Yangchun March, warm air intoxicating.

On the beach, a huge wooden battleship under the workshop, it is slowly sliding into the sea.

This is a hull of a body, a strange wave.

Of course, this weird is just a Chinese craftsman and the eyes of those portugues.

In the eyes of Qin Yu, this is a perfect war ship combined with the advantages of Chinese and Western, and his advanced philosophy.

But no matter how, countless carpenter workers on the shore looked at this porosity of the hidden sea, they were amazed, because they have never seen such a long sea boat before.

The entire ship has reached more than fifteen meters, the widest place is only ten meters, and the width of the ship is only five meters, and the head is only one meter.

This is also a width of the deck, the actual waterline is almost a tapered, the whole housing, exhibiting an extremely comfortable smooth line from the head to tail, which is like a narrow ellipse.

The warship is divided into three layers. The lowermost layer is the bottom warehouse, which is composed of more than 20 small cabins. The second layer is the warehouse that stacked the goods, the third layer is the living area.

Like the treasure ship, the tail of this warship, the head and the middle part of the bid and the middle are also as high as it, and the stern is almost a third of the whole ship.

A total of three masts, the main mast is more than 20 meters above the deck, so there is a mast, the height of the entire ship is close to 40 meters, and the hull is mainly supported by a keel and more than two hundred ribs, like a sea dragon.

As the warship was successfully pushed down, shake it left and right, and immediately resumed the balance again, the huge cheers were suddenly built.

Qin Yu also looked up, as long as there was no tilt after the warship, the hull design, basically there was no problem, and then tested the maximum drainage volume, and the speed, turning radius and other related matters.

After the warship, after a measuring, it did not immediately raise sails, but started to move the stone in the bottom of the ship.

When the wooden warship is not more than the steel battleship, the wind is calm, so naturally no problem, once the big waves are encountered, if there is no heavy object in the bottom of the ship, I am afraid that a little bigger the waves will overcome.

Just like not inverting, the bottom of the ship is sufficient, when you encounter a big wind big wave, the warship is even if it is swayed, but it has been bumpy, but it is always able to stand, steady, Taishan.

In particular, this hull is narrow and narrow battles, the heavy object of the bin, is definitely more heavy than the sea boat in this era, and this is even known to the outside of the door, the Huaxia's shipbuilding craftsman and the portuguese will naturally Will ignore.

However, in the end, it is necessary to repeated testing to get the most reasonable weight, but Qin Yu can't wait to test the speed of this ship.

According to the process speed, it should be placed in the end, who is called Qin Yu is the emperor of the Jiuding?

This is not almost equipped with only 20,000 pounds, and I have prepared hundreds of sailors to start shipping, then carrying a shipbuilding craftsman began to rise, Qin Yu will end up with the ship.

The main sail of the warship is the traditional hard sail of Huaxia. The auxiliary sail is a popular soft sail in Europe, several Portugues personally take the sailor.

With the huge sails in the face, the waves in the sea breeze began to drive in the sea, and the ship was as blade, and the sea water was constantly separated, and the sea water was separated. The resistance of the hull is actually the ship has indeed wrapped the iron.

Qin Yu quickly raised the telescope, others can only play the green shed.

When the sea trial for a few days, the sailor's operation was barely adapted, at this time, the speed of the ship, almost shocked everyone's chin.

In the state of the sail, the wind is in the wind, it has reached the fifteenth section of the horror, even if we install the goods, it is estimated that there must be 112.

Even if there are three or four festivals, there are three or four sections, and the wind can reach 10, which is quite horrible.

After all, the European sailboat in this era is the fastest, and it will not exceed the ten sections, and the Huaxia is slower.

"Oh, heaven, respected emperor, this flying cutting design is too wonderful, if you drive such a warship, from here, I will take the words of God, I am afraid it takes only three or four months, of course This is also unfunction with the exquisite craftsmanship of your country's carpenter. "

Several Portugues, staring at the warship of the sea, both eyes are bright, even have an idea to go back to Portugal, but they don't know, they are afraid that they will not go back.

Qin Yu smiled, and the heart is also very excited. This kind of flying cutting is designed. For the wooden sailboat, it is the meaning of the epoch. Even if Europe, it is necessary to wait for more than two hundred years of British to come out.

Not the British can't think of it, but the ship craftsman can't do. After all, the Europeans now know that the thoroughness of the ship is sharp, the smaller resistance is, otherwise the bow will not get more and more more, but there is no Before the machine bed, Europe's technology is not comparable to the carpenter in Huaxia.

After boarding the warship, Qin Yu got around and asked on the portuguese rushed to the side.

"Jack, is it full of drainage?"

"Go back to the emperor, roughly has already measured, at around 280 tons, of course, this is the most reasonable full load, as for the extreme full load, I am afraid that only God knows." Jack respectfully replied, and shrugged.

"This is enough, and then the test will begin to decompose a few days."

Qin Yu is swaying. He also knows the ultimate drainage volume of the wooden warship. It is not necessary to measure, because the light is mostly useless, but also to run, and experience the test of the wind.

"Your Majesty, will this be too grassroots?"

Several Portugues saw that the sea trial was not ten days, and it was necessary to dismantle the ship, and they were a little anxious, because in their view, it is best to carry out the ocean sea test.

But it is not a time to toss, the wooden warship is already, then it is so troublesome, so I waved: "This is not what you need to care, your next work is the destroyer, and large battleship design."

"Okay! We naturally follow the meaning of His Majesty, but you can take the liberty, about the Woman ..."

"Don't worry, these two days will be sent, each person is not enough? Not enough to buy again."

It may be a good mood, Qin Dawang is very generous this time.

"It's enough."

"Thank you for your emperor!"

Several people quickly grateful, they did not kneel down. After all, the silver has made a lot, but the physiological problems have never been solved, no way, this emperor's own racial concept is too serious, They have seen death, and there is no chance to go out alone.

During the speech, Qin Yu has come to the tail of the battleship. The tail of the warship should actually be a four-layer structure.

The fourth layer has the largest space, very spacious, no compartment in the middle, length 15 meters, high five meters, close to one hundred squares, late and left and right sides are almost open, so design to this, It is because here is used to install the rocket launcher.

The rocket is definitely can't be launched, and the launch in the narrow room is not in the same, the smoke cannot dissipate in time, and there is also a sprayed tail flame to consider, so choose the top floor of the tail.

The view is wide, the location is also high enough, don't worry, the waves will be played up, and each of the left and right sides have two launches. After placing it again, the shooting is almost about 300 degrees, and can still be launched when running.

When the ship is installed, the left and right singe is installed and some small single-cylinder launches is enough to ensure the full blow.

But several of the person-purpose portuguese did not know this, maybe I heard that there is a woman in a few days, so I will remind myself again: "Dear Emperor, the left and right strings really do not need to reserve a gun Port? Now adjust it, you have come ... "

"I said, these are not what you should worry, this is the last time." Qin Yu's face is cold, suddenly scared a few people fight, and then don't dare to stop half.

This warship is only to decompose, so it is just just a layer of tung oil, and there is no name. The next day, it is stranded on the shore. Thousands of carpenters have been refractory, and those who know them are Responsible for recording statistics next to it.

Qin Yu didn't take care of it, but I went to the Royal Naval Academy of Just.

The college has enrolled tens of thousands of teenagers, and more than 20,000 young sailors with over-board experience.

These people learn to operate the relevant knowledge of sailboats, one side of literal characters, learn the structural design of ships, etc., military training is equally.

Just as Qin Yu intends to travel directly to Hangzhou, then go to Fujian inspections, then go to Hhu Guang, in the last north, Nanjing sent a fast ship, and has to cancel the plan of the South China, and return to Nanjing.