The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 477, the end of the poor

"Song Dynasties, there is no time to be , let's talk, what is the bull two to do? Buy weapons or buy food?"

Red ,, .

"The Niang Niang misunderstood, this time, it will not buy food, buy weapons, but ..."

No one is strong, Song Dianzhi does not dare to repeat again, and quickly say this, in fact, please ask Huzhou, and both sides join hands to kill Dolong's army.

Now Dorge has entered Xuzhou, Pei County in the north bank of the Yellow River, Fengxian is unfained, leaving only the South Bank, Xiaoxian Hishan, Dolu is building a ship, and there are signs of crossing the river at any time.

As for Fengyangfu and Huai'an, due to the small number of soldiers, it is not the people of the heart, so the old morning will be reversed by Qin Yu.

Although the bull is somewhat angry, Qin Yu is unlocked, and it is publicly violated the initial agreement, but now the tiger is picnic, it is not counted.

Poor maids, hundreds of thousands of mercenaries, covering an area of ​​thousands of miles, the momentum of the sky, now falling to a state city in the district, the point of the two counties, this is called when the Emperor's bull is willing to be willing?

So I just want to use the Red Ojari, the two sides join hands to defeat the scorpion, capture the Shandong, and he can let Xuzhou will give Hongji.

"Dawang? Oh, I didn't hear that he called the emperor in Beijing. Is it not called Your Majesty?"


Red screams, others are also laughing.

"Rumored, it is definitely rumored. This matter is at all, the people who have been tested are rumored. My king did not say the emperor from the beginning to the end, and the dragon chair did not sit again."

Song Dianzheng didn't care about them, but immediately defended the road, and there was no such thing as a dead.

No way, if you say that the king, the last thing can not be, you can choose to return, but once it is called the emperor, it is absolutely no post-way, or it is either successful, or failure.

Because any emperor, you can't tolerate people who have said that you have existed, so even know it, it is useless, and the bull two still decides the loss denied.

"How many soldiers have you still?"

Red scares are too lazy to listen to him, but asked coldly.

"The Niang Niang, the army has a hundred thousands of military soldiers!" Song Dianzheng faces no face, and gas is not allowed.

"100,000 pigs, are you a fool?" Hunting a table angered, and even the image was forgotten.

"Well, in fact, our army is only eight ... 50,000." Song Dianzheng saw that she was more and more cold.

I nodded, and asked: "How long can it last for food?"

"The food is sufficient, and it is not a problem in March."

"In this case, then I will stick to the months, Xuzhou City Gaochihou, the 50,000 army should not be a problem?"

"The mother, the lip is cold, once Xuzhou falls into the hands of the scorpion ..."

When Song Xian was in a hurry, it was not finished, and Hung Yi will waved. "Okay, don't use how you will fight this, you can go back."

Song Shi also said that the two major generals stood up and took the knife and took a son. I had to have a feet, turned to the account, I came to the door, I still didn't forget to call: "Niang Niang, Xuzhou is ..."

"Rolling!" A young army at the door, knocking on the buttocks of Song Dian, a knife, hit him, this only got a big account.

"Morns, Wu Jun's morale, I am afraid now, I will fall to the bottom, and I will worry that the scorpion will be attacked. They are afraid that they can't hold it!"

After the Song Diancao left, the people will be a little worried about the red hi, although the cattle and second should insist, but the so-called not afraid of 10,000, fight this kind of thing, no one can say no.

Red, but I am relieved, "I am relieved, Nail but only 30,000 cavalry, 50,000 infantry, I have a few thousand troops look down on the side, I will don't believe him, I really dare to fight Xuzhou, so He is either in a bluff, or it is waiting for the next year, we don't have to be so anxious, then training is. "

If you are not worried about the desperate of Niu Qi, it will be directly surrendered. Just now she will play the Song Dian Guo.


Song Diancao walked water, all the way rushed, only spent a day, and returned to Xuzhou.

At this time, Wu Junshi in Xuzhou City did so lowered to the bottom because everyone was full of confusion on the future.

Song Dianzhi just entered the city, the bull two rushed up and asked: "Military, how? My brother is willing to join hands?"


Song Diancheng shook his head, then explained: "The king, the strategy of Jian Qin Jun will probabilically, the redness seems to be more savvy than before, from her attitude, obviously intend to sit in the interests of fishing people, With our Xuzhou as a bait! "

"I can evil, hate!"

Two anger, and then worried about it: "Military division, what should I do next? Once the Dolu River is coming to attack, Xuzhou City is afraid that the fierce is small!"

"Hey! King, now, I am afraid that I have been unable to return to the sky, or I will return to the scorpion, or temporarily return to the big Qin, trying to come back to his day, as long as these 50 million troops are in the hands, there is still a chance, if it is connected 50,000 people are scattered, then ... "

Song Diancao sighed a word, rogue.

"Is it ... Is it really no other way?" Niu Er was stunned, and then he was a face.

"The king, staying on the green hills, not afraid that there is no firewood, the big husband can flexate, why bother to set an award?"

Song Dianzheng advised the truth, now this situation, or return to the gold, or return to Qin Jun.

"It's also, then I will return to Qin Jun, and I will still run a trip to Nanjing. I can take a 10 million silver. I can let Xuzhou come out, but these 50,000 soldiers, but must be led by me. Everything is good. "

Hespened, the ends of the cow finally put his hand, and the post-gold him is more willing to return Qin Yu, after all, everyone, he believes that Qin Yu will never drive.

"This is nature, but Qinhuang is not lacking on the silver, only silver is afraid, but also bring some women, it is best to bring the Chen Yuanyuan."

Song Dianzheng nodded, then thought about it again, the Chen Yuanyuan is definitely the same person, and there is no man in the world who will meet, let alone Qin Yu, so I will do something half.

"No, one million yuan is not enough, I can give more tens of thousands of two, other women don't care, but I have to stay around."

The female two faces were twitched, and they immediately greened the teeth, and they could not give up the round circle.

"The king, you are confused, there is a woman in the district and the Millennium, what is it? If there is no silver, how will it be played in Dongshan in the future?"

Song Dian's policies are straight. Although they left the capital, they took the honor of the city, and they were scraped more than 5,000 million two silver sons, grabbed thousands of women, but all the way fel away, the silver and women were lost. Big half.

There are only 20 million two silver and thousands of wives and thousands of people, and some of the hometown do not have a nameless palace.