The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 496, the three-way army moved

On the next few, the post-Jin Jinzi was transferred to the troops, while the soldiers and horses in Xuzhou were all touched, while sneaking a team of infantry river, occupying a place on the other side, and then set up a pontoon.

Although Qin Yu is in Xuzhou, he always pays attention to the battle between the famous government. The scorpion of the north shore moved, and immediately guess the emperor to divide the soldiers.

Although he didn't want to put the battlefield in Henan, he as he asked the Central Plains to take the war, but the other party actually came to the iron, he had to start deployment to deal with the next stop.

Paying and returning will always be proportional, Si Zi is in the south, although the Kaifeng House can be smashed again, but the other party also went back to one.

With the order of Qin Yu's order, the entire Kaifeng government moved, and various projects were closed, and hundreds of thousands of labor immediately withdrew Nanyang.

The border block is blocked, and the caravan will return, and each city has closed the city gate, strictly preserves the people of defense, the people in each village, waiting in the dock during the day, the militia is all organized, the fortune can also be reinforced Try to reinforce.

Cangzhou, the third legion station, Li Dingguo arrived in the past two months, and it has been familiar with the situation of each town.

Ten towns and five independent batches of the Third Legion, have also been equipped with equipment, and training is only a little longer than the second army.

More than 100,000 people in the third army, in addition to Fuyang, Nanyang, Fuyang accounted for a town to guard against the army, other seven towns, five independent camps, all stationed in Zhangzhou, a total of 120,000 troops.

With the war of the Second Legion, this is coming, more than 120,000 soldiers have long grinded the knife, the war is unprecedented, and I want to kill the enemy.

The coach Li Dingguo also is very difficult, and why did you call it, it is rejected by Qin Yu, but I have to wait in Zhangzhou to continue, but I have already prepared it at any time.

On this day, I finally received the order of Qin Yu, Li Dingguo and the generals were delightful, and the secret road finally turned to their third legion.

After a discussion, Li Dingguo decided to leave a town and continue to take the town of Zhangzhou, prevent the Henan government from squinting, and then carrying 100,000 troops, mighty killing Xuzhou.

At the same time, Doluo also took a cavalry, starting to cross the river from the Zhoujiadian, the northwest of Kaifeng, a famous Mongolian cavalry, with the waist knife, carrying the bow arrow, holding the horse, stepping on the pontoon, cross the pontoon Yellow River.

The horse is just not at the end, and it took two days, and more than 20 million horses have spent the Yellow River. Everyone is a double horse. As for 50,000 Chinese soldiers, they have already arrived in the south bank, otherwise Mongolian cavalry is not dare. The large-scale river of the big flag drum, and the five thousand deposits led by Dolong fell.

These 150,000 steps are just carrying 10-day rations, but the Mongolian cavalry not only has no complaints, but it is a spiritual excitement.

Because the states in Hebei Province are not only poor, they are not allowed to grab them, and they will be broken one by one.

But the Henan is not the same, they have heard that the Han people there are rich, and the Han people who are close to the north shore of the Yellow River have almost all fled to the South Bank, so how can they not excited?

I think of those who are delicate, the fizzant, and the scorpion cavalry can't hate it.

The only unfamant is that the emperor is only allowed to carry two horses, two fight horses in the district, how much money and women can you?

Scorpion was escrow the Yellow River, and the anti-can't prevent it. After all, the Yellow River almost through the entire Henan. In fact, Qin Yu also turned around and didn't want to prevent it. He was the richness of Henan, and he was the same as the horse.

Because the scorpion is not yaking the Yellow River, even if the people ran back to the grassland, there is no prepared for several years. Before the formation of enough cavalry, he did not dare to rank the expedition, and once they cross the river, almost in the Central Plains can be flattened. Jiangshan, since then in the traditional region of China, it is impossible to have any big war again.

In addition to the two cavalry battles in Cao Shikan, the Guardian forces in the city, the main task of these Guards is to defend all cities, rather than dealing with scorpions.

Cao Shijie led the cavalry, although it was a pioneer to the Sissor cavalry, but the disparity is too big, and the same chooses to avoid the front, let the scorpion cross the river, and the far hang is monitored.

After the river, Doluo will send 20,000 cavalry to the battle, first, let this cavalry will be killed, but the Cao Yao is running, and the scorpion is afraid to be ambushed, and I don't dare to catch too far, and Tart After the cavalry returned, Cao Shi was posted with a cavalry and has always maintained a distance of seven oction.

After several times, Dolway is too lazy to manage this cavalry. This time, his mission is to defend the destruction and killing, attract Qin Jun to rescue, then use the advantages of cavalry, and destroy the Qin Jun that will .

In order to get rid of the burden, in addition to the necessary grain, the other grabbed things can not bring it, and burn it.

Dol roll also knows that the big town like Kaifeng is not what he can be moved now, not to have been surrounded by Qin Jun for a long time.

After all, Zhangzhou and Xuzhou added a few hundred thousand troops, so he only stayed in the river. He took 100,000 cavalry branched to the south, even 50,000 people were riding a horse. When I arrive, I am going to fight in the horse.

Qin Yu learned that the south of the south, finally passed the Yellow River and went to the south, more than 100,000 people, more than 20 million horses, and even the carriage of the carrier, but also a clear laugh.

He naturally understands that the scorpion is intended where to go, but the opening of the Kaifeng is still a cotton, food is hoarded in the county city, and the villages have only January.

This situation is not to prevent the scorpion to rob, but prevent the people and the merchants from taking the opportunity to smuggling food, so the people of Kaifeng have purchased food salt, and they must buy it by households. One can only buy one at a time. .

This is still the situation after Jiangnan. I used to buy food for the 10-day, after all, I opened a few million people in Fengfa. All from Nanyang Lake, once the people and business people hoarded, will increase the increase in white and white The capacity.

What's more, Qin Yu doesn't want the people to sell cotton's silver, which is taken to hoard food salt, but want them to buy a cloth and other life items.

He knows that if he is not guided, forced intervention, after the people have a silver, the first thing is definitely crazy to hoard food, no way is hungry.

This time, Qin Yu did not move in Xuzhou, and did not have a Beiyu Yellow River, but left 30,000 people. The rest of the more than 200,000 army kill the return to the Guardian, and then divided into two, all the way by Qinyi commander, continue Advance, all the way, killing himself, killing toward the southwest, if we added the 100,000 army of Xuzhou Li Dingguo, Qin Yu obviously wanted to surround the scorpion from the West Southeast.