The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 492, Decisive War II

Looking at the noisy in the hall, in addition to the Dollar Rolling and Hong Contributions remain silent, everyone is rubbing, screaming, Huang Taiji is also sighed, more still still stopping.

Now that his body is not as good as one day, it can look at the brothers, and it is almost one of the big ordered, the only Dolu roll can only be considered, and there is no balance.

Therefore, it is very worried about the eight flags, which is the reason why he dragged the sickness is also the cause of the south, that is, if you want to eliminate the enemy of the older enemies in the year.

"Cough ..."

One of the coughs, the hall will still stop, Huang Taizi looks to the Dollar rolls on the side: "What do you see in the south of Jianghuai, or the south of the south? Is it the red lady who wins the North Shore again? "

"Turning back to the emperor, the secretary brother thinks that the south of the Jianghuai is not advisable, Jianghuai water network is not easy, I have more inconvenient, and it is easy to cut off the road, first eliminate the red lady, I am afraid it is not a good choice. The minister has been paying attention to the red lady, and their camp is not only backed by the Yellow River, but also accounts from high, even if the excavation of the North Shore, it will not be drowning, so the minister suggests that the army is mainly left behind the north bank. Then dispatch a cavalry and a small amount of infantry. "

At the time of life and death, the battle of the fate, Doluzi did not dare to hide, and did not dare to load low-key, but the old man said it was in his heart.

"Dol, I see you are afraid of being afraid of the Han people that year? There are more than 20 million people in the district. How do I still have to eat?"

"Nice and strong camp village, a burst of cannon, you have to bomb your babies, when the Han Shu soft and wrong shrimps do not escape? Where do you need to divide the troops in the south?"

After Dolling, Haoge jumped out, some people who worshiped with Dorr rolled, and some people who did not deal with Doluo also nodded and the face was laughing.

Tudor, Aisg, etc., jumped out and immediately refuted, and once again became noisy in the hall, the Mongolian tribe leader and Hanzi will be happy to watch the play, obviously habit.

"All the mouth!"

Huang Taiji screamed, and it was a bit helpless. After waiting for the hall, he looked at the flood categories that almost fell asleep.

"Hong Aiqing, what do you think?"

"In the emperor, the princes and the princes are not reasonable, no matter whether they are divided, this second legion is to play."

Hong Chengsho quickly opened his eyes. At this time, he has already understood the situation inside the eight flags, the battle is fierce, and there is no more than Daming Championship.

Now that the emperor is clear, there is nothing over time, and the Gogg and Dol roll are the most powerful competitors of the throne, so no one wants.

This kind of ambiguity, suddenly gotting everyone, even if the emperor is slightly wrinkled, and it is very disgusting that the Han people are the midburs, no one is a trust.

Therefore, I have to plan to be in private, but there is a little in Hong Contribute. He is agreed. No matter how this the second army is going to fight, so that the army will order the army tomorrow, Haoger is a pioneer.

As for Dual Rolling, it continues to stay in Xuzhou, and the 100,000 cavalry in Zhangzhou is divided into two, seven thousand big famous government, 30,000 south Xuzhou, returned to Dol.

Although the emperor is very unfameful to Dolu 3 brothers, after Yue To, the characters who can lead the army in the eight flags will only have Dual rock. For the sake of safety, they have to repeatedly What's more?

In the second day, the army was in the mighty south. At dusk, Haoge took the lead in killing near Chenqiao Town. After three days, countless infantry, the cavalry also came to open, including two hundred Multi-door red cannails, and countless horses.

At this time, Huang Hui has long been strictly waiting, fifteen towns back to the Yellow River, which has a semi-circular shape, and each Dazhai is not enough, even so, the curved length has also reached fifteen. Lisen.

Eight universal camps, and 100,000 intensive, and countless grain, it is in the semicircular shape, and it has been under the size of hundreds of military villages.

The back is a ridge of the high rice, the bottom of the ridge is a river beach, and the slog is a few miles. It has always been extended to the Yellow River. Don't say that the river is full of sediments, the horse is more inconvenient, that is, the cavalry cannot pass over. A talent.

But the infantry goes down, go to the river to take the water, but it is very convenient. If the other party is blocked from the two-headed infantry along the river beach, the two towns of the two heads can be closed at any time, and the independent camper will go to play the dog.

Hunting and Luxiang are standing on the top Tower slopes, looking at the overwheld horse, and the two faces are moving slightly.

As for the infantry, it is completely ignored, apparent that two people did not put those infantry in their eyes.

The two have seen a long time, only to put down the single-cylinder telescope, red hut: "This is afraid of doing hundreds of thousands of horses?" Obviously, more or eye, there is nothing out of the mouth.

"I persuaded you to disperse the unrealistic thoughts, the old man's protected, the emperor is not a general figure, plus the ruins of the city to make him planning, but there are some mistakes, it is unpredictable Next! "

After the point of this show, the spleen of Hongjun, Lu Xiang also learned about it, so he was seriously reminded, and it was also a slight bite.

"Don't worry, this is not stupid, those who are too late to be our, even if they retreat to the grassland, they can't run away. This time, this time I learned that Sima Yi, I can't fight!"

Red, in fact, he can't see Sima Yi in his heart. I really want to learn Zhuge Liang Northern Expedition. Nai Qinyu gave her a dead order. I have a mistake, but I haven't brought it in the cold palace. It is possible, so I have never thought about it, take the initiative to attack the night attack.

"hope so!"

Luxi touched his beard nodded, and finally could not completely rest assured. After all, Sima Yi was still in the middle, and finally, if he did not open his eyes, most of them were also the end of the soldiers.

Although the Emperor and Hong Chengge will not be equipped with Zhuge Kong Ming Shoes, but Hongji is more than 100,000 miles, even if he adds him, I am afraid it will be more than one or two thousand miles.

"Today, the scorch should not attack, I will go to the towns to patrol again, do you want to go?"

Hung Yi did not know that Lu is in the heart of the heart, pay the telescope, don't have to turn over the waist, go to the frontier town.

"also may!"

Luxi litIn his head, and a very meticient mentality, a meticulous mentality is still very appreciated.