Originally, Qin Yu also planned to slow down to the emperor, but after three days, when the news of the northern news, I learned that Wu Jun was near the mountain sea, and only sold thousands of soldiers will flee to Shandong. I can't sit still.

After all, Chongzhen hangs, Yi Wang was captured, and Niu Qi was driven out of the capital, looking at the world, there was only an emperor of the Emperor, where is this?

So what rituals can't, even the people in Fuyang have not been connected, and the rushing worships the Ming Taizu Huang Mausole, and the fire is called the emperor, and the world, the country, the Qin, and the year.

As for the reward of the Wenchen Wushan, it is necessary to wait until the various Tuen Mun of Xiangyang will continue to win, and the official position of the civil officials depends on, but the grade is the same as the Ming Dynasty.

This makes money, Qian Yumi, Ma Shiying, Zhou Yanru, etc., all the tones, rush to grab the work of the work.

The influence of a few people is not covered. As the script is issued, only in the short half, all the provinces of the South Zhili have placed the New Dynasty and the Emperor of the Emperor of the Tianshi.

For officials in all state prefectures, Qin Yu did not let them go to Beijing immediately, but staying in place, first stabilizing the order.

After a month, the people who moved in Fuyang arrived in Nanjing, all offices, plus huge internal government, and tens of thousands of people.

At this time, Zhejiang and Jiangxi County counties have also returned to the table, and Guangdong has attracted Guangzhou, and Qin Nan is not expected. Yunnan is too far away, and Sichuan is self-defeating, but Fujian has not moved, it is not normal.

If you say it all and a half months, the news has not passed to Fujian, killing him and does not believe, just when Qin Yu is going to send people to Fujian, four will come, let everyone shocked the chin.

The first is the post-gold, and the city is moved from Shengjing to Jingshi. The second is from the northwest. The king is also called the emperor in Chang'an. The third is from Sichuan. The eight kings have not yet hit it. Chengdu, can't wait to say.

To say the top three, Qin Yu is still mentally prepared, then the last, Zheng Zhai Long said in Fuzhou, and realized that he shocked the chin.

"Your Majesty, that Zheng Zhilong originally a sea pirate, this is a beam clown, but also dare to say that the emperor, I don't know how to live, I recommend it to send troops immediately, wrought this, and catch them back to Nanjing, and die, to shock the world!"

Everyone is still indignant, Qian Qian is first jumped out, and the result is that everyone nods and the military will be rumored.

It's not an angry, and people Li Zicheng and Zhang Xianzhong are good, it is a big rebellion in the world for more than ten years. It is Huawang to see a predecessor. Can Zheng Zhilong are ghost?

I also dared to take a pet, it is simply tolerate, can't bear it.


Qin Yu saw a group, a brow, a wrinkle, and the female officials beside him quickly sang, and everyone immediately went a lot.

Qin Yu was looked at Qian Qianyi and Shen Sheng: "Qian Aiqing, I heard the son of Zheng Zhai Long, Zheng Sen is your student, I don't know if there is this thing?"

Qian Qianyi went to the heart and was shocked. When I was turned, I suddenly took a cold sweat. He was eager to dance. "Return to your Major, there is this, but the minister has disconnected the relationship between teachers and students in two months.

"Oh, yes, why is it still talking to him?" Qin Yu smiled, picking up a letter from the table, and then he will say sharply: "Qian Qianyi, you are big, you are actually Dare to collide with the Zheng Zhai Long, intend to thorns, what is it? "

"Your Majesty is ..." Qian Qianyi was scared to die, and he swatches on the ground and squatted.

He is indeed a letter from Zhengsen, but it is just a situation in Jiangnan. At that time, Qin Yu was still in Taihu, why did you assassinate?

As for why the letter will fall into Qin Yu, he is more inexplicably, just want to explain, it will come to Qin Yu's explosion.

"The iron card is like a mountain, you still dare to argue, come, to enter Qian Qian, strictly quite the trial!"

Four court female soldiers immediately rushed in, and will still drag the Qian Qianyi who loudly defended.

Although Zhou Yanru and other satellors have some doubts, I want to replace the money, I can see the letter in the hands of Qin Yu, and finally choose Ming Zhe to protect. After all, no one will defirm whether Qian Qian is really colluding. Zheng Zhilong.

If everyone approaches some, I will find the letter in Qin Yu's hand, but Qin Yu will pick up from the messy desk. As for the above content, Qin Yu himself is unclear.

Originally, Qin Yu jumped to Qian Qianyi, and it was already disgusting, but this guy was too high in the Jiangnan Shilin. If there is no suitable excuse, there is no reason to win, you will definitely let Jiangnan's readers Panic, so I will endure it.

Just now, the first one jumped out, Qin Yu suddenly thought of him and Zheng Sen, so he immediately pressed the crime decision to take it, and there was no one in the championship.

This is just a small episode. After the Qian Qian is dragged, Qin Yu is to look at Li Dingguo.

"Li Aiqing!"

"At the end of!"

Li Dingguo quickly launched the list, and the tone was no longer as before, but respectful.

Qin Yu is also slightly sighed, and the heart is vividly lost. He knows that the two will never go back to the previous relationship.

Don't say that Li Dingguo, even Zhang Wei and Qinru, two people, now I have met, I have a little more, Zhang Wei is also not on the top, so that others will not mention it.

Qin Yu has finally realized what is the alone, the emperor has no family, can be a modern person who attaches great attention, even eager family, he is really awkward, and it is very helpless.

If the last thing I really said, I don't have anyone, then this emperor is too unfailed, too lonely.

Qin Yu's loss of heart, said: "Li Aiqing, you will pay yourself, the 120,000 army is now under the southern China, and Zheng Zhilong, capture Fujian!"

"The end will be held!"

Li Dingguo is happy, although he feels to clean up Zheng Zhilong, 100,000 troops, some small things, but that guy is really hateful, not immediately killing is not enough to hate.

In fact, Qin Yu is so embarrassed that Zheng Zhuolong is not angry. He said that the emperor, after all, as long as he is not afraid of death, whoever comes to he all welcomes, but he knows the strength of the guy, it is absolutely not to be underestimated.

Especially in the sea, plus Fujian is relatively closed, it is not far from Nanjing. If you don't solve it as soon as possible, when he will come in the Northern Expedition, the guy suddenly kills Nanjing, or landed in Hangzhou. That is really a big joke.