As the first, power and role of the Secretariat, the Secretariat, the authority and role of power and role, not only to serve the emperor's lives, draft the purpose, but also help to handle all the size.

There are eight divisions.

The first division is responsible for drafting the appraisal.

The Second Division is responsible for classifying various documents.

The third company is responsible for the palm of the file and all the holy purposes, the storage of the Holy Sacred

The fourth company is responsible for the director of the director and keeps the jade.

The fifth company is responsible for living in life.

The sixth company is responsible for close safety.

The seventh company is responsible for the palm of the jade and the emperor.

The eighth division is responsible for going out to read the decree.

All of the divisions are the female officials of the Qing Dynasty, from the eight-year-old union leadership, each of the sorts, and there are fewer people.

The most is responsible for classifying the second company to handle various documents, and there are hundreds of people.

The least is the seventh company, the seventh company of private printed, only four people, the emperor privately privately divided five, the first role of the first one, the Emperor of the Emperor, the rest of the second, No. 5, The four people are responsible for keeping one.

In addition, each of the four people have a key, which is the seventh company to be opened by the person of the fourth division of the fine iron box.

There is a door around the box, one of which requires four keys, and can be opened at the same time, and another backup door can be opened, and this key is in Qin Yu own.

The procedure issued by the purpose is, first drafting the first division, Qin Yu is overwhelming, and then under the supervision of the fourth company, the four seventh divisions open the box at the same time, take out the jade cover , Put the box immediately, and finally print copies from other departments.

It's simple to send the Holy Short. After the drafting is reviewed, the emperor is over, the important thing personally adds a single print, the general matter, four people have anyone to cover private printed.

As for the mobilization of the army, the relevant system Qin Yu is still studying. After all, the army is too important, absolutely hidden.

Inside the royal study.

Qin Yushen will Liu Yili, they are all silent, some speechless, but he doesn't want to use eunuch, just have to say: "You a dead brain, this is just a matter of government affairs, don't need a sacred It's just teaching them, teaching them? It is not ordered. "

His imagination is that the emperor will not interfere with the specific administrative affairs, just supervise, in order to be a good example, this kind of thing will directly under the Holy Show?

"But ... but according to the system, if you are not a holy, the prime minister is not complete ..."

Liu Su is lowered, the small voice, but after all, I still didn't dare to say that the last sentence is big, it is obviously the institutionalization of Qin Yu has been deep, and the subconscious has been considered to be in accordance with the regulations and the law. operating.

"If you can not listen, if you don't listen? Hey, the sacred sacred sacred is just a proper power, but in addition, there are many extensions, such as what he dares, if you don't listen, you will go down. , Reminds the Prime Minister of the Administration, do you say that he doesn't want to hear? Another example now, you have to furtheina, do you dare to refuse? "

Qin Yu took the hand and got up and came to them near the front.

"Chen Chen did not dare!"

Liu Ru is a matter of consciousness, but there is a little hot, and other female officials have never had a head, and they say that if they are willing to be happy, they are happy, and where does it refuse?

"This is not enough. Now I can divide when I will tell the sacred sacred, when should I?"

Qin Yushe saw that they still understood, only have to sway: "Well, I will tell you to draft, you will draft, I will talk to you when I will say it."

No way, there is no experience in the experience of old lady, this offer is that Qin Yu himself is also good, please teach Zhang Wei, in order to combine his own imagination, make such a set of confidential system. .

As for the pet, they are impossible, because all the female officials and palace women in the palace do not allow the relationship with the emperor, once the relationship is automatically promoted to talented or , can no longer be held any position.

For the harem, Qin Yu also developed a strict management system. Queen, in the hometown, although high, the status is respected, but it doesn't have any power.

In addition to deciding what you eat, what to wear, where to play, even the disposal to wait for your own palace, have to approval for special sectors. As for the movement, I will kill the palace girl, it is impossible.

And the queen, except for a close-fitting palace, others need to rotate once a year.

All in all, the life of the entire harem is all dominated by the emperor.

All female soldiers are not married, ten years old to enter the palace, study training for five years, fifteen years old, after twenty-five years old, can apply for resignation from the palace.

Of course, if the female officials of some important sectors will be left in the palace, they are promoted to the emperor's .

However, Qin Yu is also given some benefits of the queen, such as the Queen and Huanggui can return to the hometown for two years, can go to the palace to play once in January, Huangfu's five years to visit the country once, go to the palace in the country in a quarter , 10 years returned to the hometown once, I went to the palace for a year, and I didn't have this treatment.

As long as the emperor's woman goes out, or returning to the hometown, he will not only protect the female soldiers, but the female officials who supervise the supervision will record everything, and it is impossible to have the kind of victory.

Of course, this set is now definitely can't do. At present, Qin Yu is only temporarily implemented, the rotation system, and the preparatory training system.

Every year, a thousand ten-year-old girls are recruited, the first appearance is correct, the second family is innocent, the Queen of the Emperor, and the Queen of the Emperor of the Emperor, will be produced from these women.

At the time of recruitment, I also take a voluntary registration method. Under normal circumstances, as long as the 15-year female official, the accumulation of the salary, enough to eat and eat still life, have the body, you can still keep the body, you can also apply for allocation, Learning teachers, bank fairboard.

In the future, Qin Yu didn't know that everyone would signed up. Anyway, he made Zhang Wei hosted recruitment, and the people of all places almost squeezed their heads.

After Qin Yu returned to the dragon chair, the biggest Li Xiangjun was tangled for a long time. I finally didn't hold back, I took a gift, and I said: "Your Majesty, Chen Chen heard that Yesterday sent a batch of palace women, one of them is The old man of the courtiers, the minister wants to visit, please come down! "

Liu Ru is a few women are bright, and I hope to the Qin Yu, Qin Yu's eyes are also bright: "What are you talking about Chen Yuanyuan?"

"Xiangjun, you immediately go to the hometown to bring her, if you go to your other sisters, others will take it."

"Thank you!"

Li Xiangjun is big, and rushed to ran out the skirt, Liu Su is to be calm.

Not allowed, Chen Yuanyuan has been brought in, although Li Xiangjun has said, but the seven sisters who have seen the past, the sorrowful look is finally covered.

"The people of the people, Chen Yuanyuan, and the younger Majesty, Your Majesty, long live, long live!"

Obviously, Li Xiangjun has taught Chen Yuanyuan related etiquette on the road.

In Daqin, there is no slave family, the ordinary unmarried woman, met the emperor who claimed to be the people, there was a unmarried woman with the official title, met the emperor, and he was as self-proclaimed.

Ordinary married women, met the emperor claimed to be the deputy woman, her husband had a married woman with the official title, and she asked for the court. She had a private title, no matter whether the marriage is ordered, she can call the courtier, or Chen.

The man has the title of the aviation, and there is no official name of the citizen.

As for someone, the woman claimed to be a little woman, she was self-proclaimed, my wife, my old man, the old man.

There is no branch of official and ordinary people, and it is called each other. It does not do hard regulations. In addition to the emperor, other people are equal, they are all in one, and they are no exception to the Queen and the prince.

"Pinger, lift your head, let you look carefully."

Qin Yu sat up straight.

Xie Jiasque. "

Chen Yuanyuan sighed, thank you, and slowly raised his head. He saw the emperor sitting in front. As Li Xiangjun said, just a 17th year old juvenile Lang, see him straight Staring at yourself, I can't help but look down.

"Well, it is a peerless person."

Qin Yu nodded, revealing a touch of admiscation, this Chen Yuan is really worthy of the best in the eight-day color, I am afraid that Zhang Yan can be more than one more than one.

Especially the depth of sadness, it is simply a man's gratitude, no wonder Wu Sangui, Liu Zongmin, Li Zhiqing, etc. can't stop.

At this moment, Qin Yu is really admired by Chongzhen. Not only in front of Zhang Wei, it can maintain a gentleman. In the face of Chen Yuanyuan, the country of the country can also be indifferent, when it is the first Model St. Jun, he can not do this, I am afraid that the world will not do this.

"I heard that you have a good playing, come, give you a pretend." After returning, Qin Yu said later.

"Your Majesty!"

"Yuanyuan sister, don't worry, I am relieved, my majer is very good ..." Li Xiangjun handed up his arms, still in her ear.

I haven't given the sound of the sound of the sound of the Royal Book, followed by ,,,,,,,,,

I saw the room, the eight people or the ball, or the sword, the sword, the poetry dance, the quite tacit understanding of the cooperation, even the Qin Yu's door is so embatly, and I feel that they are in the interior. They should let them lead to the establishment of a big Qin Royal Band and get a few of the ancient wind songs of the past and let them arrange arrangements.