After Danthao returned, he immediately raised his horses to the Emperor, and Wang Wang was also busy with the troops. Wu Sangui returned to the big camp but secretly sent a mesen, but also returned to the hundreds of Qian Qin Jun prisoners.

During the Qin Jun Darling, the matter did not receive the emergency news of Jiangnan, the old gods listened to the messenger of Wu Sangui as desperately touted.

Obviously, it is stable and sitting in the fishing platform. In fact, it cannot blame Qin Yu, more than 20 million troops, face more than 20 million troops, whether the equipment morale is far from the other party, still hanging the wag every day, but Who is the highest realm of the height of Huaxia? Is it a soldier who can't fight?

Today, Qin Yusu is no longer at the cereal, and that he heard the battlefield, it was scared to run a small anti-thief.

Instead of numerous war, it has become a military law that can be comparable to countless peerless colors.

Will not fight, play, and play, with strong national strength, it is enough to defeat all the opponents.

What conspiracy is a virtual, because the casualties of attack, will always be better than the defense, so as long as you can do the tactical purpose of the attack, you can basically do hundreds of wins.

"I have no time to listen to you, I'm talking directly!"

Qin Yu has a little impatient and waved the messenger.

The latter is somewhat embarrassing, but it is not awkward, and the road is respectful: "Qin Huang Mingjian, my family's main soldiers were surrendered, and it was not easy to go, so the mission was now. Qinhuang, as long as Qinhuang is willing to return my little lady ... "

"Wait, who is your wife, why?"

"Returning to the Qinhuang, my little lady is the Chen Yuanyuan, one of the Qin Huai, Yuman Yan, who is unfortunately into the hand of the cattle in Beijing, after being dedicated to Qinhuang, so as long as Qinhuang is willing to fulfill our general soldiers and small Madam met, my family is willing to immediately fell to Ge. In the future, they will swear to piety, and the Qin Qin. "

The messenger saw Qin Yu Ming asked, and his face was also convulsive, but he had to explain.

Originally, when he thought, Qin Yu took a look at him, he should take the initiative to say, with the beauty of adults, this is the emperor's style, not like now, he is active, Stupid, this is, if you change the general, I am afraid I have already went to the sleeves, where will I return?

However, Qin Yu couldn't think so, a clear smile, said: "I never grab some wife, you also said, Chen Yuanyuan is caught by the cattle, Wu Sangui wants to find a bull, I have never Will not take a woman to make chips, as for the beauty of adults, then I have to see the mood, but unfortunately, the mood is not good! "

The messengers did not expect that it was originally in his opinion. Who knowing that Qin Yu was congregated as a good color. For a woman Lianjiang Mountain in the world, it was a bit anxious for a time.

"Is it true that it is really for a woman ...

"Haha, do you want it?"

"You go back to tell Wu Sangui, I accept him to dear, it is a gift to him, he is not qualified to have any conditions in the face, as for Chen Yuanyuan, if he does not mention, maybe it is a good mood, it is not allowed to be all herself. Now he actually dared to come out, then he clearly told him that you want to go back to Chen Yuanyuan, it is impossible, this life is impossible. If he doesn't accept, you can continue to sell the sizzling, and you will pay such a group. The traitor of the ate, the corpse, and the death of the dead! "

Qin Yu is full of hands.

What jokes, Qinhuai Bang Yan him is not easy to get together, and where will Chen Yuanyuan will give Wu Sangui?

After all, it is now interested in interested, in addition to specializing in science and technology, it also collected historical beauty, and even the fight is now a bit tired.

To be honest, Wu Sangui will not be willing to fill, he really don't care, he really wants to see Wu Sangui will be red in order to Chen Yuanyuan.

If his surrendering is really no way, then dare to take the army and anti-Qing, Qin Yu will never accept him, such as the Hongzhiko, but can be happy, Fan Wencheng, he will never give the opportunity.

The messenger was also shocked by Qin Yu, for a while, there is no saying, but the guard will not wait for him until it is driven out of the big account, this messenger reacts, people really don't care if they don't fall.

After returning to the Wu Jun, Wu Sangui is also anger after listening to it, and I can't wait to take the soldiers to Qin Jun Camp, and the Qin Yusheng is swallowed.

After a break, I sat back and went back. I have a deep weak sense. He knows that Qin Yu is not scared, but two thousand Guan Ning iron riding, it is true. There is no.

Although it is very difficult to accept, it is true, he has turned into the game, but the Qin army is just a brocade, but it is a dead road for him and 20,000 brothers. It will also be a long year.


The messenger is the family slave of Wu Jia, and only two people are in the account, looking at Wu Sangui sitting there, red, red, white, is very concerned, more worrying or their foregoing picture.

"Wu Shu, Dog rolled to adjust the 100,000 steps to come over, and the king also intended to recall some soldiers and horses, so I want to wait." Wu Sangui put his hand.

"But I am afraid that I am late, the Qinhuang's attitude is not like a bluntness, but the real Zhuzhu is holding, there is a peaceful confidence."

"I naturally know, but the round is my heart meat, the Qinhuang is so small, I don't want the beauty of adults, let my husband and wife gathered, it will be here, I am really unwilling!"

Wu Sangui is painful. At the beginning, the reason why Dora is rushing all the way, just want to grab the round.

However, he didn't expect that the bull two actually dedicated the Yuanyuan to Qin Yu's head, even if he fell in Li Zicheng, Huang Taiji, Dorge's hand, he believed that he had the opportunity to take it back, but Qinyu is really It's hard as it is.


Calling Wu Shu's house slave, only had a deep sigh.

After the emperor of the Great Ning, after receiving the letter from Dolu, the same helpless sigh, she had to disperse the 100,000 army to go to Luoyang, and the remaining infantry is all retreat to the Great Mingfu.

Despite how much hope for this battle, the emperor has to gamble, because the gaming, there is a vibrant machine, not bet, then there is only a dead road.

After taking the 100,000 army in south, the Han army in the hand of the emperor will only have hundreds of thousands of people, of which 50,000 is still a fire army, even if there are more than 40,000 cavalry, facing the second legion can only defense, if the other party is not A little cavalry, I am afraid it is a defense.

Hongju is also moving, almost 100,000 infantry moves, and when you think, you will be active, it is not willing to sit in the campus village, no matter how the rhaxity rose advised and persuaded.