The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 454, another loyalty

Although the news received by Shikawa, let hundreds of thousands of infantry boarding the ship has delayed some time, but Jiujiang is more than 150 in Wangjiang, and then she will start after the black sky, but still in the dawn, Just arrived on the river of the Wangjiang section.

Dozens of boats immediately leaned up, Zuo Shuai also loosened, quickly organized the army to board the ship.

Who once thought that only half an hour, Qin Yi took the army from the east from the east, and the north also came to shoot and shouted.

For a time, the left army is in a chaos, panic, and the whole shore is a person who is fighting for the ship.

Zuo Shuai also scared half of death, and where he will do the death of the soldiers, immediately jump on a boat, and go to the river under the protection of the guard.

Other generals are also a sample, and this has made the ordinary soldiers more flustered, some are rushing to the boat in the knife, some turned to the trip, and the water is good, it is directly taking off the trousers and jumped into the river. I want to swim in the past, and only no one has a knife to see the enemy.

Finally, the 50,000 army of Zuo Shuai, only more than 10,000 people succeeded in the aquatic warship, the remaining 40,000 people, except for thousands of people still swim in the water, others did a prisoner.

"Fast, I will return to Laozi, first save the brothers in the water." Although the left handsome drops blood, the first time after the ship, the boat returned, and the people who were being traveled.

At this time, the thousands of soldiers have been free to freely, and the fire and the bow are not enough. The soldiers of the ship can also be relieved.

Qin Yudi slamming back on the shore, looking at the watermaster fleet on the river, but also in the rumor, then I saw the Qin Yi, who was killed, and the road: "Qin Yi, the rocket bomb is running out when it is used in the city. "

"Da ... the king, there are more than a dozen in the city ..." Qin Yi also gasless.

"Fast, I have moved all the people, carrying a launcher!" Qin Yu is big, hurry.


Although I am tired of half, Qin Yi is in person to turn over the horse, flying towards the city.

After the two quarters, dozens of Huajun took the rocket and the launcher to the shore, and the left army on the river was almost saved.

Shi can remember the anchor, and Zuo Shuai is not willing, I want to fight a few guns on the shore, the two are quarreling.

Qin Yu is in the shore, and after all of the eight rockets, Qin Yu is aimed at more than 400 meters away.

This boat is about 20 bars, not that he doesn't want to play a war ship to mooring in the river, but it is not enough, so you can only choose the boat on the side.

Qin Yu knows that even if you sink a few boats, he can't get up much. He also wants to see how big the rocket bomb has a killing force, and the hit rate.

After the Qin Dawang was aimed at one side, he wandered, and the soldiers held by the two holding a torch left the fire, and no longer be afraid to live like the first ignition soldier.


The burning cotton has a certain time, enough one to ignite four all, then retreat, only eight rockets dragged with white smoke, and fly to the boat.

The soldiers who saw this scene on the river were very shocked, and some of the aquary officers were more shocked:

"Is it a fire dragon water?"

"They actually have fire dragons?"

As everyone's exclamation, two shocking loud sound came, eight rockets have three shots, and in front of the boat ten meters, I tied to the water.

The other three were high, flew over the boat, and finally fell into the water, only the last two straight hits the side strings, directly drilling into the hull, only exploded.

Although this boat was fried, the side fried two big holes, the upper building of the splint was also fried, but it did not sink down.

"Mother, it seems to deal with the battles, the fire can be used more than the gunpowder!"

Qin Yu saw that the eight rockets did not have a small warship. It is also vomiting. It is a limited power of the explosion of the black powder. The effect of the bullet should be better.

However, for the hit rate, it is still satisfied, four hundred meters, eight seconds, which means a launcher, can do 100% hit.

The distance from nearly one hundred meters, I am afraid I have to rise, even if it is a hi-war battle, in fact, two battles are struggling with each other, and the distance is between two or three hundred meters, the farther will not exceed one. Otherwise, it is pure waste of shells.

The soldiers on the shore will not be so much like Qin Yushan. It is all called well, and the Ming army's watermaster warship, but it is scared that the anchor is scared, and I don't dare to stop in the river.

Qin Yu is too lazy to waste the rockets, and some of the meaning of Shan Shan waved, and the person will lift the launch.

No way, the launch rack is more complicated than the rocket, the cost is higher, and its value far exceeds the rocket itself.

Although I didn't play a boat, but the watermaster version of the watermaster in Qin Yu has a probably look.

That is to be longer than Raytheon, which is more direct, it is best to be around 500 meters, and the boom can reach 1,000 meters, and the battle is at least to carry 50 pounds.

Ten pounds of explosives, four pounds of combustion, in addition to some of the warheads, and iron hoops, the body is created with wood, the size of the body can be unchanged, after the length is increased, the front can be loaded with two small balancers. Make sure the flight is sufficiently stable.

Each warship is only necessary to install a launcher on the deck of the second floor, and you can use a telescope to be aimed at a target, and a battles are equipped with 50 pieces, it is more than enough.

After the fleet disappeared on the river, Qin Yu also took the prisoner with the army and returned to Wangjiang County.

The fleet is going to the river, and the afternoon arrived in Anqing. It has been more than 30,000 in white, but also else, left handsome has no confidence to die in Anqing and Huajun, but if Anqing is not convinced, it is not as good as a breath. Return to Nanjing.

Shi Fama saw Zhuoliang Yu and I want to run, and hate to bite his teeth. Finally, I only had a helpless way: "I actually left too much to keep this Anqing City, then I will be good, but you have to be divided into me ten thousand soldiers and horses. "

"Okay, one words, this Anqing City is handed over to Shi Hao, the master is in Tongling and you, the Huajun is a step."

Zuo Liangyu Dadi, I nod to agree, he naturally knows that Anqing's importance is, but I don't want to fight, personally come, so I am planning to keep history, but it is Not good, who once thought he actively said.

In this way, the historical history of Daming is a crowd of 10,000 left Army and 30,000 Wulu, left an Anqing cloth, and Zuo Shuai is to continue along the river with a fleet and go to Tongling.

It is good to look at Zuo Liangyu, and Tongcheng's 20,000 soldiers and horses have not been turned away and continue to embrace Tongcheng.