Outside Kaifeng City.

At this time, Qin Yu can don't know that the army will join hands with the eight flags, but is busy to take those Mongolian cavalry.

After the size of the size, after the disposal of the people, it became a disc slit.

Although there is a meal every day, it is a person, I don't know how the Han people want to place them. I have no bow, I have no knife, even if I am worried, no one dares to stand up.

Because I dare to make things, I was arrested, and it was still cutting all the sizes.

In just a few days, more than 500 brains cut, let these brutal fierce scorpions, and finally have honestly, know what is afraid.

Qin Jun also looked at their reaction in his eyes. It was a lot of time.

On this day, after breakfast early, tens of thousands of scorpions were driven to the open space, one is sitting, looking at a high platform in front, some is a little uneasy.

Handed over, guess how Han people have to kill?

Because the Han people make a big bench, it is always a table, but this time has hundreds of hundreds, you can see the Han people who have a fire-fighting long knife, even if you are worried, no one is willing to be the first Stand up.


"Don't talk, who dares to talk again, and cut it."

As the harsh copper sounded, tens of thousands of people were quiet, they did not dare to talk.

At this time, Qin Yu, a golden armor, has also come to a high stage in the middle, followed by a team of cattle high.

"See His Majesty!"

The surrounding Qin Jun is a single knee, tens of thousands of scorpions, and have a similar language. It is clear that even if they can't understand what they call, the person on the stage must be the emperor of the Han.

"Well! Get up!"

Qin Yu raised his hand. After all people were sitting, they didn't want to say, "said Today, Hui, etc., because I want to recruit some warriors, I am hobbing, but I will join, not only every day. Have a steamed bread, there is a military! "

With the people who will be in the Mongolian, after translating Qin Yu's words, there will be tens of thousands of scorpions, and they are discussing in gay.

As someone took the lead standing up, I would like to have almost all scorpions after the death of Qin Yu.

Obviously, there is no national concept in these scorpions, as long as there is eating, some silver gives life.

Compared to the eight flags, it is more acceptable to the Han people, and it is more willing to give the Han people. After all, the Han people have always been yearning.

Qin Yu is only a little bit, and then he refers to those tables. "Did you see these tables, I will choose more than 300 warriors, these Warriors will give them the army, each People can command a hundred, as long as the performance is good, I will give you a book, but will let you return to the grassland, and reward a lot of grassland cattle and sheep and women, of course, ordinary soldiers will be brave, kill After the enemy's work, you can also enjoy these treatment and rewards. "


As the translators were once again translated again, tens of thousands of scorpions were suddenly awkward, and the eyes were straight, and they felt.

Obviously, for the album of the Han Dynasty, don't say that these ordinary Mongolians are all the heads of each tribe can't stop.

Qin Yu can not engage in the dynasties in the past, what is the style, and the teaching of teaching.

For these are all, we have to take the aftertaste, and then induce, and will be given, and finally it is.

After you put down the grassland in the future, he will take these scorpions to all parts, and each person is divided into a piece of grass to manage the grassland in the form of an alternative tribe.

And put the cattle and sheep property of each tribal head to them, so that these people will definitely become the most determined supporters of Daqin.

Then, tens of thousands of scorpions launched a vigorous big compassion, in fact, than wrestling, enough for three days, three hundred and eighty powerful warriors were released.

Qin Yu is also no way. I want to play these strengths of these scorpion cavalry. The grassroots officer must be held by themselves.

The grassland nation advocates strong, so it is said to be a military officer, who is right when the ordinary soldiers are appropriate.

These warriors are almost developed in the limbs, simple and mind, this kind of person Qin Yu is like the most, and then assigns them to the hand, and then began to completely.

Qin Yu intends to compile these scorpions into ten cavalry camps, around 4,000 people, and pumping off the officers from the Caval Camp.

Each camp has four brigades, and the Han Ranker officer as a captain, and each brigade has ten teams, and the Mongolian Warriors served as a small captain, each squad. One hundred people.

These ten Mongolian cavalry camps are only equipped with a horse knife and a broud, as for arrow, it is not issued for a while.

In addition to this ten cavalry camp, there are still more than 10,000 horses, of which five thousand are given to the guards, and the other five thousand will set up a cavalry camp again, and the recruitment of the Han people who ride the horse is constituted. Still temporarily return to Cao Training commander.

In this way, the Qin Jun's cavalry is close to 70,000, including the three battles, Xiao Cui lead the men and women, and finally the ten Mongolian cavalry camp.

In the next day, Kaifeng City once again launched a vigorous tract of training, not single infantry to exercise the battle, the Mongolian cavalry also wants to train, those who have a good time to drink every day, don't pull it out, don't pull it out, same will Waste.

This scene, let the Emperor of the North Shore and Li Zi Chengdu are more joys and anxious, can't help but speed up the speed of the transfer.

This time, Wang Wang also determined the character of the royal frame, not only led the 100,000 big army out of the shamow, but even the 100,000 army stationed in Taiyuan was also pumped in the south, but the food and herb were constantly moving from Sichuan, Hanzhong.

Huang Tai is also trying to personally take the soldiers to Luoyang. After all, the second army can't stand out. If you stay in the north bank, you have no sense, but the body is not allowed, but you have to let Doluo again, lead 30,000 bangs, 20,000 Guanning iron ride, go to Luoyang, and send the rapper to the staff.

After the Dollar rolled the army, the Royal Brigade led the remaining 200,000 Chinese soldiers, and more than 30,000 B8 flags, and 10,000 Corqin cavalry, retired from 50 miles to Camp.

Obviously, it was also afraid that Hungju suddenly attacked, and then withdraws 50 miles. There are nearly 50,000 cavaliers in his hand, enough to ensure the security of the army.

If the non-emperor is in the case of the situation, it is always ready to take the big army river to reach Luoyang. I am afraid I will retreat to the famous government. Of course, it is mainly afraid that the Second Legion is also pumping down the soldiers.