The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 474 The last hope is gone

After completing the year, the merchants from all over the land will leave Nanjing on the lakes and return.

Everyone is Ming Huohuo, full of strength, some small businessmen decided to return to expand the scale of operation, while letting the children are ready for the examination.

This time, Qin Yu mainly chooses some small merchants to support Jiangsu, Zhejiang. As for the big business, I can see their own.

In order to let those small merchants have confidence, Qin Yu gives them two choices, one is to provide low-interest loans from Royal Bank, and sign a cooperation contract with the firm, and the other is direct invested by Royal Firm, but the business must send one. Administrative supervisors, specific expansion operations such as transactions will not intervene.

Most small businessmen are choosing royal direct stocks. After all, this is not only insurance, but also to take a relationship with the royal family, but there are also few people who are unwilling to involve the royale too deep, choose loans.

For Qin Yu painted, the entire items of the entire Daqin will have a phenomenon that is in short, all businessmen are unanimously agreed.

Don't say those mud legs, now I'm turning my body, that is, the Administration will be in the next two years, which will invest 12 million silver sons, build a plan for various projects, and let people laughing.

Datin State can not allow the people to work free of charge, not only to eat and package, but also worked, it can foresee what is the case of the next Jiangnan Lake.

Therefore, in addition to extremely conservative people, other businessmen decided to go back, more or less expanded some of the scale, the most crazy nature, the many people, accepted the small business people of royal injection.

Winter is coming to spring, the whole Jiangnan is very busy.

An acre of the ear field was changed to Sangtian, countless farmers, became saunarn.

A seat workshop is grounded, a textile machine is non-stop, and the woven woven woman will be spun.

Dress food, clothing in the top, the most developed natural feature textile industry, and the textile industry is precisely the population intensive industry, which is the best industry that promotes the enterprise society in the industrial society.

In order to encourage the development of the textile industry, drive other industries, but also to make the people from the cotton satin, Qin Yu is also exported, allowing all parts to destroy the field of mulberry.

After all, the food can be used, but the silkworm sang is to develop the textile industry, but it is necessary to pick the place, and even the Jiangnan is right, then let go! Anyway, Jiangnan is close to the coast, and there is from where you can transport, Southeast Asia and India's rice incense.

Although Qin Yu has vigorously encourages the development of business, expanding production scale, but it takes a time after all, so when there is a silver, all kinds of items still have a short supply, and the price is also rushing up. , The treasure banknotes in the hands of the people began to depreciate, and the inflation exposed to the head.

In addition to food and salt, other various commodities Qin Yu can not control, do not want to control, because this price rises, not business people maliciously, but the market phenomenon, he also understands that the development of this inflation is avoided.

Unless the government and the Royal Firm, the bank's huge silver, if the landlord is generally buried underground, this is impossible.

As a modern person, Qin Yu naturally understands that the national finance should be deficit, the most favorable economic development, if the silver is buried underground, is it a pool of death.

What's more, inflation is also a kind of survival of the fittest. With the depreciation of the treasure banknotes and the silver, those who don't think I will enter, the silver buried in the place will continue to shrink, as long as it is controlled in a reasonable range, it is actually the impact on the people. Big.

With the royal and government governments, the big treasure banknotes and Yuanbao are going out. The whole Jiangnan has changed the earth-shaking change. Everywhere is the people of repairing official roads, repairing terminals, cement plants, and is a caravan and fleet.

The situation in the world is also changing, first of all, the bull is defeated in Shandong Festival, and has retired to Xuzhou, and start hard my scalp to ask Qin Yu.

The eight flag of Dolong led the Shandong, and the Hong Chengge watership in Jinan City has been hidden for a year. It has finally insisted that it is still in the past, and the eight flag has been thrown, and the traitor is.

Another army army in Shanxi is also victorious in Shanxi. From Xuanfang, I have been inhauped into Taiyuan. As Taiyuan is broken, Wang Wang is still not sitting, and there is no need to exhaust the army from Sichuan to Jinan, resist eight flags. The army.

This makes the pressure of the eight kings, from the original disadvantage, it is pressed, and gradually began to master the initiative, almost occupying the entire Sichuan and Chuandong, Chuanxi, still in the control of the army.

The whole Sichuan is also only hung on the head of Shizhu City, and the stone column generals Qin Liangyu supported death. He did not want to return to the eight kings, and he did not want to return to the king.

At this time, on the city of Shi Zhu, he took the sixty-year-old Qin Liangyu, holding a sword handle, looking at the West, and the vicissitudes of his face with a strong concern and helpless.

The sound of the urgent footsteps, Qin Liangyu returned, people are their own prostitutes, immediately go forward: "Lihua, how can Chengdu City have news?"

"My aunt, just received the news, three days before the Chu army broke Chengdu City, Yu Wang ... is exhausted by the eight kings."

The woman is also a velvet, the body is tall, pretty, and the face of grief.

"Neighbor! The old body is not two ..."

Qin Liang Yuxi is full of sorrow, pulling out the sword, and immediately planted.

"Aunt ..." Qin Lihua quickly helped her, and worried.

"Does Cang Tian really want to die?" Qin Liangyu supported the wall, breathing for a while, only sad, the whole person seems to have been exhausted.

"My aunt, now I am also in the King of the King ... What should we do in the future?" Qin Lihua also had some confusion, the entire stone pillar added 10,000 compelling soldiers.

If the eight kings and the king are not able to catch them, add stone pillars and easy to defend, I am afraid I have been broken, so I can only watch the anti-thief to attack Chengdu, and I am unable to rescue.

"I Qin Liang Yusheng is Daming's minister, death is a big ghost. I am afraid that I will fight to the last person, I will never surrendene, Lihua, I heard that the king of the Guiyan, the aunt guess the temple should Going to Yunnan, Mu Guolong, the world, the town of Mu Guo, who is guarded in Yunnan, and I am faithful to Daming. You will send people to Yunnan to explore news. Be sure to speak clearly in Yunnan. "

Qin Liangyu returned the sword to the hood, and he was strong, and then struck the spirit and told the niece.

"The aunt, Yunnan is located in the side of the world, and people are less honest. Even if the Guiwang Hall is really in Yunnan, I am afraid that I have no power to go back. The Qin thief is sent to the messenger. This time the conditions are not higher than the last time. Less, it's better ... it's better ... "

Qin Li's sighed and knew that the aunt was just a self-comfort, I thought I thought I didn't endure my persuasion.

"Have a break, then the Qin thief is not a good thing. If he is not a disaster, it is broken by Nanjing. Why did I fall to today?"

Qin Liangyu hated the sound.

Obviously, this big anti-thief in Qin Yu is also very hated.

Qin Lihua also knew that the temper of the aunt, Zhang Zhang mouth, did not continue to persuade, the father and the cousin were died, and now I have to betray Daming, and it is more uncomfortable than killing.

But Daming really has already killed it. Now even the last hope, the Hall of the King is killed by the anti-thief. Are they really supported in Shi Zhu?