The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 461 First Independent

Songjiang House, located in the southern end of the Yangtze River exit, there are three counties of Huating, Qingpu, Shanghai, and another Jinshan Wei, Qin Yu, after the Battle Ship, and then come here, it is also quite emotion.

I remembered the prosperity of the former magic, as well as the small fishing villages in front of you, Xiaoguang, and a large flange, simply a sky.

The first stop of Qin Yu is Shanghai county. He knows that the previous Shanghai, the area is very large, almost covers a part of the Songjiang House and Suzhou, but not just a small Shanghai county.

This time, I came to Songjiang, in addition to finding a good harbor as a shipbuilding base, I also want to create a foreign trade port city, which is convenient to set up a city consignment and unified payment.

Similarly, he intends to upgrade the Songjiang House to Independence, abolish the Jinshanqi of the jurisdiction, directly managed by the center as the transfer station of the entire Yangtze River basin.

Due to the continuous flush of the Yangtze River, the area of ​​the Songjiang government is almost every moment, and it has been transferred for a few days. Qin Yu has found a place where the port is suitable for building the ship.

Although Qin Yu, the past, although he came to Shanghai, now, except for the southeast northwestern division, the other is unclear, there is no one more than half of the reference.

However, this is nothing to do, because this port is very suitable for building the terminal, the water depth is basically about 7 or eight meters, even the largest treasure ship in this era will not be stranded under full.

The key is that there are more than a dozen miles in the port, and it is also a list of inland extensions, which is convenient to build a large number of warehouse workshops and urban buildings.

This time, Qin Yu carried hundreds of ministerial officials and thousands of shipsmiths. They were searching in the Jiangnan area. After listening to the huge projects depicted by Qin Yu, they were shocked.

Don't mention the shipyard, the dock of the rain, can accommodate thousands of sea boats, and make people hope, and the huge warehouse group behind the wharf, and countless workshops, more people don't want to imagine, once What will be spectacular and lively?

The imagination of Qin Yu is that the future is sent here from the flat shipping ship to the Yangtze River along the Yangtze River, and then it is shipped from the sea boat to the world, so the terminal will be three.

Close to the place where the northern sides, a long period of three or four, will be used as a river terminal, used for the river vessel to stop, the middle of the ten miles, as a sea of ​​port, while the south is close to Hangzhou Bay, about five miles, as well The beach will be used as a shipbuilding base.

As for the harbor of the Navy, Qin Yu intends to choose from Ningbo. After all, the warship is not too close to the trading dock, it is the shipbuilding base, but it has to be completely separated.

In the case of the place, Qin Yu is in charge of hundreds of ministerial officials and thousands of craftsmen, and it has grown this huge engineering.

The two terminals and shipbuilding bases were also built at the same time, and they were completed in the 10th issue. It is expected to use millions of workers, and completed within ten years.

Jiang River Terminal and Out of Sea Wharf. After the plan, Qin Yu did not take it, but all handed over to the Ministry of Welfare, he himself was a detailed construction plan of the shipbuilding base.

Trade ports can be built slowly, but the shipbuilding base is to hurry, and the size of this shipbuilding base is far from the longer than Hanyang.

In the future, it is necessary to produce battleships, but also produce civilian sea boats. The preliminary plan of Qin Yu is to excavate five large dry docks, to accommodate the large sea vessels from around 2000 ~ 3000 tons.

It is then 10 medium-sized dry docks to accommodate 1,000 tons to 2000 tons of large sea vessels, 30 to 500 to 1,000 tons of small dry docks, and finally a hundred open air vessels.

Wooden warship has a short life, but if you can take dry dock every year, remove the attachment of the ship, re-brush, you can extend the service life, and it is not impossible for use in the use of or two.

Of course, the construction of dry dock is not so easy. If there is a cement, Qin Yu can't think about it, there is rubber that can be completely sealed, so the only trouble is the drainage problem.

But Qin Yu believes that in a few years, his steam machine can be found, and this issue can be solved.

Of course, if you have to build a warship after the construction of the dry dock, it is estimated to wait until the Year of the Monkey go, so it has been to build a warship in the boat for a long time. In all, the construction of dry docks, he is not anxious, but must Construction, the future role is huge.

In the same year, Zheng He's western Qingyang, why did not end, one of the reasons is that the cost is too big, and the treasure ship cannot be maintained, and it is not scrapped in a few years.

The shipping method is also a modular assembly, first design the warship model, and then decomposes tens of thousands of components, and is uniformly processed by the back of the woodworking workshop, and finally splicing.

Such a benefit is that once the formal standard is formed, it is not only fast to build, but also greatly cost saving, or according to different parts of the hull, select the appropriate wood.

In order to ensure accurate, Qin Yu is not only made with carpenters, but also invented it. No, it should be said to be copied.

Because this is playing the merit, Wang Hao, the Western Han Dynasty, it seems to come out.

Woodworking room and supporting workshops and shipbags, docking, temporary, only a lot of manpower, but the battleship design, and component decomposition, is an extremely complex system.

If you don't know, it is absolutely not possible. You can only take out some of the people who know some kind of literacy. But this is not for a long time, so I have to form a special ship design school, as well as the Naval College.

The treasure ship has been lost, and it is better to re-design with its mid-to-mind.

For this reason, Qin Yu has long soon to go to Macau to dig some of the Portuguese who knows the shipbuilding, although there are not many people, but it is enough.

See dozens of older people and a few red caurors, every day, there is a red ear, I can't wait to have an arm, and Qin Yu is also a big fight.

"Okay, don't quarrel, you will design the next standard, you can design it according to this standard, first of all, have to build four warships, two small, two big, small maximum speeds can not be lower than ten, Drainage is two hundred to 500 tons, and the minimum speed cannot be less than five, and the drainage volume is about 2,000 tons. "

"Oh, God!"

"Dear Emperor, IMHO, your standard is really desperate, the wooden boat of a thousand tons of drainage, it will not be built, according to what I know, now the largest wooden boat in the Netherlands, three hundred tons about."

Several red capposes first sent a swing, then fucking the Chinese, shake the head like a wavy drum, I feel that this emperor is too old.

Dozens of old carpenters can now distinguish between a ton of concept, listening to a few red cappators, I am not happy, start refiting.

"Hey, the Netherlands in your mouth, not in the district, a pop-up country, can't make hundreds of thousands of boats, what is so strange?"

"My ancestors are the craftsmen of Longjiang Shipyard. The biggest savage boat built by Longjiang Shipyard, with a length of about forty-three feet, with a wreath of seven fertilies, and the main mast is 18 feet long, as for that What dramatic, you can count it. "

"It's impossible, I am never, I will never believe it unless you present the treasure ship now, I will measure it personally."

Several red ghouses were also bloated and blusted, and they felt that these Chinese people were crazy. They did not believe in them, and they can have such a large sea boat.

What jokes, 43 feales, 7 fertilizers, that is, the ship's length reached more than 130 meters, width 22 meters, the main mast is 50 meters high, if there is such a ship, the drainage amount is also one thousand and five to 2,000 Toning around, as for the full load of drains, it is impossible to estimate.