The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 455 of the soldiers in Nanjing

This time, Qin Yu did not rush to enter the army. However, after the army arrived in Wangjiang, it took a few days until Li Dingguo took a lot of logistics. After the large number of logistics supplies came, this is mighty. Anqing killed.

After these days, nearly 30,000 left army were completely absorbed, so that the cannon gray troops have reached 100,000, and the total generals have been temporarily detained.

Not Qin Yu doesn't want to use them, but now I don't want to use it, and it is also because of these total thousands, I will all remove it all, in just a few days, the ordinary soldiers will be digested.

Whether it is the ordinary soldiers of the Left Army, or the ordinary soldiers of the Tianxiong army, in fact, holding the idea of ​​the soldiers, as long as there is a meal, there is a military to take, and who sells for life.

After all, Beijing City was broken by the thief army, even if the ordinary people who didn't know, the big man was finished, so there is no talk to the thief.

Even Lu Xiang, but also pay attention to the education of the officers, and specially equipped with Mr. Book in Qin Yu, as a propaganda, telling the ordinary soldiers to tell the story every day, and there is no thing in the past.

The 100,000 cannon gray troops were completed by Qin Yu, and the Tiangxiong, Chu army, and the left army were almost quite comparable, and they were more than 30,000.

And the real Huajun, the two towns added more than 25,000 people, counted in the five thousand fireworks, and only 30,000, as for the old man camp, the remaining more than two thousand veteran were all scattered It was built into the ten thousand teams and served as the middle and senior officers.

There are more people, the march is slow, Wangjiang to Anqing is just a hundred miles, but it is hard to go for five days. At this time, the history is still waiting.

Shi can not be like a few big camps in the city, mutual angles in the city, but all the horses in the city, and a swearing with the city.

Seeing this, Qin Yu is also laughing, telling the truth, he really did not put the history of history in the eyes.

This guy is faithful to Daming, but the military level is really not enough. Don't say He Ryna, Sun Chuan Ting's famous ministers, even Zuo Liang Yu is afraid far more than.

In the history of the South Ming Dynasty, it was originally holding a good brand. Jiang Bei four towns added almost a million army, which can be called the history of the military department, and there is more than a year in the north, but the last is easy to be lifted. Broad through the Jianghuai, killing directly on the side of the Yangtze River.

It can be said that the reason why Nanming is not supported as the Southern Song Dynasty and Dongjin, and the inner is a reason, but the Southern Song Dynasty is not fighting in China?

The reason is that the main book is still not to force this department, sitting in a million army, but even the Jianghuai defense can't stand.

At that time, Jianghuai four towns although the mercenary was self-heavy, they were arrogant, but who didn't usually have anyone, plus the support of Nanjing money, this situation, if the Lu Xiangsheng and Sun Chuan Qi took the town, it is absolutely good to balance the four towns.

The history of history is a indulgence of four people. It does not understand the words of the Eververe and the shallowness. The result is the arrogant arrogant, the conflict is constant. Finally, it is also the same book of Shiwu's military department.

Qin Yu is not intended to make a law, after all, some of the loyal ministers are still buried, so that he can reflect the thoughts of loyalty, this idea is in the future, if the , , , Funeral.

Similarly, Qin Yu is not intended to be a city to help, because he knows that Zuo Liangyu's guy will never rescue, and in addition to Zuo Liangyu, look at the world, it is estimated that no one is coming again.

There is no suspense, under the bombardment of the rocket, the 100,000 cannon gray troops, just brought to Anqing City in the day, except for a few people, the history is self-sufficient, others are basically surrendered after breaking the city.

The speed of the speed, let Zuo Liangyu who returned to Tongling have not reacted, original Zuo Liangyu still plans to wait for ten and a half months, let Tongcheng's 20,000 soldiers and horses, and he is with the water.

Who thought that Shiwa was not persisted in one day, and the gas was broken. After he had been swearing, because he had not much troops in his hands, he couldn't help himself, so he did not hesitate. Then I retreated to Nanjing, and the two thousand troops of Tongcheng will also retreat to Nanjing.

Nanjing City He and Lu Xiang have left 20,000 soldiers, plus 20,000 and Tongcheng in his hand, can make out of eight thousand people, count the blacks in Nanjing City, with the high city wall of Nanjing City And the moat, how can you stick to a while.

With the Lu Xiangsheng defeated the Taihu Lake, the history of the Fay, the left handsome wolf fled back to Nanjing. Jiangnan's scholarity is a panic. The Donglin gentlemen in the city are completely unrest, and the priest is also frightened. .

"Left love Qing, this Nanjing City do you have to hold?"

"His Majesty is relieved, the Nanjing City Wall is tall and strong, and the army has eight thousand people, plus the water teacher, which is a solid gold soup, absolutely no problem."

Zuo Liangyu chest shot.

The Wenwu Baigui on both sides heard the words, this is a little stable, and the fluster color on the face of Yiwang has a little less, and then encourages Zuo Liangyu, and will give him the defense. The Army and the watermaster have also handed over to him.

This time, Qian Qian, Zhou Yanru, etc., there is no objection, after being spread, everyone has not thought and go to Qin Huaihe.

The rich houses in the city have also begun to prepare, almost all the ability to make a big household, is preparing for both hands, let a part of the family fleeted to Zhejiang, so the Nanjing Gate and Pier in Nanjing. It is a crowded carriage and a ship.

This makes the nearby bandits, and some of the bodies downstream of the Yangtze River smiles.

After half a month, Huajun water and land, more than 10,000 army directly worn out the county, killing the city under Nanjing City, the city of the city along the way, because he knew that as long as he won the Nanjing, these city pools will not attack of.

Otherwise a one-piece attack, the whole Nanzhi, the size of the large city is at least more than two hundred, and it is not possible to hit the monkey.

After the army arrived, Qin Yu did not urgently attack, but transferred to the troops, and the three sides of Nanjing City were surrounded. Obviously I wanted to raise a rabbit.

For Huajun Besie, Zuo Liang Yu Qianqian is not worried, after all, there is a water teacher, everyone can take the boat to escape, so all the vessels in the city will not allow all the Qinhuai River. The painting work has been excused by those officials and needs to be from time to time.