The next day, Song Dianzheng took the brigade to the south, the silver and women added a dozen ships, and the team was mighty.

At the same time, Fan Wencheng also came to Changan with a messenger, pulled a dozen ships and women than Song, and Fan Wencheng took only a BMW.

"The emperor is really willing to make Taiyuan arched?"

At this time, the king has no mighty and majesty, but the eye gear is deep, the body is thin, and it is obviously excessive.

There is no way, it is more than ten years, and it has been exhausted, and several times are on the edge of death. When I got on the sky, I naturally have to enjoy this people.

After listening to the narrative of Fan Wencheng, Wang Wang is also quite heartless, Taiyuan is heavy towns in Shanxi, as long as the Taiyuan is taken back, then deploying 100,000 troops, the whole Jinan and the northwest are safe, no longer like now Defense.

The civil and military ministers in the main hall are also discussing, and many people have nodded.

"This is nature, as long as the king is willing to strike, you can receive Taiyuan at any time, and my eight flag warriors will return to Datong, and the two will not violate each other."

Fan Wencheng laughed.

Nowadays, all families do not recognize each other's emperor, so Wang Wang has not placed his name, but a cold voice: "I am afraid that the emperor is very good."

"Ha ha!"

Fan Wencheng only laughed, did not explain, this is a positive, which is beneficial to both sides, he believes that as long as it is not a fool, it will definitely agree.

Wang Wang did not answer immediately, but let people take the Fan Wencheng, this sweeps a group of groups asking: "What is Ai Qing thinking about this?"

"Your Majesty, the old minister feels that you can promise, first pick Taiyuan again!"


"Your Majesty, the emperor wants to strike, nothing is going to attack the Chinese army in the south, if we refuse, I am afraid they will pay the spear to our first."

"Yes, as long as it takes the Taiyuan, our army can shrink the force, you can take the mountain watch!"

Almost all the Wenshi Wu will agree, because this can be said to be the pie in the sky, just a verbal commitment to win Taiyuan, how to see it will not suffer.

"Well, Zhong Lin is reasonable, poor northwest, does not take Sichuan, I am big, I've added a slight deficiencies."

Wang Wang nodded, maybe those civil servants often loudly, let him realize the importance of Sichuan, only to win the capital of Sichuan Da Shun, otherwise it will be like the last time, more soldiers and horses It will be dragged down due to food and grass.

The fact is true, I have to look at the words and definite words, the northwest of the people, the source of the soldiers, but also not lack of horse, but only smash, lack of salt, lack of salt.

The country of Sichuan is the country of Tianfu, who can make up for the northwest of the short board, because there is a well salt in Sichuan, there is a lot of good balances, and the two places are like the best partners.

Since ancient times, I don't have any accidents. In the event, most of them can sweep the world and lay the imperial operation.

For example, the Qin Dynasty occupied the ground, after the land of Ba, sweeping Liuhe, a uniform world, Han Gaozu Liu Bang also used the place of the Bashi, occupied, repeated war, repeated defeat, and finally defeated Xiang Yu, laid four A hundred years old Dynasty.

Because of this, Huang Taiji is not afraid of the king to repent, the fact is true.

When the troops took over Taiyuan, the post-gold army retired to Datong, after the truth, the king did not take the opportunity to win the entire Shanxi, and he did not dare to play the Taihang Mountain, and the squid of the rider, not dare to open the Nanyang .

Can hundreds of thousands of big military can't do anything?

After all, I only have to fight, Taiyuan has a hundred thousand army is more than enough. It can ensure that the entire Jinan high-pillow is worry-free, and it can be determined to directly exploit the Yellow River directly to the west.

Because the army of Taiyuan, you can always raise the Datong, Zhangzhou, and cut off the backward road, and the strategic location of Taiyuan is visible.

As for Luoyang, I didn't plan to be in the king. Later, the Huajun did not attack Luoyang's signs. This also added 20,000 soldiers and horses, plus Shaoguan in hand, even Luoyang lost, it also influenced to Guanzhong and Jinan .

Because the two parts have not only the Yellow River Tianha, there is also the barrier of the Sino-Boshan and Taihang Mountain, so there is still 2 million soldiers who can put it out.

At this time, the eight kings attacked Chengdu, and then began to enter the army in the north, how would this be willing to kill the king of the land? How can I put it on the eight kings of the world?

Therefore, almost in Taiyuan's force deployed just a bit in place, he quickly smoked the 150,000 troops, once again entered the Sichuan, I would like to panich.

I learned that the squadron really touched the troops again. Huang Taiji was also laughed. No more concerns, in fact, do him, the big army is constantly moving to the south, and he also personally travels to Zhangjiakou.

At this time, Qin Yu has already left Nanjing, and once again came to Songjiang.

The two red sea ghosts were listed on the exterior books, and they were gone.

The special envoy of the province is responsible for the host of the Youri exam, and has already started starting from the departure, the evaluation of the Yu Shi is determined, which is completely dominated by the internal government.

The merchants from all over the world are so high, and they attach importance to the businessmen and develop business people, and more tribute to Qin Yu.

The only thing that allows Jiangnan's readers and businessmen, Qin Yu actually secretly launched the young people in Qin Huaihe, let them have not played in the future, it is too much to face, so good!

More than 3,000 famous many famous!

They don't know how much my heart is cultivated, and now it is, it is fine, and Qin Yu is a person.

The most hateful thing is that the ladies who are filled with officials are still being closed, so that they want to condolences, there is no chance, how to deal with the people under Jiutong?

If Qin Yuzan added the ladies of these ladies into the Qinhuai River, the famous names that he spoke, the ghost will not be able to say half of the words.

What Qinhuai Bagui, Yangzhou thin horse, compared to those who are here for thousands of people attached to the Mrs. Confucianism, it is completely candlelight and Haoyue, as long as I can have a friend, even the money is worth a lot of money.

However, at this time, the Qin Dawang in the Songjiang House, but he did not spend a silver, and all the Fang Ze had a good time.

During the day, the dealer is in the evening, it is personally educated those sin sin, and there is nothing to sleep once, it is absolutely no future.

However, it may also be known that a person's energy is limited, and eventually set up a teacher in the pier, and hundreds of sin women in Songjiang area, all plugged in, officially listed.

But it is not open to the outside, only open to the craftsman of the workmanship, as for ordinary young, even open, they don't have money.

The work of the craftsmen is not enough. The money is still not enough for a month. You can still stop everyone's enthusiasm. If you don't have enough money, you will go to the bank loan first.

For this, Qin Yu is also nothing to say, can't do a few portuguese craftsmen.

"Dear Emperor, why don't we allow it to go to the teacher? This is unfair."

"Yes, the emperor, this is racial discrimination, we have to protest."

"Protest is invalid, because you are not the people of my Daqin."

In the heart of Qin Yu, I don't say this to the red hauff. It is those businessmen and readers, even if they have money, don't want to have a dye, these women can only be enjoyed by soldiers and craftsmen, and only they have qualifications.

"Dear Emperor, we can pay double prices, and even join Da Qin State."

Several red sailors are obviously not dead, because the craftsmen who work together with them have already blown those women into fairy.

"You are still not qualified to join me Daxin State, this way, as long as you express it, I will get some help for the women's rewards."

Qin Yu is impatient, but in order to let them continue to die, I want to say it.

Because the protector of the frigate has been created, it will be tested at the sea at some time, and the big destroyer is also laying keel and ribs. For up to one month, it can also completed the sea trial.