When the army was just a move, Qin Yu took note of the first time. Obviously, always pay attention to the movement of the squad.

I thought it was a king to be robbed, so I was angry, I plan to let Li Dingguo bring 100,000 army to resist, and as long as the other party can, the main force is still in Kaifeng training.

It is possible to divide the sizzling in the north bank, and after the west of the west, Qin Yu knows that things are afraid that it is not so simple, and the two sides are connected to the hand.

So I have to adjust the original strategy, decided to annihilate the two sides in Luoyang, then divide the soldiers, and I will be in the north.

Compared to the squad, I have to raise grain and horses, and the speed of Qin Jun is much better. It is only three days, and more than 300,000 cavalry will kill the west.

Although the two sides join hands, let Qin Yu have to launch 120,000 points, choose hard, but not much worry.

Because if you start, both sides join hands, it is really trouble, but it is a bit late.

That 100,000 Mongolian cavalry was killed by him, it was equivalent to the arm of the eight flag, and he oppressed him, but there were nearly 40,000 cavalry. This time, enough to change the earth.

This reason why it is pressed against the battle, not Qin Yu, don't want to continue to use towns, and use the tactics to deal with Doluo roll.

But this time is different, more than 20 million troops back to the northwest, not in the right arm, plus the 50,000 flag cavalry to help, if it is still like the last time, no matter the other party, the other, the other Big, so he must be handsome to press and block the other party in the territory of Henan Province.

The tripartite paced in the Central Plains area, a war, and the eyes will be kicked off, and the south is not calm.

After annihilating of 100,000 Mongolian cavalry, after the initiative, Qin Yu gave the fourth Army and the Fifth Army to attack two orders.

In Changsha, Qin Double has been prepared in Fujian, and the food and herb needed will be a few months ago, there will be two places from Jiangnan Lake.

The reason why didn't do it at the same time, Qin Yu also prevented from being defeated in the Central Plains, but also touched the army of the army in the north, at least the two heavy towns of Xiangyang and Xuzhou.

Nowadays, there is no concern, because even if the two sides join hands, it is impossible to eat again, and they will fight for each other.

I have played for so many years, countless wars, with the military level of Qin Yu today, strategic vision, naturally see this.

Changsha due to nearly some, Qin Tie took the lead in receiving orders, early with the fourth army of Joho Huo, a total of more than 100,000 army, and immediately killed the southwest.

Qin Tie did not choose to directly southward Guangdong, but prepare for the Yongzhou Government, Guilin House, who came to Guangxi, obviously wanted to take Guangxi first, and then fill Guangdong with Fujian.

At this time, Liu Wenxiu is preparing to prepare the army in Northern Guizhou, and go to Sichuan to increase the eight kings. After the king, the king will not eat, and the eight kings can't eat, have to ask for their own two volunteers.

It is said that Sun Kewang and Liu Wenxiu have a heavy soldier in two wide hands. The eight kings cannot be in the case of the two people. It can face the help of the righteousness. The brothers have almost all don't want to think and hesitate. Prepare to support.

I have to say that the two have been very loyal to Zhang Xianzhong, never thought of betrayal, or independent portal, this is very rare in the rosary army.

At the beginning, Sun is expected to bring 50,000 soldiers and horses to retreat from Changsha to Guangzhou. Due to the betrayal of Li Dingguo, the brothers between the two people have never been there. Maybe the Qin Army is big, the brothers, the two people, one article, a quite tacit understanding .

Sun Kewei hosted a government affairs, raising grain and grass, and Liu Wenxiu gave the soldiers.

In just half a year, you will have a two widely attacked, and the Turi of all over the world has also said that it is willing to come.

Originally, the two were decided to first start Yunnan, and then the Sichuan and Yeung Hong Hao, the southwest province.

The eight king's request, suddenly chaos the deployment of the brothers, only give up to attack Yunnan, first hit the whole Sichuan first.

However, the Qin Jun suddenly south, once again, the two of the two people will be rare. After Guangzhou Sun, I learned that Qin Jun rushed to Guilin House, immediately sent people to the horse to inform Liu Wenxiu Renuo, at the same time Guangxi's states, the fire speed is aided Guilin.

The brothers added a total of 300,000 troops, 100,000 in Guangdong, 100,000 stationed in Guangxi, 100,000 by Liu Wenxiu lead to Guizhou.

Although Sun is expected to hold 100,000 troops in Guangzhou, they don't dare to reinforce Guilinfu, because Qin Shuang, the same Tiger, the Qin Shuang, the same tiger, and there are signs of west.

Compared to Guangxi, Sun Kewei is more important to Guangdong, because Guangdong is lost, only in Guangxi is absolutely not liveing ​​for 300,000 troops, and also knows that two people in Qin Shuanghe, Qin, and he is estimated that more than half of the opponent. .

At this time, Liu Wenxiu has just entered Guizhou, and after receiving the urgency of the big brother, it is not a time.

On the side of the righteous, the big brother called him, but it is afraid that the whole two widely will have to lose.

Although there are important, it is their foundation, but after all, it is too remote. If you can take the whole Sichuan, calculate or have a good cost.

However, the whole two widely hit it, and it is really reluctant to let Qin Jun capture, no way, and finally Liu Wenxiu has to sum up the generals, I want to ask everyone's opinion.

"The three generals, Qin army came to the scene, and there were more than 12 million military commandes in Fujian. Major people can't stop it, or return it quickly!"

"Yes, three generals, two wide, we can't lose it."

Almost eight of the generals are an anxiety, no way, they have already done their family, and they have daughter.

"But the situation is very dangerous, and then delay, I am afraid that Chengdu will not guarantee, and the big brother is in the hands of the big soldiers, even if it is not necessary to resist a while!"

Liu Wenxiu Shen Sheng said, obviously biased towards the north of the junior.

Everyone is not advised, but only in just a long time, the news is spread in the army. Most of these 100,000 troops are two broadeners, one time people, and even the phenomenon of escape.

Seeing this situation, Liu Wenxiu dares to hesitate, immediately ordered to pay back to Guangxi, this has steadily stabilized the military.

However, when I got, I also sent someone to believe in Chengdu, let the righteous father and the old four persisted, wait for him to help the big brother to retreat Qin Jun, reinforce it in the north.

At this time, the eight kings were surrounded by more than 20 million troops, non-Anenesi took the army to fight in the periphery, I was afraid that I was caught in the city.