The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 515, the ghosts, the gods, come together.

Zheng Sen night attacked Nanjing, was seen by Zuo Shuai, got a full army, and he was also caught, and Zheng Zhilong, who attacked Changzhou, did not go.

After being entangled by the big army with the army, Zuo Liangyu, who was rushing, was not able to collapse again, and the 40,000 soldiers horses again collapsed, and the road fled, and finally dead, catching, Almost all of them were in Jiangnan.

In the Hangzhou City, more than 5,000 people were taken away by Zheng Leopard, escaped back to Dangdao, this is still Zuo Liangyu, the five thousand pirate dogs are urgently jumped, and they are in fire, so deliberately choose to force them away, otherwise People are afraid that they can't escape.

Jiangnan's war, from the Zheng Jia army, only lasts for seven days, Zheng Jia is so auction, let Jiangnan people are more cherished, and the sense of belonging to Da Qin is also strong, but two wide The war is not very smooth, and it is stalemate.

Qin Double led more than 60,000 army, by Sun, who is expected to block in Chaozhou, inch, and the two have to pinned in the war of Guangxi.

In Guangxi Liu Wenxiu and Qin Tie, the opponent, although Qin Tie accounted for the first opportunity, broke the Guilin House, but Liu Wenxiu received the army of the army, not only blocked the Qin Jun's offensive, and even organized the potentials from all over the world. Into the counterattack together, and the Qin Jun firmly pressed in the Guilin State, and the two sides didn't help anyone.

Qin Tie saw those soil soldiers, and finally no longer rush to seek success, began to steady and stabilized, while stabilizing wireless lines, distributing material grain soldiers from Hunan, while sending people to practically dividing into differentiations, and obviously want to keep long-term war.

Guangxi is poor, Liu Wenxiu has a thousand and very resistant. It can eat more than a dozen army in his hands, plus the diet of the Siki, and looked at the previous hoarding grain, which is reduced one day. It is also anxious, one side wants to scrape the land. While keeping Sun, Sun is expecting to collect grain and grass.

Nairos is expected to have a lot of money, and the daily consumption is equally huge. If Sun can look forward to Guangdong, it is afraid that you will not support it.

Obviously the two widespread in the Ming Dynasty, the development level is far from the Dynasties, at all, at all, it is impossible to support 300,000 military long-term operations.

Sun Kewei, Liu Wenxiu brother and the emperor were shaken by grain and grass, and Luoyang's king was also can't get lost by food and herb.

Yes, although Qin Yu took the army to go to Luoyang near Luoyang, more than 300,000 riding infantry once again chose high-free waging, and I would like to live with powerful national strength to drag each other.

If there is no cavalry, Qin Yu will also worry that the scorpion of the cavalry will stop the logistics forces of the grain, even cut off the grain road of the army. However, at this time, there is not only nearly 40,000 Mongolian cavalry, but also 30,000 Han army cavalry. So don't worry at all.

And the hundreds of thousands of infantry between the two sides are always confrontation, consumes more than spelling, but the cavalry troops are playing unusual, Danl rolls with 30,000 flags, frequently robbing the Yunjun's fortune forces, Wu Sangui leads lead 20,000 Guanning iron riding is the grain road responsible for defending the army.

Because the food of the army is almost all from Sichuan, first shipped to Hanzhong, and then directly transported from Hanzhong to Luoyang. The food of Qin Jun is directly from Nanyang, and Luoyang, Nanyang, Nanyang.

Therefore, Qin Jun almost 40,000 Mongolian cavalry was sent out. Cao Zhaofei commander, protecting the grain road, other five Han people cavalry battles, but by Xiao Tang Shuai, from Luoyang to Wash the Junjun.

Although Ba Mission has a sparse, the two sides have been robbed, but for the loss of grain, Qin Yu is not careful, even give the small Cui's order, the food seized, it will be burned, and the animals will kill dead.

It is not dare to waste this, and it is necessary to return to Luoyang. This invisible middle bundled a lot of hands and feet, resulting in the face of 40,000 Mongolian cavalry, not very cheap.

In fact, both sides did not dare to directly hoisted, all as much as possible to avoid large-scale cavalry charges, and choose ride chasing, Xiao Cui and Wu Sangui are similar.

Xiao Cui is because most Han people cavalry will not ride, and there are two new soldiers. Wu Sanu is purely reluctant, and even some do not dare, worry that there is too much to kill the Qin Jun's cavalry. After breaking it later road.

Therefore, even if there is a horse-lost front and the Qin army cavalry is caught, Wu Sangui is also a good to drink, including dozens of female cavalry caught, all strict, no one is not allowed, and the illegal kills Innocent.

"Dorr rolls, your eight flag cavalry is not alleged to be enemy? Why can't even some Mongol can't pack it? This is a big half a month, it is too late to cut off the Qin Jun's grain road, so we will get it later. Live live is dragged! "

"And you, Wu Sangui, your Guanning iron ride is not involved in there is no enemy hand? I didn't see you when I was played. Why can't I picked up a group of ridicies? Frequently burned, it is over half a month, it is a lot of thousands of stone food. Do you have any food? "

In the face of the Queen's Queen, whether it is Doore, or Wu Sanui, the face is almost almost dripping, Wu Sangui is weak, plus the defenses, do not dare to refute, only have to be unable to make a sound.

Can Dorol rolls, there is no such a good temper, the brush stands up and takes a table, said: "Li Wei, don't sit and talk without backache, this half a month, I have robbed the three grain teams of Qin Jun. , Kill at least two thousand Mongolian cavalry, but what about you?

What did you do in addition to every day and Qin army? "

"You are light, Qin Jun's infantry is more than 300,000, the force is not less than us, they are not willing to fight for the battle, what is the way? If the camp is so easy, you will be brought to Qin first. The second army of the army is surrounded? "

Li Sheng has not a good airway. In his opinion, Dolu and Wu Sangui did not work, every day, white drinking, the key is that the 50,000 cavalry is almost the daily consumption of his 20,000 army, this is how he not angry.

"Anyway, those Mongolian carars are not so dealt, if you can't force the Qin Jun's decisive battle, it can only consume this."

Dol rolls with the same tone, wants to make them eight flags elite, it is never possible, it will never fight when they can't get a decisive battle.

"Hey! Take it, are you Laozi is the landworks? Do you tell you that Sichuan can search for food, and then you will continue to have half a month, so in half a month, if you still can't cut the Qin Jun's grain, Then I want to break your food! "

"you dare!"

Dorr is very angry, holding hands on the knife, staring at Li Zicheng, the eight flag warriors on the body also anger.

"Haha, when Li Yu is in the horizontal world, your Dol is still in the mother, and dares to move the knife in front of Laozi. You have a try!"

The king is laughing, then staring at Dolong disdain, the domineering that is emitted by the body is indeed not now the Doluk can.

"Yu Wang, Rui Prince, please also use the overall situation, do not hurt and gas, or discuss it!"

Hong Chengnou saw that the sword was arrogant in the hall, but he had to stand out to persuade, and the heart was helpless.

Wu Sangui has been drinking tea, it seems that the two people have to move the knife, and the facts have been planning to go out.

The reason why the two can bear the other party, it is because the Qin army is big, so it will borrow the slope to snort to snort, sit back.

"There is not much grain and grass, so that it is absolutely not working."

"Sichuan is not known as the country of Tianfu? Is there a lot of millions of stone food in the district?" Dolu is clearly not believed.

"Sichuan is unlucky, the baubles of the eight kings are not light, and it is no longer what the country of the government, plus the transportation of transportation, even if it is a million stone food, can you support?"

This is like the squad of the army.

However, it is said that the Eight Kings, the king is also biting his teeth, distorted, obviously hated to the extreme.

No way, if you are not the eight kings, you will have a whole Sichuan, but you will not only deal with Qin Jun, but will not worry about food and grass, but now is a hard-erased 20,000 troops, the whole Tianfu Get a mess.

Although Doll rolls know that Wang Wang is in the excuse, the life pulse is in the hands of the squad, so the end, I have to compromise, I promised to pick up 100,000 troops from the North Shore, and I want them to have eight flags, go. And the Mongolian cavalry is dead, it is never possible.

Wang Wang will also restrict the last 100,000 soldiers and horses from the northwest and Shanxi, and also transferred to Luoyang, ready to die.