The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 462 Terror Commercial Tax

"Well, no matter what you believe, this is true, but not the legend, your current tasks, not to discuss how big, but to build a new battleship in accordance with the standards, if you can design it, And reach the standard can be used, but will not only reward you the amount of wealth, but also in the title! "

Qin Yu was swaying.

"Oh, heaven, respected emperor, is this true?"

Several red sugle eyes suddenly became red, breathing is a little urgent, designing a ship can get a title, which is an unimaginable thing in Europe.

As for the wealth, if you say that the world's richest person is, there is no doubt that it is the place where they stand.

The kings of Europe, compared with this emperor, I am afraid that poor can only call it.

"Bold, Wa, etc., I dare to question your sin."

Although China's shipwrecks are equally excited, they see that these red capploses have dare to question the words of Your Majesty, and they will jump up.

"No, no ... Sorry, respected the emperor, we are not doubt, but, but ..."

Several red caurons also know that it is not Europe, they come to Daming for more than ten years, know that they have just done their stupid things, and they quickly want to explain.

"Forget it, you are not my Chinese people, I don't know if I have no jog, I don't blame you this time, I will not blame you, but don't take advantage of it!"

Qin Yu is too lazy to have these unopened red woolen ghosts. Now China is indeed a general existence of paradise for European countries. It needs to look up.

Whether it is a beautiful clothing porcelain, or a huge city and architecture, as well as a luxury life, it is their request, and it is not available. Otherwise, Tang Ruoyuan is waiting for foreigners, and will not go back here for decades.

"God bless, thank the emperor to forgive our rude!"

Several red capposes, quickly bending, no longer designed not to design a large number of large boats in a thousand tons, in the face of such a rich promise, a few people have decided, even if they are working with the devil. They are also willing.

Next, Qin Yu also explained in detail, the specific standards and roles of the four warships.

Two small battleships, a drainage of two hundred tons, mainly equipped with small rockets and fast Franca, used to protect big boats, not being disturbed by boats, transfer news, daily patrol, etc., in Qin Yu's plan This should be considered a frigate.

The second drain is about 400 tons, mainly equipped with the short-range rockets and mid-range rockets, which will be used as the main battleship of the war, used to combat enemy warships, in Qin Yu's plan, this should be an destroyer.

The above two battleships are required to be fast and flexible, so they must be designed to be hull.

Two big warships, one is a shipping ship, the drainage is around a thousand tons, mainly used to load soldiers and landing boats, used to log in operation, and also carry a large number of logistical replenishment, as a replenishment.

The last one is horrible, and the drainage volume will be equipped with 100 ~ 200 super rockets, used for landing, from offshore launch, bombing port cities, etc., this battleship Qin Yu will decide to name the battleship.

Qin Yu intended to build 100 frigate, 50 destroyers and five years in the past two years, and built 10 battleships within ten years. At that time, the super rocket should also be able to make it.

Nowadays, the Rocket Research Institute is fully developing seven rockets, including two of the army, and the navy.

The two of the Army, in addition to Raythene, there is also the No. 2, the Lei Shen No. 2 is large, the total amount is about 100 pounds, the farthest range is expected to carry 50 kilograms of explosives.

In the land war, these two have been sufficiently used, and it is not convenient to carry it up. The same distance is far away, and there is no queue.

The five models of the Navy are named Sea No. 1 to No. 5, and only one meter long, straight range, 100 meters, responsible for combating the goals and boats, and the two rockets are the carrying department .

The third and four meters long, used to combat large warships, the body is also all sealed, even if it is emitted to the water, it is also possible to explode, the difference is the carrying department, which is expected to carry six or seventy pounds of explosives or gunpowder.

As for the No. 5, the No. 5, it is a super rocket, and Qin Yu has not given them a standard.

What can I do anyway, how big is it, it is best to bring the booster, and I will find any monsters, just look at their skills.

With the completion of planning, the next day, a batch of laminar and Qingzhuang will be transported from all over the world, and all kinds of materials and trees are also continuously shipped.

The temporary tent is grounded, and the 120 miles of the seaside are completely a huge site.

In just a month, the work of the Qing has reached 200,000, and various craftsmen have also seized hundreds of thousands, of which the light carpenters account for a large half.

So many people, every day, the consumption is like flowing, after all, these people are all packaged, but also to work, can not be a service.

Because Qin Yu is on the boarding group, he abolished the tax-based bonus of the Jiangnan, only the Tariff, Shop Business Tax and the rich.

This kind of human head tax, as long as you hire people outside the family members to work, more than ten days, will pay taxes.

You can choose to pay once a year, or you can choose to pay once in January, but once a year, only two silver is required, one month is five money silver.

Qin Yu people are in Shanghai, just constantly issuing orders, asking for money to grain to make a variety of materials and people, but Zhang Wei and the government have begun to panic.

"The mother, not the minister shirk drag, but the house is really no money, if the mother does not believe, I can go to the bank to check."

In the royal study, Qian Bin and the house book is still not born.

The two have already set up ideas. If they want people, they can be recruited, they want wood, they can also live local officials to find, organize the people to cut down, but the Ministry of Service will give money, can't let them come back and put the silver again.

"Hey, you can have the tricks you can have passed the Palace? Don't think that the Palace does not know that the government has never deposited all income, but secretly set a small trick, usually do not have an error At this hometown, the hometown is closed, but the construction of Shanghai port and shipbuilding base is serious, and you must not play smart, and the bank's arrears can be slowly returned later, but annual The interest must not be less than one point, the palace advises you to die of the hearts of the account. "

Zhang Wei snorted, the bank has already checked it, and the government is not only a silver, but they owe the banks, and they have been the same. Only waiting until the deposit, or to allocate, There will be a lot of money on the book.

Two people saw Zhang Wei to be careful, and there were some blushing. After all, everyone is a gentleman. This kind of dramatic thing is really doing too much.

But when I think of anyway, I became enough, so Qian Bin cougarsed, and the face is not red, and it has a villain: "Mother, I have said that the taxation of all localities is mainly used The officials of the officials and all the gates, and the overhead of military spending, and the industry and commerce will be responsible by the Ministry of the Office, and the main Qin Dynasty has always been a class. The Songjiang government is obviously in the industrial development. The government must cooperate with the government. There is no strength! "

"Yes Ya Niang, this big expansion, military soldiers, and daily overhead, every month will have four or five million silver son, if it is counted, the officials of all local officials and funds, each month eight Million two silver is not coming! "

"Do you have a lot of two millions of silver each month? Do you know how many silver in the House of Officers in the two months, used to build a soldier firearman? How many silver build Shanghai Terminal? Tell you, Thirty million in whole. "

On the side of the Finance Director, I saw a crying of two people, and I said that I was angry, and I finally extended three fingers.

Zhang Wei is a tea cup, not slowly, looking at the two, slightly smile: "Qian Aiqing, the farmland of Guanghu Guang, Henan, has received several millions of silver, Domestic tax and affairs tax in the provinces of Jiangnan Province should be able to start receiving it next month. How many silver can you expect? "

"This ... The minister did not have an estimate, how much can be received, I am afraid I have to wait until I will receive it." Qian Bin has a little awkward.

"Oh, is it? The house did not predict it in advance? However, the Office of the Office is estimated, only a business tax, can receive four or five million silver children every month, and the far tax is probably ten times. He is estimated to go. "

Zhang Wei is calm, but it is also emotion in his heart. When the firm and banks put the data summary of each county, the financial department was outdated, and she was so scared.

Everyone knows that Jiangnan is rich, business is prosperous, but I didn't expect to be rich to this extent, just collecting the business tax of the store's restaurant. There are four or five million and ten, ten and ten-drawn farm, as high million. Two.

Before I remembered Daming, I also received a few million taxes in the area in Jiangnan. Zhang Yin's anger could not stop, where did not understand, the gentry official in Jiangnan, is completely called the flower.

Qian Bin saw Zhang Wei's number and household estimated generally no two, and his skin was twitching, and it felt that this is too too too bullying.

The Administrative Hospital is completely transparent in front of the House, which is obvious to the property of the Office, but the operation is not known.

Depressed, but Qian Bin only has to deal with the score: "Although the mother, the farm is more, but many places can only be received once a year, the average to month, not much, so on the head tax, the vulnerability is really too Big, Chen and the colleagues have already been able to focus, and they are discussing the solution to the solution. It is not expected for a while. "

"Okay, this is your government affairs, you don't want to know, you don't want to be with you, this is the handling of your Majesty, the port construction is subject to the host of the government, the shipbuilding base construction is responsible for funding by the Office of the Office, and afterwards Taxation of tax payment must go bank account, which is also considered cost and security. "

Zhang Wei knows that this person has become an old fritter, knowing that he can not interfere with the government's affairs, so he is not listening to him crying, picking up a handle from the table, handing it to the female officer next to him.

The female official will take the handle to the money to sit on the stool, and the house next to the house has also rushed up. After the two people read a close word, they were helpless.

At the same time, I mi Zhang Wei didn't take it out early, and they humblely showed someone, because even did not agree, Qin Yu clearly stipulated, they can only take it for honestly.

"Your temper is trying to know you, this palace will advise you, don't have the idea to go to Songjiang House, the port is now consumed huge, but it will greatly increase tax income, so you don't tangle it. It now. "

The two people watched the idea, and they were once again seen, and they were still smiling. We thought about it, "Mother, in these few months, after the survey, the businessmen from all over the south are secretly Overseas trade, the amount is large, it is simply a good tongue! "

"I charge a taxation, I have a big plan, and I have a plan, and now I am not mature."

Zhang Wei saw he can take the initiative to think of the tax return, secretly that this person is really open, quite nodded, then ease the tone.

Two people saw Zhang Wei said so, and I also know that the tariff is temporarily do not think about it. Some regrets nodded, and then he went away, and I didn't want to stay.

After all, Qin Yu is not in Nanjing, it is not better than Fuyang, unless necessary, they are reluctant to enter the palace every day.

Those Donglin Party's mouth odor can't wait to tear off, and what is lacking, can't be cautious.

Qian Bin worried that there was no reason, because some people have already started planning, preparing to be trapped, no way, the power of the political affairs government, simply let the officials of the Ming Dynasty tongue.

Originally, they thought that Qin Yu often didn't, everything was mainly being the Lord by the Queen, and I can find it carefully before I found it.

Queen only has the right to supervise, and can not intervene the specific things of each hospital. Even the books are still recommended by Qian Bin himself, and then report it, and the following officials can be directly appointed, as long as the ministry is not the problem, this Let those qualifications, sitting on the cold bench, how to sit still?