The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 473 We are the Central Committee

"His Majesty."

"Sister, you have just pregnant, why didn't you rest?"

Looking at Zhang Wei, I walked into the Royal Book. Qin Yu quickly got up and took her to the book.

"Your Majesty, China is complicated, why have you need to be rushing to a moment, come to Japan, slowly revolutionary development, this is not a day without night, tired, how is it?"

Zhang Wei has some distressed road, saying that the body will pour, and will put it on the table tray.

When Qin Yu did not work in business, when all the state affairs gave her and the government hospital, she worried that Qin Yu will become a fainted. Now he will be in the same time, and he will be tired, and it is really a contradiction.

"Hey, don't this don't always stay? Business development does require long-term planning adjustment, but borrow this opportunity must put the shelf, let the world's business people see the determination and discouragement of the development of business."

Qin Yu helplessly sighed, and the so-called unreasonable, this time the relationship between the wealth of Jiangnan and the official business can be said to be completely broken, it is a good time for reform.

One time, the merchants are not able to expand their business, develop business, and I am afraid that it is possible to hick out the foreign enemy to produce other ideas.

Two, it is what he wants to handle these things as soon as possible, then go to Shanghai and Rocket Research Institute to see, and finally go to the Five Army to patrol, prepare for the next Northern Expedition.

He also finally gotten the hardships of Chongzhen, even once they had lazy and tossing. After the unity of the sky, they will engage in a so-called Shengshi, and then enjoy the blessing, micro-service.

As for future people will die, not there is a sentence called, after I die, do you have a flood?

But every time I think about the history of the Chinese modern times, Qin Yu has had to dispense this negative idea, because he is still young, the festival is a little, then do 20 years, enjoy the blessing.

Let me not, after the world, he doesn't need this kind of work.

Zhang Wei also knew that the grand blueprint in Qin Yu's heart, the heart also sighed, no more persuasion, gently picked up a spoonful of soup, handed it to his mouth.

But it is some regretry I only take care of the emperor, and it is now not able to share the pregnancy.

"Right, the two outside the exterior have come to January, and the two have come to see the first batch of thousands of miles. It is the first batch of the first batch of arrivals after the founding of the country. Are you taking time?

Also, the injuries of Luoxi have already been recovered. So far, it is still inhibiting in Taihu County. Now it is the use of people. If it can return it to the next, it is also a great boost. "

"Loss you reminded, otherwise I have forgotten, the guy is still being held in Taihu."

Qin Yu took a forehead. He really got to ink, and then said: "This will first take him to Nanjing, and then send some acquaintance to persuade. If he will return the best, if you continue to be boring, That has been closed. "

Zhang Wei saw him did not kill the idea of ​​rushing. It was relieved. After all, Lu Yi rose in the eyes of Jiangnan people. It is not that Zhou Yanru, Qian Qianyi can ratio, it can be seen that he did not mention the two red suede, and doubtful Looking at him.

"Oh,, the two red hauffs are not coming to tribute, but to talk about cooperation to deal with Zheng Zhilong, and the business, people will not be our own country, this is the True State, you will see Let's! "

Qin Yu looked loudly and then found it on the desk. It was half-day to find the book to handle it.

Zhang Wei was curious to have seen it. After reading it, he was shocked: "This ... this Dutch kingdom, is so powerful?"

"Haha, strong fart, sister, the territory of the Netherlands, I am afraid that the Songjiang government is so big, the population is most million, in front of our big Qin, they are the mainstallands, but their navigation technology and The number of ships does not have to be ignored, otherwise it will not be far from the heavy Yangyang to our Chinese. "

Qin Yu couldn't help but laugh, and then he was explained, but he explained it, but he said that his face became difficult to look: "And this Dutch wolf is ambitious, from the past years, you have always wanted Invasion of my Huaxia coast, often stop coastal and merchant ships in more than ten years, now it is to occupy Dongzhuang Island, I want to have it to have it, it is more than ten times more than the Portuguese and Spanish, it is necessary to trade, but also First, I will take it from Southeast Asia, and I say it again. "

"Oh? Is there such a thing?"

"There is this reason, such a small country, dare to be full of grouse, not only to deceive me to the National University of China, pretending to trust the minister, but also want to invade my Huaxia, I don't know how to live, if it is not far away, I need to know that I know my Central Committee The country's majesty. "

Zhang Yan is a stunned, and then swells red face and angry.

If the Netherlands is like Qin Yu, there is no qualification to do the country to Daqin. If the old man is really coming to tribute, look at their sincere, you can book a book, but now not only deceive it. I have also been washed over the coast of the people, that is not forgiven.

Qin Yusi saw her reaction, but also said, it was a little surprised, and immediately reacted, now it is the end, not the late Qing Dynasty.

I am afraid I have even one ordinary people, I think that in the end, in addition to the Chinese, other countries are all in the small country, the land of all, the subconscious, the cooperation is not existed, because there is no qualification, ordinary people are all this Thinking, let alone Zhang Wei's two Dynasties.

"Just let them play for a while and Zheng Jia, waiting for the battle, will make them insight to see what is the majesty of the Central Committee."

Qin Yu is a hand, cooperation is impossible, and the trade is temporarily impossible, but in order to contain Zheng's family, try for some time, it will not have to rush to face.

After all, if there is no Dutch, it is probate to become the posture of the Zhengjia Board, and the 100,000 army will be fatiguous. If you have enough to fight, you will not mention Guangdong.

Although the Netherlands arrived, Qin Yu has produced some sense of urgency, but even if they have to get the domestic thing, put their eyes on the sea.

For Zheng Zhilong will retreat to Taiwan, in fact, Qin Yu has already expected it, it is impossible to avoid it.

But thinking that Sun Kawang and Liu Wenxiu in two wide are now, Qin Yu still decided to adjust Li Dingguo and Qin Shuang to each other, so that Li Dingguo went to Nanyang to guard against Wang, and the outside department was also established.

A bowl of ginseng soup is finished, the night has been deep, Zhang Wei has just found pregnant last month, Qin Yu also wanted to let her stay up late, so I put down the work of the hand, got up and support her to the palace.