The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 481 is not ordinary people since ancient times.

The various craftsmen and materials in Jiangnan are far from Henan, so, in addition to the rocket camp, the equipment of the firearms, the equipment in the rest of the towns has long been settled, and even six fire camps are only two. It is almost the same in January.

However, there is no weapon equipment, and other military groups are exhausted by the Guanda Army. These Guanda Army will be trained for three or four months. Hubei is more training for half a year. As for Henan a year, it is replenished into the military team, and it directly saves basic training. Only the 200,000 troops recruited by the First Legion are the farmers who just put down the hoe. Little military foundation is not.

Most of these 2 million people are recruited from the mountains and mountains of Zhejiang and Jiangxi. After four or five months, the basic training has been completed, and they can be trained in two men in two men. Training has not been completed.

Although Qin Yu knows that the army of the emperor is still waiting for a month, it can be officially official. The truly started to find it to wait until the May June, and the first army is probably, it is just completely completed, for more complex There is no time to work in battle with the exercise.

Looking at a young face, no longer a strong sun sweating, Qin Yu is still very satisfied, at least the spirit of the god is already like a soldier.

Qin Yu is a golden armor. If the horse, the horse, the horse, dyed, this huge target figure, wherever they go, countless soldiers are single knees, high year old.

A pair of eyes are full of excitement and excitement, Qin Yu is just a simple raise fist, and the morale of the soldiers below reach the vertex.

It can be seen that there is a great charm of a founded king, especially in this unique Junan culture in Huaxia, I am afraid that Qin Yu will say that two sentences are incentive, and countless people will choose to die for him.

This is not exaggerated, the ancient Chinese emperor, in the spirit of ordinary people, is not modern by modern people at all.

Let's still have a person who does not face Qin Yu, whether it is a new veterans' story lesson, it is essential, Qin Dawn's story, after countless sayings, have already become a god in the minds of the soldiers.

Although the emperor who has had an unbearable thing in Lao Zhu, it is generally taboo for his previous things. It doesn't seem to let others know that they are also as usual.

But Qin Yu didn't care about this. Of course, in order to dispel everyone, it is still less than the thought of the imitation.

For example, when Qin Dawang is born, the square round Baili is thundered, there is purple Xia Guang to fall in the roof. When the lower river is taking a bath, it is actually taken by a double corner, and the yellow giant to attach the scales. I sent the shore. For example, I went to the mountain to cut wood, I actually put a tiger that was preypling, scared in the ground, and shivering.

All such legendary stories are all indicating that Qin Dawang is not ordinary character, so I want to rebel, the emulation, the first quantity, I have been saved by Huanglong, Tiger Shi.

Of course, this modern person is imagined. When the cattle Jinxing took the script to make him obey, he almost shocked him, although the heart was spitter, but he did not admit this set. It is necessary.

At the same time, I understand that I am afraid that the opening of the country will be in this way, and the face will be reasonably compiled.

After a patrol, more than 20 million people in the First Legion hit a chicken blood, and the training was more sold.

Qin Yu is that it has already arrived at the Rocket Research Institute.

Looking at the wooden shelf, brushing a rocket of a layer of paint, Qin Yu is also secretly, because only from the appearance, and the leading missile is really exactly the same.

Two land version rockets, Raythene No. 1 and Raytheon 2 have been fixed, is produced in large quantities.

"This should be rainy?" Qin Yusuyu asked, and the appetite action was as obsessed with the belly of Zhang Wei's slightly micro-tape.

"Let's go, don't say rain, you will be sinking to the water, and no problem."

"Oh, not bad, you use your heart, and I have set up a teacher in the nearby teacher."

Qin Yu looked at the tail of the oil paper and the wax, and the mouth smiled and closed.

Get the priority and exaggeration of Qin Yu, all the craftsmen are exciting face red.

"Who is blended with lard and fire oil, who is mentioned?" Qin Yu looked back to a craftsman.

Heaven and earth, he just mentioned a word, if it can make the fire oil solidified, the effect of stuff it into the slump should be good, who is in the style of the solidified gasoline bomb.

Although it is definitely no matter what the solidified gasoline bullet with the past lives, it is very difficult to generate burners after ancient ancient times.

These craftsmen have given him a surprise. For example, the Thorns of Thunder I am experimenting, these craftsmen combine wood cooked iron and pig iron, and they have reached the effect of the former cannon bombings.

That is to create the most in front of the tapered cooked iron warhead, then put it in the mold, cast the entire battle, engraved into the turtle, and put the body of the gunpowder to make it with wood.

In this way, the cooked iron in the land is in place, and the pigs partially exploded, the slice is flying, and the scope of killing is far from pure black powder explosion.

Although this will increase cost, but it is entirely worth it, just like Rayon 3, all over 150 pounds, although the battle is only twenty pounds of gunpowder, but the radius of killing reaches 30 meters, which can generate more than 100 pieces. Evil, can easily break through the skinny and cotton.

Of course, it is engraved into the turtle, and Qin Yu is first mentioned to use the hand thunder and the sky.

"Return to the Major, it is a villain."

A more than 30 years old, listening carefully.

"Well, promote one level, reward the beauty, two hundred people, other people who participate in the thunderstandings are also rewarded." Qin Yutao handed.

Da Qin has improved the status of business and commerce, and the status of the craftsmen does not have to say that Qin Yu has long got a complete set of rating.

Sizes, trains, traits, tramithics, big master, total five, etc., each other, medium and high level, a total of fifteen small grades.

Every level, every level has the corresponding treatment and , to the horses, the three levels, the three levels of the horses, respectively, respectively, the tramith teacher corresponds to six to four products, the big master corresponds to three to three One product.

Also made a significant contribution, there is a reward, but this contribution should have the meaning of the epoch.

All the craftsmen are grateful to thank you, most people are exciting, tears, and touching.

I can't help but I don't move. I am afraid that the craft is also a low-hearted monk, but now the money and treatment, and the degree of attention, it is what I didn't want to think before.

Qin Yu is a good words and appeases, and I will help them, this is rushing to the person in charge: "How much is it produced in Lei Shen No.1 and No. 2? Now?"

"Returning to the Major, Raytheon has already produced more than 5,000, and Thunder 2 has produced more than 3,000, and now it can produce one hundred thunders No. 1, 50 Raytheon 2."

"Yield is still insufficient, continue to expand the scale, and you have doubled it again after a month, no matter what the Office of the Office will be fully supported."

Qin Yutao waved, now he is a rough, this kind of rocket is naturally, the better, and the anti-gun medicine is granules, and brush the paint, it is not a problem for more than 120 years.