The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 483, the script cannot be changed

Daxin's second sacred, the first official order, almost everyone has guessed the content.

Because the first copy of the first book is written, the script is only used in the inheritance of the throne and the enemy, and the sons are still in the belly of the mother, naturally, it will not be an email, so there is only the enemy country. .

The facts are also as those who guess, Qin Yu wants to rush to the pro.

When Liu Yi is finished, there is a little amazing, and everyone is not against the Northern Expedition, but does not agree with Qin Yuyu pro.

Because the sons of your Majesty are still in the belly of the Niangniang, I don't know whether the man is a woman, although the is full of prosperity, the hundred battles, but the battlefield is dangerous, if there is a good, then it is true.

Countless people want to stand up to persuade you to think twice, think of the desperation of the sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred

Especially in one person, Qian Bin on the thousand people, a red blush is anxious, a pair of fists are tight, loose, and finally do not dare to do the wind, decided After Dynamics, I will advise the persuade.

Qin Yu saw that Qian Bin had retired, and it was a little disappointed while he was not willing to kill Qin, but he was really standing up, and he would not hesitate to set his home. The authority of Qin's first song.

And the first prime minister of Daqin is the first to funeral, the effect is also the best.

"All people, this is the anti-the purpose of not obeying?" Liu Ri is to see yourself for a long time, and there is no representation below, so he reminded a sentence.

Everyone wakes up, and quickly kneel again, high speed: "Chen's mission!"

"Gift, start!" The company's executive high channel.

Everyone has climbed up, only the mail is still on the ground, and the eyes are not god, and a face is dead.

"The mail is still in the temple of the temple, and the penalty is a month."

Li Xiangjun's eyes were bright, immediately highly, secretly said that the company's officials, finally had a place of use.

"Chen ... Chen Xiaozi!"

The mail is still shaking, and everyone is a compassion and sympathy.

Qin Yu didn't think that this guy is so small, and the brow is also wrinkled.

Because the copy of the two scripts has been printed in the compassion of the internal government, according to the provisions, all the scripts must be printed by the copy of the copy, and it is originally reserved.

And all copies must be shipped to the mail department, and the Ministry only needs to be issued to various counties and all levels, and the time is still very sufficient.

But too lazy, anyway, when I arrived, I got a leak, just kill the head.

Because the copy of the go is also to be recovered, the village heads, townships, county orders and all levels of the officials, and the officials of the gods have to cover the official print on the copy, which is not careful to lose the damage. Responsible person is free.

Just when Qin Yu played a eye, Li Xiangjun wants to shout again, and the mail is still standing up, and it is bold and said: "Your Majesty, the minister will live!"


Li Xiangjun saw Qin Yu slightly, so he sang.

"Your Majesty, Chen fights, it is recommended to get the first book first, let the world officials and people know that after the contents of the book, then send the rest of the holy purpose!"

"Well, Ai Qing said that there is no reason, this is indeed a negligence of the House of Officers, but the sacred desire has been read, and it has taken into effect. Anyone can't recover the changes. The mail is hard! There is a leak, when you are in Speantian, you are waiting! "

Qin Yu suddenly wake up.

Because the relevant provisions and deadlines are in the first book, it is indeed necessary to first describe the first instructions, and then send other hormails reasonable, so I nodded.

"Thank you!"

This is still a lot of tones.


After Qin Yu took two internal officials and the palace girls, the officials also gave the departure, Qian Bin, Wang Can, and Li Yan did not leave.

Inside the royal study.

After a ritual, the three have just stepped, Qin Yu is like seeing their minds, saying:

"Just now, I have already said it outside. The first book is also clear, and once it is issued, the sacred desire is never recovered and changed. Even this emperor has no right, so Li Aiqing, Wang Aiqing is not Other things, I will tell it! "

The three people finally finally realized the terrible of Qin Yu, the content of the first book, it seems to give the emperor a shackle, but the act of letting the emperor have reached a peak, truly to the law With anyone who can't resist, the three people have poured a deep concern. This is a good fortune, and it is absolutely finished with fainting.

"The minister retired!" Li Yan and Wang Chan paid a eye, and looked at Qian Bin, helpless reminded.

Qin Yu naturally understands the danger of the king's power, so his plan is to make the political reform, military reform, law reform, and increase the power of the ancestral law, and thoroughly peeled from the emperor's hands.

That is to say, the emperor is only responsible for the last procedure, plus the bureaucrat, as for how to reform, the emperor can't intervene, as long as the reform does not violate the ancestral law, the emperor must be able to add the bureaucratic jade consent.

Once the emperor is unreasonable, deliberately martyrdom, each hospital can complain to the court, and the conference will be held by the protection court to conclude that the reform is involved in violation of the ancestral law.

If it is violated, the three-piece officials involved in each hospital are all removed, never hired, if there is no violation, the emperor must be added to the Justice consent within three days, otherwise the throne is automatically invalid, and the other members of the royal family continue, at the same time The court will take this about the world.

Of course, there is only one probably framework in Qin Yu's mind, but also need countless years to improve, so it is impossible to tell Qian Bin now.

Because the ideas and ideas of these people are not qualified to discuss these, only two or thirty years later, they are qualified to explore the relevant systems.

"Qian Aiqing, nowadays, business development is very rapid, it seems to be stable, but it is a black smoker, extortion, and the pit is abducted. Even the eyesight of the eyes, the murder, the fire, etc., Does the Administration have not responded to the policy? Or is it intended to let? "

Qin Yu plans to rectify the public before the north Expedition, and will have some land rogue, the god stick liar, the thief, the public trial of the criminal evil, and other people who sent it to Shanghai.

Although under the court of court, many bandits mountain thieves were all over the mountains, from good, divided towards, but there were still many poor and evil generations to disappoint the king, and did not respect the law.

And some so-called Jianghu people, I also do my own, I can't move the knife, hurt people, this situation is even more intensified.

Qin Yu also knew that he was completely subverted by the traditional homesick management model, but the new management model did not implement in place, which made those who were so lazy to drill the empty space.

After all, the provinces in Jiangnan are unlike Henan, Hubei, every township, he all sent a lady to manage the teaching, but temporarily consistently designated the village of the villagers in the county, although most of the roads have been affected by the official, the small landlords in the countryside There are still a lot of small girls, but these people have long been scared. I don't dare to manage.

He originally planned to wait for Qian Bin to find his discussions, who once thought of so long, the government affairs still did not move, just like everything should be.

In fact, in the hearts of Qian Bin and officials, this kind of pit is deceived, it is really not something big, because it will not be able to manage it at all.

So as long as you don't have a vicious person, the people will not be reported. Those who catch the county are only the eyes, while the counties have only one judge, that is, want to manage and have a weak.


Qian Bin did not expect Qin Yu to stay him, for this kind of thing, I don't know how to answer for a while.

Because the data from all over the place, if it is peaceful to be peaceful today, it has basically extracted, and there are very few people who starve. It is definitely a prosperous prosperity. Who once thought Your Majesty is still not satisfied.

"Well, you will come back to fight against evil action, put the land of the city, the wild, the people of the people, the gods of the four swindles, and then grab it, then hold the publication conference, let the people to report Declining them, the evil evidence of evil is convicted, and the sinfulness is shunted to Shanghai. As for those scallions, they will be annihilated by the Guanda and the watermakers from all over the world. "

Qin Yu saw his expression, and the explanation was saved, and he said directly.

"Your Majesty!"

"Just this, will it cause turmoil, is it unfavorable to now?"

Qian Bin is also secretly shocked. According to Qin Yu's standards, the person involved will never be less than the people who have a home style, I am afraid that they have just settled, and they will become a heart, so I really want to persuade my Majesty. Don't toss it again, but I don't dare to persuade them. I have to delegate.

"Let's go, just don't have a good person, remove these cancer, the world will only be more stable, the people will only cland their hands, the law and safety environment, is your government affairs department and the criminal matter, I don't want future I have to worry about it. "

"You can rest assured that the minister must do this."

Qian Bin also realized that Qin Yu's emphasis on this matter, rushed to the spirit, did not dare to despise.

After Qian Bin left, Liu Yusheng handed over the Holy Sheng, who had just drafted, said, "Please have a glimpse!"

"When did I let you draft a holy?"

Qin Yushe is the Holy Sacred, ordered the government to launch a black and evil action.

"But Your Majesty, according to the regulations, only the most suitable of the Holy Short, is it difficult to draft books?"

Liu Yi is a face, I don't know where I have made it wrong, I almost scared to the ground.

The other internal officials of Li Xiangjun, Dong Xiaomi and other secretariat are also nervous.

Obviously, Qin Yu's normalization, institutionalization, and tortoise them to death.