The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 488, a group of arrogant

This is not only more than 200,000 defeats, but also 100,000 young, carrying grain and grass for more than half a year.

It is exactly a long-term posture.

All of these young are all bachelor, although no military, but it is the same emperor, like such a young, the whole Henan foot has hundreds of thousands, all of the refugees, Kaifeng, Nanyang, Ning, the north There is no extra land, so these people are all arranged to build rail road bases. This time, Hongjun has pumped 100,000 people to ensure the logistics work of the army.

With these people, more than 20 million troops don't need to do anything, except for the war, it is eating and sleeping.

More than 300,000 people plus a massive grain material, it took three days to spend three days, and all the rivers came to the north bank.

In addition to Cao Shijun led two cavalry camps, it still stayed in the South Bank, fifteen towns, eight independent camps, one did not stay, even Kaifeng City was responsible for defending 20,000 Guandejun.

Dusk approaching.

At this time, the north bank campsted in ten, the army had just finished dinner, with a long angler sounded, the military officers above the school were rushing to the Chinese army, and more than one hundred people.

Although the handsome account is very large, but it is also unable to accommodate so many people. Only 20 people wearing the Minggui, the red cloak will be able to pay the bill, and the other hundreds of black ribis took a black ribbon. The traffic of the cloak can only stand outside the account, and the door of the big account is also taken off.

"People are all right?"

"Go back to the general, all the military officers above the school have not been missed." Qin Meng took the reply.

"Well, I am sitting!" Hongjie was sitting on the cloak.

"Thanks to General!" More than 20 generals have sitting down. For a time, the sound of the armor is, but the generals have a small stool than the generals, the outside school can only stand.

"The situation is also clear, I have all three hundred thousand army have all over the Yellow River, the grain is abundant, the morale is high, talk about how to fight!"

Hongji is not awkward.

When everyone suddenly dramatically, they started to wrap their hands, and they were obviously high.

"At the end of the general, our army should take advantage of the back of the gold army to be south, quickly take the moment, quickly take Jining, Zhangzhou and other places, first put Nail in the north of Xuzhou, Then wave the army. "

Qin Feman jumped out.

Qin Yong also didn't want to show weakness. The brush stood up: "Yes, Dolu's grandchildren's 30,000 cavalry, after my big army river, he does not retreat to Shandong, and then dare to continue to stay near Xuzhou, it is mad No side, I didn't put me hundreds of thousands of troops in my eyes. At the end, I will invoice, I am willing to cut off their backwards. "

"Qin Yong, this is what Laozi first mentioned. Your mother does not understand the rules?" Qin Helu is anxious.

"Fart, this is even less than three-year-old children, but your mouth is better than Laozi." Qin Yong did not show the weak roaring.

The two are very eye-catching, and they are not rare, and even the handsome doors are common. They will not dare to compete with the two, and the only qualifications and the Qin Wu, the temper is relatively gentle, But this tributary battle, Qin Wu did not want to miss this time.

After all, in addition to the death of Qin Wen, and the change of Jinyi Wei, Qin Feng, Qin Tie and Qin Shuangpeng did the army, even the kid of Qinyi also left the shit and stayed next, and did The deputy commander of the Legion, turned to the morning and later, but they were only three people, still in the middle of the general, the town of the town.

"The general, still let me go, Qin Yong and Qin Mime two kids have no courage, for will not, can't be handsome, the battle of Fuyang, attacking Gucheng, can not prevent. "

"Qin Wu, your dog is less here to say the wind, the Laozi is not handsome, do you do it?"

"Qin Wu, how many pounds do you have a kid? I am still unclear. Lessness is here, the pig's nose is put on the garlic, the matter of attacking Gucheng, Laozi is doing, but I have received a military alone, you ? "

"How did Laozi received a military alone? When the year attacked Black Shishi Town, Your Majesty was letting me lead my brothers to support Qin Feng, this time, the lady saved safely."

"Haha, thanks to your kid, there is a face, with 50 brothers to play twenty a family, or with Qin Feng fans, the result is still more than a dozen people, now I am still thinking about thinking?"

"Sweeping brother, you can don't agree with this brother, what happens when you don't know, change it now, I am a man who cuts him dozens of families."

"Not bad!"

Several young veterans who survived in the same year, saved the lady's peace, but they had been proud of it. Now they are said to be said by Qin Meng, and suddenly swell over the face and jump out. Slim small small soldiers, now it is a big bullish, not a rare army, is the general.

"Why, you still don't accept the gas?" Qin Meng's beef eyes.

The qualifications of everyone and the qualifications of everyone are almost, nothing more than the assessment of the year, not being named, but it is really afraid there, let alone Qin Wu took the lead.

One time in the hall, there is a group, twenty people push it, the lady is constantly, the more than 100 schools outside, although most of them are promoted by the original teenagers, the supplier will not be able to be able to fight in Gu City When you join the juvenile ratio, one is happy to watch the show outside, and some are also helping.

There is no way, the military officers of this army are too young. The average age is 20 years old, but it is all climbed from the bloody sea of ​​the corpse, and the blood is just, no one will be really suited.

"There is a mouth, this war is related to my hundreds of millions of Han people to die, and Zhaoli is waiting for this kind of play, simply ... Just angry!"

Hung Yi is looking for a table, falling to the west, Lu Xiangsheng first stands first, a old foot is not only red, but the chest is still very fluctuated, and it is clear that everyone is drinking, obviously, there is no way to endure.

"Old things, Laozi has long seen you is not pleasing, today is not cutting you can't ..."

"Mother ..."

The crowd first, and immediately jumped like a thunder, rushed to Lu Xiang.


"Do you have a day? Is it? Is it a few days without a military stick, the skin itching?"

In the case of a few bar palms, Hungju is a few cases, and the hand is red, and she stands up and delicate.

Everyone was shocked and suddenly stopped, and the moment was calm. He quickly retired back. Only Qin Mhang and Qin Yong still followed the neck, gasping, rushing, rushing.

"Okay! I think two of you want to sit on the general, do you want to change it?"

In the swing of the two people, the road is also breathless, and the case will fly out.

"Don't dare!"

The two men have a low head.

"Hey, what else do you dare?" Hunting came to the hall, this only said: "What is the military officer?"

A big school outside the account ran in.

"Qin Meng Qin Yong, there is no coach, dragged out of each heavy twenty army stick, the rest of the people, the lost ten army sticks."


The grandeur is a smatkier, about 30 or so, joining Qin Jun is only two years, so far, even the grandeur is broken, usually, where is it dare to manage these veterans?

The Second Legion is not only a single military judge is a grandeather, a logistics officer, a staff member, and Tongtong are a major school, power and military ranks seriously. This is also something that there is no way. If the rank of these civilian staff is rising. General, then how do you think of the young people of the school after life and death?

More than 20 young generals also fell back, but did not wait for the guards, and quickly went to the leading stick.

After a while, everyone returned to handsome account, one half of my butt stool, big eyes and smart, but it is much more honest.

At this time, Lu Xiangheng also finally understood, why did Qin Yu wants to make a long-awaited military group of the Second Legion, purely helpless.

Because of this, I am afraid that in addition to Qin Yu himself, I can barely press these arrogant soldiers.

After all, according to him, Hui's qualifications in Huajun is also the same as the Qin, and the personal martial arts is not good. It has always been Qin Yu's left-toar right arm, the most critical point, but also belongs to her mother, otherwise it is not too half the pressure live.

The fact is true, Qin dynasty, the reason why they are listening to Hongjun is because she is a woman in Qin Yu, plus everyone is playing with her, this is not afraid, do not return.

Lu Xiangsheng did not guess, Qin Yu made Hongjian's most powerful second legion, except that she won't betray, there is really no suitable person, after all, he can't transfer the Second Legion to Nanjing. Or he will go to open the town.

To this end, he has had to put Qin Madi, Qin Yong, Qin Wu, and the survived Googheng old teenagers, all of them in the second army.

In this way, Qin Tie and Qin Shuangqi Shuai Third Legion and the Fourth Army, no one dared to stand out to sing, and the fifth Army's military officers were mostly joined in teenagers and downcomers.

However, more than two hundred teenagers brought from Googheng, there are only dozens of people left, and the lowest is also a major general, independently.

The reason why it is now like this, except for him, who is still in the beginning, he is in order to balance, deliberately.