The reason why Qin Yu is reorganized, in addition to improving the status of the merchant, let the merchant have a little self-insurance, mainly want to let the court will be auspicious of the court and local officials.

After the future conditions are allowed, the capital is not just a businessman, but the various industries must participate in it. At that time, the rights of the history will not be synonymous.

In addition to the fixed quota of ten merchants, the number of exams, others are elected by the people, as long as literacy, anyone can participate.

But now, he can only set up the shelf of the Tongzhao, and it is also impossible to give the power of the royal history, but a little power is not given, and it is not realistic.

First of all, the royal history can give the emperor to the emperor, the officials, the three-level royal history, one person can play the seven products below the six officials, the seven products to six products, need five royal history, four products to five products, need ten joint names.

The four products are not the three-level royal history, but it is necessary to set the second-level royal history to play. One person can play three products, the following officials, five people can play two officials.

As for a young member, it is not accepted for the time being, the officer is not allowed to accept the bullet, and the royal history must not be placed in different places.

As long as there is a royal history, it is necessary to send personnel to investigate, whether it is alone or joint, and the supervision office must be investigated and supervised by the main court.

Regardless of the results of the survey, it must be announced. If the bullet is true, the official will be confident, if it is not true, the royal history of launching the bomb is being opened, and it is not allowed to be a history within five years.

The relevant systems and rules of the capital of the capital, Qin Yu is also a great effort, and the effect is really good. The effect is true.

After all businessmen understand, they are cheering, because others are calculated, light can directly give it a book, is a great guarantee.

In the past, the high emperor is far away. If there is no child in the officialdom or the class of friends in the officialdom or the class of friends, in the face of those officials, then there is no one more resistance to compensation, a sentence, copying home.

Now, when the officials are extortion, they will have a good amount of weight, they will sneak the book.

That's afraid of you, you will not take it, it doesn't matter. As long as there is anyone in the capital to investigate, even if there is no one to investigate, this is also a huge deterrent.

Because those officials don't dare to ensure that they will see those playing, let alone, they also regulate, as long as they receive the book, they will definitely come to investigate, and there is still time regulations.

Ten 10 fixed places, let them shoot the case, and forty exam places, and some small merchants have seen hope.

Only the officials of Qian Bin and the Administration have bitterly Zhang Zhang face, and the front battle is coming out, and now it will change the school to change, know that this official is probably becoming more and more bad. .

In the past, the previous capital of the hospital, although it can also smell the wind, the bomb is the hundred officials, but it is mainly concentrated in the championship, and the same is the same, now these royal history is not a system.

Don't say that there is no government affairs in the investigation office, even if there is any bomb, I am afraid that I will not know in advance. This kind of head hanging a crowd is too uncomfortable, and it is even greater.

"Your Majesty, is our judge of our court to accept the royal history?" Wang Can asked, and a judge behind him stared at Qin Yu.

"Isn't the judge not an official? Is it not corrupt to accept bribes, squatting in malpractice? But in the uniqueness of the judge, in the team of investigation, the court can send judges to supervise."

Qin Yu took him and thought about it.

Although Wang Can has some disappointment, it has a supervisory power. It will not let the East Factory are chaotic, and there is no more saying, Qian Bin is bright.

"Your Majesty, is the Administrative Hospital also dispatched officials to supervise?"

"The Administration is not good, in case you inform local officials in advance, how is the evidence of destruction?"

Qin Yu's decisive swing refused, the civil servant is not a judge, the judge is a private abortion, there is a volume in a quasi, the Can the scholars are different, and they must not allow them to receive any news in advance, and must be secret to the investigation, hit them A doigner is not.

Qian Bin opened his mouth, and he did not dare to say more.

"Okay, this monitoring office is not the Ming Dynasty factory, you don't have to be like this, let alone, not afraid of shadows, as long as you have no ghosts, what is the survey? The enebor's energy should now be placed in the formation of banks, re-plan Administrative districts, set up a city appointment to collect tariffs, renovating the official road dock, rather than entanglement of the Inspectors here. "

Qin Yu was swaying, and he didn't carefully repel the way.

Provincial division, he has done an instruction, and it is divided into two in Henan, Hubei, Hunan, Jiangxi, Fujian, Zhejiang, Huaidong, and Huaixi, plus a Shanghai Independent State. However, there are still many unreasonable places in the provinces, there is still many unreasonable places, and they need to make adjustments. The Qin Yu is unable to indicate, and can only be governed by the government.

"Your Majesty actually said that the administrative district is adjusted, there is a need to report to His Majesty, that is, the capital of Hunan is set in Changsha, Chen and colleagues are unanimous, but the capital of Huaixi Province has a huge controversy. Some think It should be set in Anqing, and some believe that it should be set in Fengyang, and some believe that it should be set in Zhangzhou. We will hesitate to decreasing for a while.

"This ... is still in the state." Qin Yu did not expect this to have a controversy, hesitated.

Zhangzhou is also the first world of Hefei. If the Anqing on the side of the Yangtze River is the first choice, but the ancient transportation is inconvenient, so it is more suitable for some people from the administrative.

"Your Majesty, there is something, is about the city's transportation ..."

"Okay, this little thing is also coming, but also what is your government affairs to do? Don't leave any other big things!"

Qin Yu saw that he didn't end, and he waved his hand. About the city division, he had already said that it is clear, and there is a wealth of experience, what else is unable to solve?

Qian Bin and Wang San are all rushing to tell themselves.

Don't say that Qin Yu is impatient, it is Zhang Wei, waiting for the emperor outside, has been a resentment of these sergeants, and it is still in the royal family, and I don't know where they are so good.

In fact, it can't blame Qian Bin and Wang Can, but the establishment of the supervisory department, let the two become cautious, plus new policy laws, many of them are not unable to make the two people do not have the bottom, I am afraid that there is a pool, and this matter is reported to report, it is not possible to let go of your hands like it.