The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 471, the world-famous chamber of commerce

"I will see you!"

"Well, you are free, you all!"

Inside the palace.

Qin Yu looked at hundreds of famous many famous, and the mouth smiled and smiled.

Looking at it, every one has the posture of the country, the appearance of the world, at this moment, it is ashamed, when it is a hundred flowers, each has a thousand autumn.

Hundred women, arranged two rows, and also sneaked with the legend of this legend, and they were looking forward to.

Visited in a circle, until you have a careful weight of every name, Qin Yu came to front, haha ​​smiled: "Since the euity of Jiangnan, today see it, there is no mistake, everyone can rest assured, after the future Delink for you to find a wishful Lang Jun. "

"Thank you!"

The girls have been hurrying.

Qin Yutao took a satisfaction of the willile with them, first settled in the palace, waiting for the martial arts in Beijing to blind.

When the girls were taken down, many people flashed on the face, apparent that these people can be seen in Qin Yu, and as Liu Yixi is like the maid, even directly.

I don't blame them, they have this self-confidence, can be brought here to the Qinhuai River, the head of the Qinhuai River, is from the countless geisha, stand out from the small culture.

After the girls were taken down, there were special female officials to test the statistics, and they didn't have a grant on the seven-piece officials. They didn't have such a good treatment. In the future, they can only be used as married.

If the son son of Jiangnan, I know that Qin Yu will fight the famous network of Qinhuai River. It is estimated that it is not crazy.

After all, these famous prostitutes can say that they are holding up, and every body has smashed countless silver.

Although these women, essentially they have cultivated to give their own happiness, but in the weekdays, everyone is a gentleman, fair competition, no one is willing to use strong, now fell, white and white cheaper Qin Yu.

This time, it is not only these top-level famous, and there are more than 2,000 times, as well as their .

Zhang Wei did not know that Qin Yu was scratching these names, and was to reward the generals of the hand, one is like a big enemy, panic.

After all, this is not a two, but one or two, all have the potential of the fox, so it is a few days to give Qin Yu, and even Zhang Wei also put down the Queen's remark, no matter whether it is down. Significant.

Qin Yu is only a few days in the hood. Occasionally let Qin Huai Qi Yan played talented in the talents, and started to pay attention, because he knows that when it is not happy, the big and small businessmen have arrived, it is time to see They are.

Just waiting in countless business people, I finally ushered in the twentieth of the twelfth, Qin Yu's sacred desire, and there were tens of thousands of small businessmen this day, I was invited to go to the palace to go to the banquet.

The square outside the temple, the people in the mountains, there are hundreds of tables, and there are dozens of tables in the hall, but they can come to the temple. Nothing does not have a huge influence businessman.

"You don't have to be restrained. Today, everyone is coming, it is to discuss with the future business development. I know that the real businessman is the real businessman. I used to attach those officials, but I was helpless, but From today, the kind of mutual county, copying the family, will not be possible in my big Qin State, in the past generation, the country is all agriculture, this is not wrong, but I think that I want a strong country, you must have Developing industry and commerce, but it will not only be big in business, but also improve the status of businessmen. "

More than a dozen copper big speakers outside the hall, everyone outside the temple can accurately listen to Qin Yu's words, with the Qin Yu dialect, the temple is in the temple, countless people hand linger, small sound It is discussion that many people are expecting to look forward to the color of excitement.

"My Da Qin is governing the country in accordance with the law. As long as you have the law in the future, I will pay taxes according to law, there is no bureaucrats dare to peel off the disappearance of the unscrupulous discs. For this reason, I will not only win the compilation of the business law, but participate in the conferences to ensure that The legitimate interests will also be changed to the interview, let the merchant's businessman enter the capital to serve as the royal history, supervise the bureaucrats! "


If it is just awkward, then it is now completely blown up. The original people thought it was too embarrassed to kill the front of the front, so I wanted to call them to appease, but now it seems obviously They think more, and Your Majesty is really worthy of business.

After all, I can see this from His Majesty.

This is how they don't excite, and even seem to have seen the Song Dynasty business prosperity scene.

Qin Yushe mentioned the emotions of everyone, and never seem to be dead, it began to announce the many policies, let everyone discussed.

Developing business, improving the status of merchants, not a sentence can be solved, but there are many policy support to cooperate, want to last, but also to improve the system and law to maintain.

This commercial seminar was opened for five days. Every day, Qin Yu was attended, and Qian Bin and Wang Can also participated in the two hospitals, from the morning to night, almost all businessmen were confident that Qin The determination to develop business in the city.

First, Qin Yu intends to let these business people will jointly establish a commercial bank, with the rare competition of Daqin Royal Bank, and Qin Yu will give some Royal Bank and Firm's stock, come to reward those who open the country.

The Administration also has established Daqin National Bank, and took over the Silver Branch, the Bankoon and the Rights of Bao Bao's rights.

In the future, Royal Banks and Commercial Banks mainly support the industry and commerce, and give those merchants and workshop main loans, expand the scale, improve process.

Daqin National Bank is responsible for supporting people's livelihood and architecture, as well as heavy industry.

Further, it is the reorganization of the capital, the capital will be divided into three levels, Jingcheng is the first-level general hospital, and the provinces are the second-level court, each government and Zhili, set up a three-level capital, each county Temporarily is not established.

The state's first level will have fifty royal history, provincial and general hospitals are not limited.

The three-level capital of each state, which is a fixed quota, and the four people pay for the four people before paying the commercial tax. It is the other forty, and it is necessary to test the four books and five times. Every two years, First come to the province to participate in the initial test, and then attending the capital will try it, anyone is eligible to participate.

Two years of the three-level capital of the hospital, in addition to the fixed quota, other renewed exams later, after the two sessions, after the two sessions, automatic promotion is the royal history of the provincial capital.

Provincial Dudu House and General Hospital, the same respective fixed places, before the provincial tax payment, and the top ten of the national tax payment.

In addition, all provincial royal history, after four years, it is necessary to pay together with the provincial history of other provinces, participate in the exam, the top 100 promotion as the general hospital, other way to eliminate, from the head and do not Served as provincial and state government, or the general history of the general hospital.

The Royal Shi of the General Hospital also wants PK, one year test, and finally three eliminated.