The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 521, Qin Jun's battlefield communication means


When the sun is empty, hundreds of thousands of troops have not delayed in the wilderness. When the Qin army morale is getting higher, the king did not dare to wait. After promising, he immediately pulled out the long knife and declined the command.



Time, the hundreds of cowhide drums behind the army have been slammed, and more than 20 million troops are like the floods of the decissete. They have shouted forward.

Even the kings who have been honored, I have turned again into the big anti-king in the world, and I personally follow the charge.

"Give me a lot!"

The movement of Hong Church is also not slow, and the commander of 100,000 traitors will go, and the so-called people are more big. In the shouts of the tsunami, everyone's mind is blank, only known to forward.

Originally, I want to decide to win, the lowest should be a few days or half a month, such as this first championship, I must first send a small number of soldiers, constantly testing, not like this As soon as I got up, I took the whole army and had no room for cyclone.

It is not that Li Zicheng and Hong Chengwell will not fight, but the two are not a blind man, the Qin army is strict, the military array is in order to play, if they are playing in the class, then they don't have a chance.

Every battle, the morale will fall, may fight a few games, the soldiers will completely lose their fighting, so it is not as good as the whole army, and it is a gas.

Have to say, in the case of the overall strength, especially the battle will of the soldiers, this is the most favorable.

This unhappy Qin Yu saw all the other brains, the brow is a slight wrinkle, obviously some unexpected, and some annoyed.

This kind of boring is rushing, although it is the performance of the public, if his strength is far less than the other party, it is natural to welcome them to rush, but the strengths of both parties are quite, their strength and organization are far stronger than the other. In case, he is more willing to add a fuel war with the other side.

That is, one or two thousand soldiers and horses will fight for the test, and then constantly send a reinforcement, until the sky is black, each will be held, and tomorrow will fight again.

This not only reduces the casualties of both sides to the least, but the rhythm of the entire battlefield can also prevent the other party cavalry to touch the fish.

However, I didn't expect that he just planned to send two square patches to test, but the other person killed all.

The degree of decision makes people tongue.

Qin Yu also knew that Most of Li Zicheng and Hong Chengge have seen his disadvantage, and their advantages, I want to be a drum, and the winners are separated in a short time.

After all, there is a distance between each of the squares, and more than 30 million people rushed together. It is indeed possible to disconnect their stalks.

When you think of this, Qin Yu is also a clear smile. He is going to give this guy today, where is the difference between the public and the real army.

So I pulled the knife and squeezed: "Blow! All the town of the town of defense!"

Hey, hey ...

As the troops will show the banner, the horn on the high platform blows up with a unique rhythm.

Dozens of large elements on the small tables on both sides, also blened up, and on more than ten miles wide, there was a carriage almost two hundred meters, but not only one big drum, but also a pair of angles And a flagpole, and the banner of various colors.

At this moment, the horn on these carriages, the same, the same time, I blew.

So, although in the sky, the exclusive voice and the enemy's drums, Qin Jun's unique voice can still be clearly distinguished, it is also a special harsh, and quickly spread throughout the battlefield.

This kind of sound of the original defense belongs to the basic battlefield order of Qin Jun. Don't say that the general soldiers and schools of the towns have, even the ordinary Qin army soldiers can understand, so the general soldiers of the towns and The unique camp is the first time to decline the defense.

The side of the township commanders, the same set of pocket commanding systems, composed of drums, copper, horn, and belongings, which leads to a long-term battle for a long time.

Because the soldiers have already prepared it, they have made a response in the horn of each town, and they don't need to do anything.

Because the towns have been close to the defensive formation, only the four corners of the square are slightly contracted, forming a curved shape.

Chang Ge Bing and the long gunman will have a gun with a gun, and the knife shield is constantly tapped with the shield. The archer has been bent behind the bow, and the arrow is oblique to the front.

The ten independent camps of the second echelon have also made a defensive gesture, but because they are long knives, it is just a symbolic turnle, obviously the corner of the Qin army, can't do it. To distinguish all towns.

But this doesn't have much relationship, and it's a line with a banner.

On the place of one, it is not long, and it is not short, and it is not short of the 15th town of Qin Jun, and countless squad and trails will rush.

In fact, in the face of this situation, if it is delayed, the general military officer of the towns will reach the order of the original defense.

If you need to attack it alone, you can't blow the number, you must send the Battleman Communications to convey the specific military order.

Of course, Qin Jun has a more efficient communication means. That is to use the letter flag. The commander of all the towns of each town has a hand-held telescope, always pay attention to the two sides of the army on the high platform. banner.

This kind of communication means sometimes occurs, such as observing your hand, or dust shielding, so it is a double administration, while playing the fault, also sent a horse riding communication.

At this time, when the army rushed to the fifteen military quarters, the countless squadron continued to rush forward, on the flagpole on both sides of the military flag, on the high platform, on the high platform Just drifting two sides of a small banner.

The left is a pattern, drawing the sword of the two handles, means attacking, the flag of the right is a number, all the towns have a separate number, there is only one number on the flag, and there are several numbers at the same time. Which camp represents which town to attack.

At this time, the number above is one to ten, which means that there are ten independent battalions.

Of course, this number code, and the color of the banner are not fixed, but can make planning adjustments in advance before the war.

For example, Qin Yu's war, divide all the programs into four echelons, then the banner of each color represents an echelon, a number of independent combat units of each echelon.

Generally, a color of a color, up to ten numbers, if an echelon's combat unit exceeds ten, will be divided into two sides of different colors of different colors representatives.

That is to say that the pattern on the left flag represents the intention, the number on the right banner represents the executive troops.

The pattern is actually very simple, but also five kinds of swords of the two hands, represents the defense of the offense, the shield representative, representing the left-curved arrow, representing the left, the right arrow represents the right round, and one The arrow of the head is representative of the rear of the enemy, and cut off the enemy.