In the history of war in Huaxia, if Qin Jun is like this, in the open place, just with a river, use the infantry to completely die, even the opportunity of the breakout is not, it is unique.

Because this is too difficult, it is not a lot of people to do, even if you have more cavalry, you will not look at yourself surrounded.

I have already broken in advance.

And the reason why Qin Yu can do, the most important thing is that this 100,000 cavalry, there is no real main bone, and it is not too much to use a plate of sand.

Then, for the control of the people, Qin Yu has eager to cross the river with these cavalry, leaving the mentality of the river, use warm water to boil the frog, so that these cavaliers can always see hope, then advance until it is dead, only Burning bridge, breaking these people's hopes.

If you start the burning bridge, these cavalry must break around, whether it is east, or to the west, then Qin Jun can't stop, at least, you can't block all the scorpions.

Even in order to make these scorpions have an urgent sense, I rumored the river, Qin Yu is deliberate to let Cao Zhan will lead the cavalry on the side, and the tiger is .

Sure enough, whether it is Dolu, or the Mongolian tribe, at this time, I just gave a heart to defeat Cao 's cavalry, but thought about it to get my own people.

Although everyone knows, falling in the final person must not cross the river, but the same, no one thinks that they will fall in the end, if this 100,000 cavalry comes with the same society, there will be no such situation, but the fact is just the opposite .

At dusk, a cadaver burned as a mountain, burned, a horse corpse was lifted to deal with, the people near the village, no matter how hardful, the men and women are almost coming, each people have a big horse The meat, and the high-spirited goes back.

There is no way, although the war has been short, but the whole kills 15,000 scorpions, the felling horse is close to more than 10,000, the remaining two thousands are also abolished, so many war horses, so Hot weather, it will be rotated in one night, so you must eat immediately.

Even if the 300,000 troops have opened it, so many horses, a meal is not eaten, so I have to give it to the nearby people.

The remaining nearly 40,000 scorpions looked at the battlefield gradually been cleaned, the Qin Jun, who all four, started the whole team, ready to press, and the head finally stopped the quarrel.

With some small tribes, they hang the bending knife bow on the horseback. I walked forward with the family, and more and more scorpions have chosen follower. In the end, even more than 10,000 people on the river beach Same as a sample, walking in the past.

If you change to the backfall and other grassland tribes, these scorpions would rather fight for a battle, but they will never do this, but the Han people have always been kind, so all the scorpions choose to gather.

Qin Yu also did not have the idea of ​​killing, because there is no need, the living person will always use value than a body.

Moreover, there are people who can ride a horses archery, and they will use their tribes to the faster cavalry and mutters.

Ordinary scorpion cavalry does not kill, but does not represent those leaders, Qin Yu will let go, this time they invade, at least causing casualties of 100,000 people, and attacking hundreds of villages.

Therefore, it is not only a little bigger than the scorpion. Even those traitor officers, they have never let go, and what officials are, even if only one person is, they also die.

After the ordinary scorpion and ordinary Hande surrendered, it was brought to the collective placement in the big camp in advance. Each person not only had a horse, and there is a steamed bun. Bundled directly.

More than 3,000, even if these people have already hired, people have a knife, I can only appoint, and after the cavalry, the cavalry will give it to the disaster, after disclosure, pay the people to dispose of the people.

More than 50,000 horses are better than those who surrendered.

In the first time, I was so good to take it, not only have a bean to eat, but there is an egg to supplement nutrition every horse, and even a special veterinary examination, but no one feels too much, even Qin Yu, this modern person Now I think that horses should be better than people.

What's more, these fight horses are quite serious, and they will not be a month. Finally I am afraid it will be abolished. I have to pull the car farm.

A total of more than 50,000 horses, let Qin Yu and the Rover Camp are happy.

Especially the security camp of the southern short foot horses, I have to change the horse in the first time.

"Your Majesty, this is the casualties of our army during the day!"

As another after another, the accounts in the account have been quietly quiet, and it is obvious that the casualties are afraid.

Qin Yu took the book and went to the face and became heavy, because in the case of occupying the advantage, they still killed more than 7,000 people, hurt more than 3,000, which many of which were Duo Bing If it is removed from the rocket killing, the balance of the two sides is almost flat.

If it is usually, a infantry is replaced by a cavalry. It is absolutely earned, but the other party has been completely dead, even if there is no return in the middle, and there is a peer that is a tool. I can't accept it.

This is to face the face, the front drumming, Qin Yu estimates that his 300,000 troops are really not necessarily to win the 100,000 cavaliers. Of course, the most is also flatter, whoever doesn't have any way.

However, the war obviously cannot measure the actual combat power of both sides, this is the best example.

They occupied the Tiantians and, they did not occupy the other side, so even have more than 100,000 cavalry, and finally, the last game was not playing, and they were dragged by living.

Three days, the army stationed in the Yellow River, and experienced a bloody battle, and the recruits needed to precipitate.

The horse needs to take a break, those captives also need to take the whole corrup, anyway, it is now consumed, even if there is still more than 100,000 cavalry, 200,000 infantry, but Qin Yu is confident.

Because the weakness of the post-gold is too obvious, it is too fatal. First of all, it is grain, and then there are too many incidents. It is not possible to compare with the Yue Yuan.

On also bullied to bully the Dynasty, the Dynasty, which is dominated by the Donglin Party, and changed any one of the history of the southern half, and the eight flags can't be born.

That 10,000 trailing and soldiers, after being educated, they directly added to all towns, to make up for this war, after all, the veteran, and the post-holiday is also wrapped in the generals.

Some big characters don't know a ignorant army, and the warmth can't guarantee, and what national righteousness they will be, it is too strong.

So Qin Yu gave them a chance, because people did not know any national righteousness before the roots, perhaps the whole day would like to eat, how to live.

But those generals are different, even if they don't know, they also know these, know that the surrender foreigners are traitors, and those readers don't have to say.

If an ordinary soldier can live, the general can be in a bad family, those civil servants and scholars, will absolutely try their own sings, not only let their sisss, but also a monument, warning.