After Qin Yu took over Xuzhou, he left in the city, while paying attention to the movement of the scorpion, while waiting for the next year, the 50,000 Wu Jun, who returned to the next year, did not have an adjustment.

Although the 50,000 people were low, but they were the real-world war veterans, Qin Yu was only a total, and the morale recovered.

Sometimes, in the same thing, some people can't do their brains, such as cow two, whether to reward the silver, or enjoy the woman, the soldiers are still awkward.

It is just a few words, this is the difference between the true emperor and the emperor, and it is to say that everyone will understand that there is no way to follow the bull, follow Qin Yu with a splendid future.

Sometimes people are afraid of losing their motivation, can't see where the future hope, this 50 million Wu Jun follows the bull two, not they don't desperate, but they all hit the capital, what else?

So everyone doesn't have any hope to the bull.

Now, I have changed a master, it's the same, like injection of a stimulant, so that everyone has exploded a booming power.

The Ming army's power in the same history is low, and it is still the original soldier. It will be the original will, but the combat power of the outbreak is several times.

The truth is the same.

Nanjing to Xuzhou, but there are more than a thousand miles, but more than 20 million troops are still hard to live a month, until early in early May, this is the premise of grain and grass.

With the arrival of more than 20,000 Army, Xuzhou City is out of the way, and the account will not be able to open a piece of man with a black pressure.

Until at this time, Qin Yucai conducted a simple completion of the 50,000 Wu Jun, 50,000 people compiled three towns, and a reinstalling infantry was unconventional.

The three evils and officers at all levels were served by the original Wu Jun, and Qin Yu was only sent a large number of military officers, logistics officers and publicity officers to all towns.

After reinstalling the infantry camp, it is composed of the guards of the generals. Qin Yu can let them serve as officers, but they will never let them have a private team, this situation is still in the future, in the military in Daqin Will not appear.

The school prime-level officer, each person has 1 ~ 3 service soldiers, and 3 to 5 levels per person.

As for the guard troops, all legiers in the future must have a guard camp, assisted to the director of all levels to serve as the security work, one year round.

Although the general Wu Jun general, it is very dissatisfied with the intersection of his affinity, but it can only pinch the nose. Do you do this time?

After the completion of the army, the army did not rush to the Yellow River in the north, but in Xuzhou, it was stationed, and the drain of Jiangnan was also in the end of the day.

Huang Taiyi wants to put the battlefield in the Central Plains. In fact, Qin Yu is to put the battlefield in Jianghuai.

Because the Jianghuai in this era is not only the river, it is also the nightmare of the lake. So it is too late to Kandu Yellow River.

At the same time, Huang Tai took more than 200,000 infantry and 60,000 cavaliers, and came to the territory of the famous government, and the 100,000 cavalry led by Haoge, and killed the Zhangzhou House in five days ago.

Plus Dany's 30,000 cavaliers and 50,000 steppers, the total strength of the post-time gold, also reached the unprecedented scale, the infantry approached 300,000, the cavalry was more than 190,000, almost the first legion, The military force of the Second Legion is flat.

Such a huge force, so many cavalry, don't say Dog, Haoger and other all the eight flag Wang Yale, even the emperor is very fluttering, for the Pingping Central Plains, Yuema Jiangnan, full of confidence.

After all, the cavalry is too big than the advantages of the infantry.

However, after learning that the Second Legion had passed through the Yellow River, he did not kill Xuzhou, but in the vicinity of the nearby, Xuzhou's first legion did not have the signs of Silk River. Emperor's brow could not help but wrinkled. stand up.

He originally thought that the Second Legioned River is that when the army is still in the south, take the opportunity to eat the soldiers and horses of Dolong roll.

This allowed the Haoge rushed to lead the cavalry south, and will take the opportunity to take this so-called second army to eat or hit, but now I find that the other's intentions are not wanting to eat Dolong roll.

At this time, the Damadama's house, dragging the sick emperor is headed, and the hall is full of eight flag generals, Mongolia tribe leader and Han.

Even Dollar Rolling and Haoger also rushed to meet, as for the warmth, the emperor took only one of the floods.

Obviously, the emperor is quite taboo for Qin Yu, and the first commander is so many big troops, the heart is still a somewhat hammer, the ability and knowledge of Hong Contributes is extraordinary, plus him and Qin Yu have handed over, so this battle must Relying on him to make a plan.

For example, now, the emperor is a bit unsupported.

The original one of his strategy is to take the Kaifeng and the Second Legion as the bait, with the advantages of cavalry, and surround the main force of Qin Jun.

After arrival, the army arrived directly, the second army will definitely avoid the front, the opening of Kaifeng and the city. At this time, they can walk the city, the cavalry attack, responsible for packing each of the aids and raising food, and defeating the Qin army for up to half years. Return to Hhu Guang.

Now, the second legion is still in the Yellow River, and Chen Bing is in the north bank. It plays a dead standing, the first legion and the third army in Xuzhou, Zhangzhou, and the infine will not move, and hit his original plan. pulpy.

The army directly bypass the Second Legus River, south, south, will not raise the grain and grass in Henan, the war is overwhelming, and the Second Legion is in the north shore of the Yellow River. That is, I am afraid that there are more cavalry infantry to be over Henan.

After all, what is the situation in Henan, and the scout will hear it clearly. Everywhere is the dock militia, and all cities have guards.

At this time, Huang Taiyu also realized the power of Qin Yu, a trick, the first hair, it seems to be passive, but the advantage of their cavalry can't play.

Because there is only two options now, I will first concentrate on the elimination of the second army of the North Shore, or divide the troops, a surrounding surrounding monitors, a ferry river directly killing the Kaifeng.

It can be questioned which emperor is too extreme, and the division is too dangerous. No matter where the road is less, there is a risk of being surrounded by the other party.

If the army of the south is rare, once Xuzhou's first legion and the second legion of Zhangzhou, the rescue is not as follows from the Huang River.

The soldiers and horses who have also stayed in the North Shore, and Xuzhou's first legion is also likely to be the Yellow River, Dongjin and the Second Legion.

And the average one is divided into two, and the emperor is also a person who is familiar with the soldiers. It is definitely the most stupid.

If you choose not to divide the troops, you will first attack the second legion, which will not only have a heavy casualty, and the advantage of the rider also can't play. It can not be accomplished in the South of the other three military groups.

Even in the end, the second legion will be honest, the army is afraid that it is weak to south, because the loss is quite losses, and the light grain grass is a big problem.

This time, the northern place was almost scraped off three floors, but it only can only maintain the food of 500,000 people in March, in addition to the road to delay, and only two months left.