The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 490, Songzheng's operation


At this time, I returned from Nanjing for seven or eight from Nanjing.

I learned that Qin Yu did not agree with himself, and the woman and the silver were all deducted. The bull is also angry, and it will be worried.

After all of the people know, it is not good for their future destiny.

Just as Niu Qi hesitated, do you want to return to the back of the gold, send the mercenter to talk, his most trusted military division and two brothers, suddenly launched the military, and the soldiers surrounded his Wu Wangfu, and other generals also selected Set it.

Niu Er is shocked and angry, but there is no preparation, and suddenly beaten, it is not easy to let the arms are easily entered into the Wangfu, and finally blocked in a narrow yard.

At this time, the bullish two eyes are red, holding a big knife is covered with blood, the wife and wife, the sate, has already been scared, only dozens of faithful dear, still swearing.

"Song Dao Gui, Zhao Er, Ye Hu, you have three traitors of these three wolf dogs, lost your old age, always treated you, why do you want to rebell me?"

In the face of the roaring roaring, two old brothers Zhao Er, Yehu is ashamed.

Only the Song Dynasty has no expression, "What is the two generals waiting? Don't you hurry?"

"Big brother, I can't help, you don't die, brothers have died, you can rest assured, after you go, your brothers must take care of your brothers, will never let them suffer from bitter."

"Big Brother, don't blame your brothers, you have to blame you, you have no life, with your brothers, and brothers have only taken themselves."

"Hey! The dogs of the two backwards, the dog things, Laozi understand, it is the surname Qin to the Laozi, let Song Dianzheng , haha! What brotherhood, all his mother's shit ..."

Niu Er suddenly realized, and Yang Tian was laughed. At the time, he immediately bowed to his wife and wife, and the whole person was crazy.

Obviously, I didn't want to die, my wife and woman became a play, but he didn't know, what did Chongzhen is not the same mentality as him?

When it is true, I will report it again.

The surrounding guards and chaos looked at the mad cow, slashing a wife and her children were dead, and they were stupid, and they even had a bit shaking.

"Brothers, kill them, kill these traitors ..."

The cow is screaming, rushed to the rebels.

Dozens of the guards also reacted, and he didn't hesitate to kill it without him.

At a time, the battles were brought by people, and they were slashed with dozens of rebels. Why was it too big, and they were still drowning in a crowd.

The size of the city will receive the Song Dynasty, and the tongue of the Song Dynasty has been brought together. Therefore, there is no big turmoil after death.

No way, the so-called tree is scattered, the Wu Jun is going to go, and the general will also have a group of children and children, and they are not the bachelor of the year.

Because of this, the space for Song Dianzheng operation is given, first lying, and lie to everyone Qin Yu does not agree with them to return, to drive.

After the three souls of the people, I secretly suggest that Qin Yu is disagree, mostly because the Niu Second has been called the emperor, if the cattle is dead, they will return, Qin Yu will agree, the war is, maybe Will reuse them.

Of course, Song Shi will naturally say it directly, he has got the implies of Qin Yu, but said that these are all after analyzing.

Because he knew that once he said that Qin Yu hints, then don't say that Ronghua is rich, I am afraid that the last life will be lost.

As for how everyone chooses, they will stand in one.

What can everyone do if they think about themselves and their wife and children? Naturally, I don't hesitate to abandon their big brother, abandon the handsome!

And the bull two worshiped Zhao Er, Ye Hu, for the name of the head, she had to go to the arm, and the name of this soldier.

After all, like Liu Guan Zhang Ge's brother who has a total of death, still very little.

The next day after the soldier.

Qin Yu killed the army in Xuzhou City, two guard camps, all 10,000 rides were taken by boats.

Among them, the women's guards led by Xiao Cui, five thousand people are all veteran, but also ride a tall Mongolian horse, but also wearing iron cotton and iron helmets, every person except for a steps short sword. With a short and a horse knife, everyone is covered with a cloak.

Compared with the Qin Military School, the greenery, the general is covered with red cloaks, but these people are Ming Yellow cloak, which symbolizes the royal guards.

Moreover, Qin Yu can only embroidered a five-claw black dragon on the cloak to show his unique position.

As for another male guard camp, although weapon equipment is the same, but riding the horse's horse is slightly worse, all from the province of the south, one of the majority of the new soldiers who have just recruited, so the overall fighting power is far away It cannot be compared with the predecessor of Fei Fengying led by Xiao Cui.

Another male and one female camp staying in Nanjing, even more likely, even the horse is not uniform.

This is also a thing, Nanyang's pasture has also been established for two or three years, but most of the fashioned horse has not admitted, but also gives it to the second army's cavalry camp, leading to the royal guards. Short horses.

Song Dianzheng took a general meeting to welcome it in the city gate.

I learned that the kings were dead, Qin Yu did not say anything, but deeply glanced at the Song Dynasty and cursive, secretly the man's operation, and realized to look at it.

Originally this guy is involved in him, use his name to tiger the tiger skin, be a big flag, then he can't say that he Qin Yu will kill the guys of the Song and Shi, this fake.

After all, he agreed to the bull and second, and did not let Song Dian curse anything. After the Song Dynasties came back, he did not only report to the bull two. He also fake his mouth, and everyone killed the cattle. It's just that there is no day.

But now, Qin Yu can only forget the last time I promised Song Guiguo.

He is also coming to discrise the bull two this time to attack Xuzhou.

Although the generals of Song Shi and the city are greedy, they will change their soldiers, and they have killed the bulls, and then open the city to offer, and some are nasal.

It is possible to take the initiative, and he can't accept it. Finally, it can only be able to find a place to find a bullion, and the other people have dutied, the official position of the official position, the reward.


After all of the people saw Qinyu, they were retreating with peace of mind, and only Song Dianzheng was left.

"What is the brother and the bull, now he is in the whole family, what should you do?"

Qin Yu face is black, saying that truth, he is still a very old feelings. Although he can't stand the cattle, it does not mean that he can't get a child, so it is very annoyed.

"Your Majesty, this matter is really unrelated to the minister, it is the killer of the cattle, slashed all his wife and children, and the minister will stop it." Song Dianzheng explained.

"Oh?" Qin Yu has a little dying to death.

"Chen dared dared to bullied, there were hundreds of people present."

"Hey! Why should he be!"

Qin Yu also knew that he didn't dare to lie to himself, no more, but sighed.

"Go on, the future of the future, is the people-oriented country, the rule of law, your talents are probably nowhere to show, but it is highly available in foreign countries, or the dean of the hospital, or the dean of the hospital. suitable."

"Thank you!"

Song Dianzgao heard a cold sweat behind the first half, and he had a heart, heard the latter half sentence, taking out a breath.