The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 464, naked positive

Nanjing Huangcheng, the Royal Studies.

Zhang Wei shook the paper in the hand on the table, and his face was covered with cold cream.

The following Qin Feng has long been squatting, the same angr, a pair of fists almost crushed.

"Let's get up, what do you get from this?" Zhang Wei's eyes stared at Qin Feng and his eyes.

Even the Fengzi in the past can not be kept, it can be seen where angry is to be angry.

The content of this appless has written to the government of Prime Minister Qian Bin and a nousian, although it is not mentioning which gods, but it is said that there is a nose, like it is like it.

"Hui Niang, some of the people in the city will send people in the street. Although the ministers get news, they will grasp those sweets, and they will be all chased back, but there is still some people have seen it. In the case, these people are now being temporarily indifferent, waiting for the flower, one of which is a small person to know. "Qin Feng carefully represented.

"It's really good to make the unrecognizable , these people are really courageous, in order to capture the Government Prime Minister, even the royal family dare to arrange, when it is a shameless inexhaustible, check, be sure to find the behind: behind the scenes, Those people will be temporarily closed, wait until the next come back. "

Zhang Wei, Iron.

"Yes, the girl is relieved, whether anyone is doing, the minister must take it out, and the corpse will be."

Qin Feng also biting his teeth, then rushing back.

Zhang Wei was picking up the paper on the table, and looked at it. He sat in a chair. She knew that this is a naked positive, just wants to guess Qian Bin, and they are just the object of use, think of Here, rushing to the outside:

"Go to a few brides."


After a while, Li Yuer, Liu, Wang and De Wang, who came in, the expression of De Wang Hao is quite uncomfortable, and it is clear that Zhang Wei will teach them to run away.

Li Yanner found that Zhang Yan's face was somewhat wrong, immediately asked before: "Sister, what happened?"

"You look at it yourself, this is today that people have been issued in the city, seized by the intelligence, Qin Feng personally sent it to me!"

Zhang Wei took a sigh of relief, pulling Li Yuer, and touched her head, then picking up the paper, gave the Death.

Death is a little curious, and a few women have seen it, they are shocked and angry, and they are frightened.

Only Li Yuer still doesn't know the interests of them, rising red face: "Sister, why is it so evil?"

"It's over, this is just a few days, this is to let your Majesty know ..."

De Wang Hao and Liu, the Wang's face is a dead gray. They seem to have seen their own end, not being given to death, I am afraid it will be hung.

"Now I am afraid? I have already told you to stay in the palace, you just don't listen, I still take the lead to play, now I know why the emperor is not allowed to go to the palace?"

Zhang Wei did not have a good air. She is doing a fearful woman, especially a woman who is an emperor, she has to be cautious, so even Qin Yu is allowed to go to the palace to play, she has never been going.

But this kind of sister is really true, thinking that it is still in Xiangyang, and even three days of sneaking goes out.

"My sister, we are wrong, regret it should listen to my sister. In the future, we will never go to the palace, just now? Sister, you have to think about it?"

"If you don't kill those people, you will burn these babies, and when you haven't happened?"

When the three women suddenly poured, they went down to the ground, and the Death is more revealing.

"Thanks to you, don't you understand? This is the main person behind this, just wants to let the Majesty know the matter, causing the guess of your Majesty, so the wording is ambiguous."

"Who is it? Is it so embarrassed?"

Death hated, and did not even think about Li Yaner. It is obvious that some doubts are her mother, I want to remove them, I associate this show, Li Yaner took them around, and the doubt is heavier. .

If the other person's spearhead is clearly rushed to Qianbin, in fact, Zhang Hao will suspect that it is a junk, because her suspicion, Li Yuer and Qin Yu have not yet in the same room, and Qin Yu has promised himself, this year Emperor.

Li Yaner is not stupid, obviously feels some atmosphere, but she can't just defend this kind of thing, let alone, she doesn't know if there is any relationship with her mother. After all, the mother has always stayed around Xiao Yu, so I have to have Low head silence.

"Well, everyone should not think about it. The purpose of the other party is nothing more than wanting to guess Qian Bin, we are all used, this is still waiting to come back to win!"

Zhang Wei knows that the hometown is terrible, and I like the current atmosphere very much. I don't want everyone to guess the compliance in the future, so I quickly explained.

"My sister is right, this obvious is that some people deliberately rumored, Xiao Yu brother will never believe it." Li Yuner said.

The three women did not optimize like her, because Li Yaner can prove that her innocence, but they can't prove.

What's more, as long as there is a little wind, the emperor has always been a honest life, not, at this time, the three women finally realized the terrible of the hood.

Although the Qin Feng will definitely secretly report this matter to Qin Yu, Zhang Wei still let Li Yaner immediately go to Shanghai, telling Qin Yu.

When Qin Yu knew that this is also anger, he naturally saw that this is the position of someone's eyes, but he did not expect those people to be so bold, even this means dared to use.

This moment, the killing of Qin Yu is overflowing, because of this kind of thing, whether it is true, as long as it is passed out, the image of his Emperor is finished.

Therefore, although the ship design has reached an end, he has to force the anger to return to Nanjing. This time he wants to let the people know, what is called the emperor, volt the corpse.

What is done, what is not doing.

In fact, the design of two small warships is not very complicated, nothing more than existing ships in Europe, plus some of the advantages of Huaxia's ancient shipbuilding, and some advanced philosophy of Qin Yu, such as flying cutting bow design.

And really complicated or behind work.

First, you have to make a sample of the ship, and then after the continuous sea trial, it will be completely decomposed, and how the carpenter's research section splices, the literacy person is recorded next to each step and the size of the components, and finally Let all workshops, unified production and manufacturing.