"The defeated army will Zuo Liangyu, see Hua Wang!"

"The time of mind is Junjie, please start with the left general!"

Nanjing Xicheng doors, Qin Yu turned over the horse, will kneel the Zuo Liangyu that is on the ground, and said it faintly.

Although some of the hearts of Zuo Liangyu, I don't want to insult him on the surface, after all, this guy did not think about surrendering.

As for the mercenary self-weight, looting the place, Qin Yu will not only look at him, but will look at him a few eyes.

Because if Lu Xiangsheng, Sun Zi Ting is not good, and like him, the mercenary is self-respecting, and then it will not be white and white.

Unfortunately, there is really talented, capable, have a sense of knowledge, can become a person who is a distressed person, and has been bonded by ignorant thoughts.

Also discover those ambiguous, mostly have a faint, mouse, Li Zicheng, Zuo Liangyu, Zhang Xianzhong, etc.!

"Thank you Hu Wang! Hua Wang is the righteousness of the righteousness, Da Qin is the property of the people, the people are all, Zuo is just the heart, and it is not allowed to Junjie."

Zuo Liangyu went to thank you, and then pretended to be excited and modest.

"Enter the city!"

Qin Yu didn't want to be embarrassed, waving, turning over the horse, can't wait to see the six Dynasties, the bustling of the rain and rivers.

"Welcome Hua Wang!"

Zuo Shuai immediately screamed, and then the Qin Yu in the city was in the city.

The Ming army in the city has already surrendered, leaving only 10,000 main order, and the Huajun's 20,000 troops have already opened into the city.

There is no one along the street along the way. All the people have been rushed back to the family. The streets are all warmed by the Huajun, from the West Gate, extended to the palace, the street is clean, obviously in advance.

Along the way, Qin Yu ride on the high head, look left, seeing no riots in the city, still very satisfied, although the city chooses Wuchang, but in the past few years, Nanjing must have to transition.

Wenwu Baiguan has been waiting near the Palace. The whole palace is also under the control of Huajun, see the horse team arrived, Qian Qianyi, Ma Shi, Zhou Yanru, etc.

Zuo Liangyu on the side is to introduce.

Qin Yu is only cold and glanced at the Qian Qian and these civil servants, just put it, let them get up, and will slowly make it later.

"Yi Wang and the country?"

"Go back to Hua Wang, the temple will not be returned, so the end will only be hung in the palace, and the country will not return to the country, and the final will have all the people in the country, and the maintenance, waiting Wang Fei! "

Zuo Liangyu also thought that Qin Yu did not meet with the dissatisfaction with the king and the territorial public, so he quickly explained.

"Sad, Daming is more than two hundred years, this is only a common country, and it is willing to fight in Daming. Hehe, if Taizu knows today's scene, I don't know how to feel, I am derogatory every multi-slaughter Always reading people, ancient people are not deceived! "

Qin Yu looked at the tall Nanjing ancient city building, and he felt his own emotion, he lost his blushing civil servant and walked toward the palace.

Zuo Liangyu glanced at this group of civil servants, and then rushed to keep up, although everyone did the scorpion, but at least he did not have a pavement, but these people said how to be loyal to Da Ming. Nowadays, it is better than him.

If you can come here, you are familiar with the history of history. It is not normal to change the dynasty. It is not a foreign nationality, so it is just a little ashamed, and the fart is rushing up.

It is the so-called good bird choosing wood, but the fire is not burning, they naturally want to live in the new wood of Qin Yu.

Feng Tianda, Qin Yu directly sat in the dragon chair, and the civil liberty was rushing to stand according to the original position.

Qin Yu sneaked the chair under the ass, and he got a lot of the temple in the Richtles. It was a feeling of being high, and the feeling of death of Wanmun's livelihood was to float.

People in the temple are low-headed heads, waiting patiently, they can understand the reactions of Qin Yu, even some admire him there is no loss.

"Come on Ying and the State British."

After the sufficient addiction, Qin Yu sat up straight.

Not a lot of priests and the territorial public have taken it up, obviously Zuo Liangyu also knows that Qin Yu must first decline these two people, so preparing in advance.

How to say that Yi Wang is also a native of the founder, so Zuo Liangyu does not dare to harary, still a good robo, the country does not have such a good treatment, a prisoner's head of the head.

When the two were brought in, the emotions were very excited, and Yi Wang's eyes were staring at a civil servant and Zuo Liangyu: "Your group of chaos thieves, you can't die, you want you thousands of knives. ! "

In the face of the roaring of Yiwang, the Song servants were ignorant, and they didn't see it, and Qin Yuli also looked at the drama, did not stop, let him roar.

The two were scared for a moment, and the voice of Yi Wang was a bit hoarse, this looked at Qin Yu on the dragon chair and biting his teeth: "Qin thief, if you want to put the imperial Zen for you, early I died in this heart, I would like to have thousands of knives, but also let you leave a thousand people, and you have a long year. "


Qin Yu is laughing, then he smirked, then staring at him and smirked: "Qin lost his deer, the world is a total of people, now Daming, the people have a danger, this king is in the end, saving the people Water fire, now in turn, inherit the Treasure, but should be heaven, Xiaushun people, the throne is not just a name, unfamiliar, ?

As for the ecstasy, it is a big joke, this king is not the thief of theft, this world is this king in one inch hit, why? "

Qin Yu said that it is a great righteousness, as a hover, let Yi Wang smash red face, I don't know how to refute.

The literals naturally won't let such a good opportunity. They all quickly worship, they have attached to the peace, almost did not die from the vomiting blood of the king.

Qin Yu saw that Yi Wang was honest. This is so good to continue: "You can rest assured, the king will not kill you, you will not slaughter you Zhu Jia, this king will make you look, how is this king? Open the world's peace, create an extraordinary unrequited world! "

"Long live I am long, long live!"

Everyone may also affect the domineering and grand aspirations from Qin Yu's tone, and they are all kneeling again, and they are driving directly.

"Bring them down, so good!"

Qin Yu waved, and this is still a bit of bone, Yi Wang and the country of the country, he does not intend to kill, he wants to kill the Qian Qianyi "Donglin Junzi.

However, he also knows that it is not necessary to kill now, at least Jiangnan is returned, and these people have no resistance to the ability.