The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 475's biggest obstacle


At this time, a faceful emperor, facing the divertes of Dolu and Haoge, starting to have some hesitation.

He doesn't know that it should be in accordance with the request of Haoge, give Shanxi to the army, first destroy Li Zicheng. Still should listen to Dolu, first in the middle of the South, winning Kaifeng and Xuzhou.

On a few days, Huang Taiyu couldn't make a decision, and finally had to hold a meeting, I would like to hear the opinions of the Hanchen, after all, they are more clear than the eight flags. The steps and sequences are unified.

"Emperor, Qin Jun strength is strong, not only accounts for the rich land of Hunguang, Jiangnan, but the food and grass soldiers are extremely stable, and the internal and poor in the northwest is low. If it is unhaken, the eight flag big army is in the south. The side wings must be threatened, so the minister should, should first attack the northwest, solve the worries, and then fully south. "

Fan Wencheng took the lead in saying that after the end, I would rather wait for the Hanchen, and I have frequently attached to the head and obviously think that I should kick.

Huang Taiji did not know if he nodded. In fact, he also think so, but after recent years of understanding, he knew that the eight flag is really the biggest enemy in the south, so I don't want to give Qin Yu preparation time, which is inserted.

I saw a flood category that has been silent, my heart is moving, slowing down, "Hong Aiqing, I don't know why do you have?"

"Hong Aiqing, now the wood has become a boat, it is difficult for you to do your body in Cao Ying, the heart is in the Hanxu?"

Hong Chengdu is sighing, he is really unwilling to surrender to the eight flag, and I have thought about hunger strike, but after all, I still have to fail, I also know that the emperor is right, no matter whether it is not willing to accept, this traitor is back. After a day in the heart, I finally stopped.

"The emperor, the king Li Sheng is only a husband, the eyes are short, only to enjoy the music, plus the northwestern barren, the law is inadequate, and the dialect of the Qin Yu is a little big, knowing the people, and ingestion, occupying the southern rich land, support millions , Fake, there will be a full advantage of the country, it is the biggest obstacle that I am unified in the world! "

"Well, Hong Aiqing said that Hong Aiqing thought that I was the northwest of the eight flags now, or I am full of south, all earth-south?"

The words of Hong Chickered also said that the emperor went straight, and the body was sitting straight, looking forward to the way.

Hong Chuko is also like a stealing chastity, with the first time, it has begun to break the tin to break, and it has changed her personal, and it is not just the dead.

"Emperor, Qin Jun is good at the firewriter step, but lacks cavalry, but Henan is a Ma Pingchuan, my eight flag cavalry can play the best, so the emperor can take the Central Plains first, in the battlefield of the Central Plains, the Qin Jun source is constantly attracted to this, surrounded , Then we will weigh the Li Yu, and finally Ma Jiangnan will be able to one.

At this time, the Qin army expanded a military, although the soldiers were soldiers, but the power declined, and if you choose to attack the northwest, then with the Qin Jun finally gave the Central Plains, then the victory is expensive. "

"The Hong Dab is indeed a bit, but it is not first to solve Li Wei. When the army of the eight flag, the Qin army suddenly attacked my army, and I was afraid that it was not a victory. But there is no doubt! "

After the flood test, the Fan Wencheng stood up and retorted.

The Han Chen also nodded frequently. Eight flags of the other side felt that the slaves of Fan Wencheng said.

The Emperor's brow is equally slightly wrinkled, according to the Qin Jun in the Central Plains's military force deployment and the next year's army, he knows that the eight flag must be fully committed.

Although the army has a low force, there are hundreds of thousands. The key is that Jinan and Luoyang are in the hands of the army. Once they go to Taihang Mountain, the consequences are really unimaginable.

"Emperor, Li Yu has always wanted to take the entire Sichuan, plus several failed to defeat the Qin army, as long as the emperor sent a messenger to talk to the other party, put Taiyuan to the army, then Li Wei will agree Wandering, the big shot of the soldiers and horses, fully attack Sichuan, when our army only needs to be in Shunde, staying all the way, can ensure the worry of the road! "

Hong Chengdu will be said, and it is not in the eyes of the public.

"Fart, Taiyuan is the heavy town of Shanxi. How much is the eight flag warriors talented? You have a mixed thing, but it is necessary to let the army."

"Yes, Laozi see you is not well inherently!"

All the eight flags, I heard that it is necessary to give the Taiyuan whitening to the army, and suddenly fry the pot, one anger, I will not rush to bring the Hong Contributions directly, Fan Wencheng and other Han Chen, is a cold eye, a louder Like.

"Let's go, don't give it back ... Cough."

Huang Taiyu cried, suddenly scared everyone, and closed his mouth and retired.

"Come, Aji Garn, pulled down, and heavy trustows."

Huang Taiji sailed anger. After stopping cough, he waved his hand. After two big men rushed up, drag the Aisterger.

"Compared with the unified world, there is a Taiyuan City in the district to hang? Is it a big warrior today? He Japan Bagnifun Warrior will not come back?"

To put it here, the emperor is standing up, and it is full of emperor's breath. It is full of face: "I have decided, first stabilize Li Wei, all south, and Qin Jun Decorate in Central Plains, this I am trying to go to the country, and I decided to drive the pro. "

"Emperor"! "

Everyone is Qi Qi, high vague.

Hong Chengwell is sighing in his heart, this slave is indeed a thousand ancient emperor's style, some expectations for a while, he and the Qin thief are unleasing, who is the true world of the world?

Although the strategic direction has been decided, the emperor is not a king. It is not anxious to rate the army. Instead, we will start to raise food and grass. First, we will notify the Mongolian Department, and the Alumni will be in Zhangjiakou, two months. The grazing of grain is also continuously shipped to the south.

After the eight flags, although the strength rose, the Guanghan army has reached more than 300 million, but the food and grass that can be consumed is also huge. Last year, some food materials can be smuggled from Jiangnan, but now it is completely disconnected. Qin Yu's governance, but a great harvest, so the emperor is going to be around June, and the winter wheat harvest in Henan Province is under the south.

Mongolians in the Ming Dynasty were divided into three shares of indifference, indifferent and indifferent, which was located in the north of the Great Wall, and the number of confused people in the south of Yinshan.

In addition to the distant deserts, the indifferent mongolia, the Ministry of South Mongolia has been conquered by the eight flags, and all ministries in the mobei are also awaited in the eight flag, and they have chosen to return.

Therefore, after the arrival of the Huang Taihui's argue, he didn't worry that he took the opportunity to attack all the warriors in the tribe, each is three horses.

Obviously, even these Mongolians are stupid, and know that today's eight flags are closed, it is a good time to make a fortune, the more people go, the more women and things that are allied.