The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 503 is divided into the world

The scorpion of the North Shore has already fooled, and the emperor is very ill, this leads to even if you want to craze Doluchi, you have to temporarily press it.

After all, he fell, except Dany, others are not enough to take a big place, and hosted the overall situation.

In this point, the emperor is a little pale lie on a teddle, and Dol is rolling on the side to explain the experience of this south.

When Wu Kexis on the side, I will nod, plug in two sentences.

Obviously, the head of the incident, but Wu Kehan ​​escaped back, saying that this guy's life is really big, because the pontoon is burned, it is not far from the river, so after falling water, it will be saved by Dor. .

After listening to the two reports, Huang Taiji speechless, although this loss is the Mongolian cavalry and Handepers, the real eight flag elsevance loss can be ignored, can pay such a big price, the difference between him Big.

So I can't accept it for a while.

When he was divided into the south, he took into account the heavy loss, so he only sent five thousand eight flags to the south, and the other is Mongolian cavalry and Hande.

It is hope that Dolgon can kill in Kaifeng, and then grab some food back. The best situation is to hurt the third first legion, spelling the two defeat, so even the southward legion is also worth it.

Who once thought that the whole 150,000 troops were hard, but they only came back to 20,000, 100,000 Mongolian cavalry, except that Cole came back to 10,000, all of the other all of them were in the south bank.

Despite the addition of Wu Sangui's 20,000 Guanning iron riding, the cavalry in the north shore still has about 100,000, the infantry will be nearly 200,000, but he knows that the opportunity they win is already very small.

Because the army is only one and a half months of grain, and then divided into the south, it is undoubtedly self-cultivation, and the second army will continue to attack the second army. He wants to fight, but he can also be willing to Qin Jun.

From these days, the news from the South Bank came, he knew that Qin Yu probably won't cross the river in a short time.

"Hong Aiqing, now the situation is very disadvantageous to our army, I don't know why do you have any good policy?"

Emperor is very intended to retreat, and finally, if you really can't take it back, you will return to the northeast, but it is really unwilling, so I look at the Hong Contribution, I hope he can think about it.

The so-called smart woman is difficult to sam, Hong Chengwen can not change the food, the whole north has already been erosive, shaved, it is not scratched, from the northeast transport of grain, the road is far away, consumes huge, so there is a good way?

But what is the minister?

That is to have a way in any case, so I will slowly slowly slowly: "The emperor, now the strategy of the south has failed, the two armies are stalemate, the Qin Yu is obviously wants to rely on powerful national strength. The army took the initiative to withdraw the army, not bathable, this is the highest realm of the soldiers, and the soldiers who don't fight, so I am afraid I only have to retreat. "

"Oh? With an external force?" Huang Taiji eyes lit up, under the service of the eunuch, strongly supported the mount, people like some spirit.

After all, he also knows that once you choose to return the soldiers, I am afraid I can only refund to the northeast. The eight flags that will not only have the opportunity to enter the main Central Plains, even the final ending, no one can expect.

Because Da Qin is not bigger than Daming, he is familiar with the Han Chinese history. He naturally understands any of the Han Dynasty, which is completely established.

So even if there is a chance, he is willing to gamble the country's national transport of Baqi, and fight for the other party, not the retreat.

"Emperor, although the energetic energy is mainly in Sichuan, but add up in northwest and Shanxi, it should still be able to make up for more than 20 million troops. If the army is willing to sell the tuning, our army will send a cavalry again. Around Henan Province, the two armies jointly, the opportunity to win is still very big. "The flood category slowly.

"Well, if you are willing to join hands, you can send 50,000 cavalry in south. You can worry that he will not agree!" Emperor is nodded, and then some worrying.

"The emperor is relieved, I used to get together, but now, it's hard to say, after all, the lips are cold, once our army returns to the northeast, the Qin army will immediately turn down to packed him, when the army has not watched Sichuan, abdomen is honest, and the ending can be imagined. "

"Good! As long as he Li Wei agrees to join hands, after defeating the Qin Jun, you can divide him in the world. In the east, we are in Xuzhou. In addition to the Central Plains, Jiangnan is owned by him."

The emperor took the thigh and obviously out.

I sent a messenger to Chang'an on the same day.

At this time, Wang Wang did not sit in Chang'an.

Qin Jun was in Kaifeng's more than 120,000 cavers, surrounded, and the 150,000 army almost all the whole army did not only scare the emperor. The same will also scare Li Zicheng and the army.

After all, as long as it is not a fool, I know that the Qin Jun once defeated the eight flags, the next goal is definitely the soldiers weighing, attacking the northwest.

Therefore, if the messengers will not agree to join hands, the eight flags have to return to the northeast, and Li Zicheng will not sit again.

Originally, he is planning to wait for both parties to fight a two defeat, he is sitting in the interests of fishermen, who once I want to fight for more than a month, the two sides are not playing, the Qin Jun strength is not lost, and the eight flag can't be supported. This greatly ended his expectation.

"You have more than 12,000 cavalry, nearly 20,000 infantry, especially the real eight flag cavalry almost unshabited. Is the emperor really willing to return to the northeast?"

Looking at the messenger under the hall, king's silent road, obviously skepts that the emperor is not .

"I don't think about it. Although my eight flags have folded some cavalry, they still have a battle with Qin Jun, but the Qin army has not waited, and our military grain is dried, so the emperor is even unwilling, Select the retreat! "

This emergency is still a fan, and there is no concealment, but it is true.


Wang Wang did not know if he nodded. If the other party said that the emperor is not a Qin army, he has to retreat, he will not believe, but it is necessary to say that grain is not a good, forced retreat, he believes.

After all, he also realized the importance of grain. The last time he had three hundred thousand troops because of food and herb, and finally, I don't know.

This eight flag is set up five or 60,000 riding infantry. Every day people eat and chew, the time is long, it doesn't have anything else, the post-gold situation is there, which is better than they can't go.

I thought here, the king has already decided, so I asked: "The Emperor is really willing to send 50,000 cavalry to Luoyang to join hands?"

"Yes, Wang, thousands of true, but grain is also available!"

"Well! I agree with it."

The king brush is gathered, and a magazine.

On both sides, although many people arrogant in their hearts, they also knew that the current situation, only with the scorpion, first defeated the Qin army, is the best choice.

Otherwise, if you really quit, according to the war of Qin Jun, only if they can't stop.

As for what is divided into the world, it is nothing more than talking, no one will be true.