The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 482 starts standardization

After returning from the Rocket Research, Qin Yu convened the DPRK, which realized that the civil and military officials were unexpected, and they were excited.

Because the nation will be the only opportunity to contact the emperor, but the Daqin will not only convene a month, and Qin Yu has not seen it in ten times. It has not seen the emperor in many three products, which has not been seen in the past. .

However, let everyone want something, although Daxin rarely held a meeting, but the operation of all sectors is very efficient, maybe there is no stage of the play of the chart, and the people who can't avoid themselves. The fighting angle, the conspiracy is rarely happening.

Because all officials can go to the episodes, there is no conclusive evidence, most of them are sent to the palace, and they have no choice but have not, and everyone will no longer squat.

In fact, Qin Yu is not encouraged between officials to play each other. Although the princes are inneadous, they are a balance of emperors, but he feels that this is more harmful, everyone only knows the horn all day, you calculate me, I calculate me You, then there is a heart thinking?

Over time, I will finish the party's self-protection. Everyone will pursue the maintenance of the mean, and it is not going to ask for no.

Therefore, Qin Yucai has changed the dismissal of the talents of thousands of years, and it is not accepted for the play-in-law, unless there is evidence, will be handed over to the monitoring office, but also secrets.

However, this kind of chance, can't be made every day, but you can't completely cancel it. Some major events still inevitably want to convene a parent.

Qin Yu's intended that once a year in the future, the provinces must send officials to participate.

A small chapter will be held in January, and all the civil and military officials in Beijing is all participating in the officials, there are people, and those who have three or more officials can also participate, or not participate.

There is also a temporary chapter, and all the civil and military officials in the seven products in Beijing will participate.

This time is a temporary chapter, the whole hall is already full, the outside is more, only the civil and military officials of the three products are eligible to enter the hall, others can only stand outside the temple.

Despite this, the temple is also very crowded, which is roughly divided into four pieces of political affairs officials who wear blue, and all the books of the monks, the judges and the judges of the black, and the number of people who added up and the number of people. Ping, as for the capital, only a few people left, wearing green tachrazza, alone standing in one corner.

Compared with the officials of other three hospitals, they talked about them, and some people who were handed over, and they were low-key, they could not help but they were not low-key, and they had hundreds of royal history in the past. But only more than 20 royal history left.

However, the most embarrassing is not the history of the hospital, but the Logistics Secretary of the Military Police Institute, who is also a woman in the entire temple, or a bride.

Other military officers of the military hospitals are all consciously maintained some distances. The opposite Qian Bin Chan is a smile with a smile, frequently traveling to Li Yan, Niu Jinxing.

Li Yan has been officially promoted to the Dean of the School of Military, and Niu Jinxing is the Vice President, and the two have partly served as the Staff and Propaganda Ministers.

Although the supervisor of many of the sub-sectors of the back-oriented department, the lands in the past six years have been transferred to the House of Officers, and the men's martial arts succeeded. As long as the Wang's day is still served as the logistics minister, the two can't really When home, the depression is really insufficient.

Because the Wang's is not only distinguished, it is the right of the Emperor's Niang Niang, the Logistics Department is also the largest, including the most important personnel rights and financial rights.

There are two major military bases, two military colleges, hundreds of artisans, tens of thousands of students, transport fleets and fleets are also very large, and have been a largest part of the structure.

In order to unify the standard, all military will not only grant the rank, will also have the corresponding martial arts grade.

However, like the judge, the dean of the military, the dean of the military hospital is only awarded the officials from a product, the only official official, and only the Prime Minister of the Administration, and the other three hospitals have to be short.

As for the Rocket Research Institute, Tang Engine, as well as the future workshop, it is directly managed by the Ministry of House.

The department of the Administration has also increased from the original, household, penalty, worker, business, agriculture, tax, and seven, more external and mail.

External mainly responsible for foreign exchanges, is currently just a shelf, but the mail department is an important department, unlike the Ming Dynasty, the Ministry is temporarily responsible for the official document to pass, as for the reception official, it is more impossible.

"Your Majesty!"

With a crisp and sing, the temple suddenly calm down, everyone is sorted out the crown, and quickly return to his position.

"Long lives, long live, long live!"

"Zhong Qing is flat!"

Qin Yu slowly came to the dragon chair, swept the countless civil and military officials outside the temple, and also understood that the king of the past, I like to open the best, this feeling is really cool.

After the mount of Qin Yu Da Ma Jinxun, the officials worshiped a sentence, and the Liu Ri, who was in the official costume, immediately started to read the monet.

This is also the characteristics of the Daqin Chao. Qin Yu is not to listen to them, and it is not coming to discuss with them, but to tell them, what you have to do, just let them have a preparation, and it is also official.

Da Qin's holy purpose is three kinds. One kind is the scripture, used to see the world, the script is also the most important, the most sacred, generally only for the imperial inheritance and the enemy.

The script must be read on the spot on the spot. Then, within one month, the copy will be sent to the counties of the world, and then the county is read in the county's door, and finally sent officials to each village.

Any delay, or within a specified time, there is a country that has not been read, and the responsible person will be unrestricted and dismissed.

The second is to book, mainly for major political reforms, law reform, military reform, and add a history of the ancestral law.

It is also necessary to read the scene on the spot. In addition to the ancestral law needs to pass to the world, inform everyone, the other three only need to read in the relevant hospital, and then post the notice in each county.

This kind of violation of the provisions, the responsible person only dismissed the official kill, and it is not a monk.

The third kind is the book, mainly used for the book seal, the queen, the mader, the harem, the appointment, and the removal from one product, as well as special criminals, etc., the book does not need to read it.

In addition to the emperor and appointment of the emblem and appointment from one product, the officials need to pass the world, post the notice, the period is half a year, and several other kinds of internal officials, the delay is just dismissed.

In addition to the above three sacred purposes, the emperor's order has two other forms. One is a written Holy Short, one is a temporary mouth, but the mouth is also replaced after the mouth, so it is only one.

The distinctive difference is the difference between the Holy Shift and the sacred.

The Holy Sea only needs to cover the emperor's private printed, violating or not obeying the Holy Short, and most of the biggest sin, the official is expensive, and the people play ten plates.

The sacred desire should be added to the emperor's private privacy, but also to include the guinea, the sacred desire must be observed, once it violates, it will be aware of the crime.

Although it is very different, it is only a word, but the punishment is a day, one underground, no respect is just that the emperor is disrespectful to the emperor, a little punishment, and it is equivalent to challenging the whole Qin and royal dignity. And the order, it is to have a home.

In the future, Daqin, in addition to renewing, , treason and great disrespectful, the remaining crimes, the rest of the crimes, and the family, the people are not affected.

The ancient family likes to be a group, that is, because it is often a criminal chair of the group, it has proved that this plant is connected, and the deterrent is huge, but the side effects have been unfavorable to the emperor, it is completely unfinished.

Liu Yao is reading the first official book of Daming, the content is the difference between the three sacredons and the vocabulary, and the relevant provisions and things involved.

When the book is read, everyone is shocked, because Qin Yu is completely a shackle to give himself a shackle, and in the future, even the emperor wants to do anything.

The emperor can't take the minister, but will take a regular procedure first to remove, and then investigate, and finally by the court.

In addition to the four other crimes, other sins said that the family is alive, even the family is not disaster, and everyone doubizes her own ear.

This is still the murderer who knows like Ma, and I can't move. I am like the tyrant of his wife and wife.

Qin Yu looked at the eyes in the eyes, but also understood what they were thinking, but he naturally won't tell them that people who wanted to kill were almost the same. I wanted to copy the family and copyed seven or eight eight. Thunder. After that, I naturally want to nourish the next heavy rain, otherwise everyone will hang in the whole day, how can I want to Changan?

The institutionalization, standardization, and the focus of future reforms, even the emperor can't exceed

The emperor can be ridiculous, but you can kill, but you must also follow the rules to kill people. As long as everyone is accustomed to the rules, the purpose of Qin Yu is reached.

"His Majesty, Long live the emperor, long live!"

"Your Majesty Shengming ..."

The temple is quiet and half, or money is the first to react, and the head will worship, others have woke up, and they will be shouted.

"This is the first official sacred purpose of my Daqin, the memory of the Ministry of Information, the copy of the public, the mail is responsible for the world, the future is the same! As for the overdue consequences, the sacred decline has been clarified, and it is no longer narrative. "

Although I have already said it just now, Qin Yu is still repeatedly emphasized.

"Chen ... Chen Foliation!"

Just took office Shangshu quickly stood up and replied, and the tight forehead took a big sweat.

Although the time limit of the book is three months, but for the shortcomings that have just been established, the copy will be sent to the national gates of the country, and the provincial government is still in the pressure of the mountain.

Can Liu Yi, the next movement is almost unbelled, I saw Liu, I took a holiday again, and I sang seriously: "Feng Tian carries the emperor, ..."