voice makes the skinny hair, I saw a rocket, like electricity, quickly flying on the launch frame, dragging a white tail smoke, straight nail in the city wall On, it is the continuous explosion.

In order to improve the explosive force, the tapered in the rocket warhead is continuously extended, and a iron gun head is installed. In this way, if the rocket is on the ground, it will only insert into the soil, but will not Falling to solve.

This kind of benefit is that it is possible to try to be trustworthy, and all the rockets will explode after landing, delay for more than two seconds, even three or four seconds, as long as you can explode.

This is also the time after repeated test, it has never been able to accurately control the trust explosion, Qin Yu has to make this way of this is not a way.

The only shortcoming is that when the high speed falls, the bamboo tube can not hurt the huge impact, which is easy to crack, so it is necessary to reinforce with the copper strand, and the cone cannot be inserted into the bamboo tube, but to be set on bamboo tube.

This kind of rocket that has been reinforced and installed, has been considered the most primitive wearing, and Qin Yu originally intended to use it to deal with the warship. It is just a time to try it.

Who once thought that the effect was so good, more than 100 rockets, almost all nailed to the wall, I saw that with a sound of boom, the tiles were thrown everywhere. .

After the smoke disappears, the long Nancheng wall has been almost collapsed, forming a slope, including thousands of soldiers, including Luoxheng, are buried inside.

This time I don't say the city in the city, I am scared by the Qin Jun outside the city.

Even the old soldiers in the long-lasting war, I also have a heart, my face is white, one instant, the whole wall has become a small soil bag, like this, what is there? Is there any city? Is it not broken?

"What is the heave of his mother? Give Laozi."

As a modern man, the Qin Dawang, the big scene, nature is the first to react, and the long knife will be shouting.

I woke up since I woke up, and I shouted to rush toward the pile of small soil, and this time I didn't have any suspense. The Huajun has not killed into the city. All the Tianxiongjun has lost the blade in his hand. No one dares to resist.

Because the impact of the impact is too big, the Huajun's ghost is unpredictable, it is not a person who can compete.

In the past half, the entire Taihu County is cleaned, and more than 40,000 Tianxiongjun were captured, including the Lu Xiang of the bricks.

Qin Yu had to admire, the guy's life is really big, not only is not killed, was buried in the land for a long time, but it didn't have a broken gas when planned, but he lost half of the life.

"Lift it, good life!" Qin Yu looked at the stretcher that had no sequential rush to sway, and then he told him: "Continue to dig, the movement of the sport, maybe there is still a live. "

"Yes, the king."

Everyone had to continue shaving the soil.

If you just know that Lu Xiangsheng is also buried in this city wall, it is afraid that the plague will be generated after the rain, Qin Yu is too lazy, but since it digs, then save one is one.

In the evening, I have been collapsed in the county, I have seen it has woke up, I have been wrapped into a scorpion, I've been wrapped into a scorpion, Qin Yu smiled: "How, Lu Governor, now I am okay?"

"Relting ... Moral, only use these speculative ghosts, if it is the right to attack the city, the man can still keep back for half a year."

Lu Xiang raised the pain, strongly endured the pain coming from the wound, hate, obviously unwillingness.

Also, the other party has not started to attack the city, one soldier is not damaged, and the self-40 million people have surrendered, and who is on his head, I am afraid that I have to be alive.

"Haha, the so-called soldier is not torched, let me not speculate, but with powerful strength, there is a matter of this, you will test it with a wall,"

Qin Yuha smiled, his face was exhausted.

"You ... Cough ..." Lu Xiang lit his face, wow, wow, a blood, and fainted again.

Qin Yu didn't dare to breathe him, but I was really afraid that he was alive and mad, it was also a hook: "Okay, the king doesn't care about you, take it well, one day you will know what is called non-human Can better resist. "

Qin Yu walked outward, and he would not worry that he would be self-careful, because he knew that this guy didn't look at his new weapon, it would not be willing.