The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 523 Mongolian cavalry is rained

On the high platform, I looked at the eight flag cavalry actually rushed to him, and Qin Yu did not feel unexpected.

The reason did not send the firearman soldiers, cannons and rockets are also useless. It is to prevent Dolling dogs to jump, after all, 30,000 rollings are high, and the destructive power is too big.

However, Qin Yu has no delusion. Only by cannon and fire, you can block the impact of the cavalry. The cavalry really launched a crazy.

Don't say this time, the Mark's Machine gun is not invented, it is a battle in a battle, otherwise it will not until it will be completely eliminated.

Therefore, he has not been used by 50,000 cavalry troops, because in his opinion, the threat of the 30,000 flag soldiers is greater than the 300,000-year-old infantry.

Although Cao changed the 50,000 cavalry to welcome, the 20,000 fire soldiers and five thousand artillers were still fast to preparation, the muzzle and guns were aligned.

Even more than 400 rockets, no exception, eight rockets were placed on each of them, and more than 3,000 energy accumulated.

Two cavalry flutters are rapidly close, although the number of Qin Jun far exceeds eight flags, but speed is slow.

Just as Qin Yu gather, he held a telescope. When he was ready to see the collision of blood and meat, the head of the Mongolian cavalry suddenly turned, avoiding the plane of the eight flag.

Qin Yu is anger, Cao Shijun is an urgent, because the previous more than 30,000 Mongolian cavalry suddenly divided into two, the latter two thousand Han people cavalry directly exposed under the impact of the eight flag cavalry, I wanted to avoid it. After all, these people may not enter the imperial equestrian.

"Haha! Kill!"

Dol roll is haha ​​laugh, there is no need to avoid the Mongolian cavalry that avoided, I haven't had a much hope, I'm a stop, but now Mongolian cavalry does not dare to rush, they at least half of the opportunity.

The more than 30,000 Mongolian cavalry have been avoided, almost the awareness of consciousness, no one ordered, because everyone knows, just rush straight, it is definitely the deadline.


Not all Mongolian cavalry has come to avoid, at least 5,000 rides and eight flags have been hit together, and suddenly it is a horses.

However, the speed of the eight flag cavalry is still not reduced, how much don't know, but the five thousand Mongolian cavalry is almost overwhelmed, just a short message, five thousand Mongolian cavalry is completely swallowed by 30,000 flags, there is no Arrow.

There are five thousand Mongolian cavalry hysteresis, more than 20,000 Han army cavalry should be slightly better, but they still have thousands of rides in the two sides, and still have thousands of rides, a charge is full of more than 10,000 rides, if not There are five thousand Mongolian cavalry in front, more than 20,000 people are afraid that the whole army is not covered.

The eight flags have nearly 20,000 rides, and the speed is still fast, and the firearms are coming, leaving a certain horse corpse body is like a Shuraban battlefield.

Cao Shizhen's blood, the horse, the eyes were red, and immediately greeted the cavalry to transfer the horse to kill the horse, and the remaining more than 5,000 cavalhers were almost horrified, and they have not responded, let al. Even now Can't catch up.

As for more than 20,000 Mongolian cavalry to avoid the two sides, looked at the face of the people, the same side, because this kind of cavalry hedge, even in the grassland, rarely occurred.

At this time, on the high platform in Qin Yu, the green gluten on the head of Qin Yu has drums. If you can't get all the Mongolian cavalry, because they are never retreat, even if they don't have, 30,000 flags have to be delayed.

Nowadays, people are only paying a minimum price, and they have killed 20,000 cavalry, most of them are still the Han people cavalry that he has worked hard, and the key is that there is no momentum of the Bagnifier.

"Your Majesty, the light is afraid to stop the impact of the cavalry, I will take my sisters to stop it!"

Xiao Cui shouted over the high platform, and said that he had to take a horse and led five thousand women to rush.

Because she knew that once the firearman did not stop, the third echelon's tens of thousands of people were finished, after all, the third echelon, except for the firemanship, most of them were logistical, even a long gun.

So knowing that their five thousand people fill out, but also the next place where they were drowned, but at least the momentum of the opponent's charge, giving Cao Zhanquan to pay time and reply.

As for the safety of your Majesty, she didn't worry about it. His Majesty hid in the ten feet high table, enough to avoid the charge of the cavalry, wait until Cao Cao is rescue.

"Let's go back, don't be stupid, don't forget that there is still a rocket ..." Qin Yu was very eager to scream. If there is no rocket, he can only sacrifice these five thousand women. Drop.

Because these five thousand women cavers are slow, the fire and the artillery even can't stop, the other party cavalry has to be disabled, then tens of thousands of people, the ripple is the cavalry.

Xiao Caton responded, and his heart was big.

I remembered the last rocket, crack down on the spectacular scene of the Mongolian cavalry, and the female caravans around a time were looking forward to it.

I don't blame them for forget the rocket, this unconventional strike means, indeed beyond people's imagination, if it is not the last test, I am afraid that no one will believe that rocket can prevent cavalry groups Collective charge.

After stopping Xiao Cui, Qin Yu stared at the cavalry rushing in the south. In order to accurately judge the distance, even the telescope did not use, and the cavalry to be taken from the fire, there is still around, The palm suddenly waved, and I saw: "Launch!"

The flagner immediately waits a special order, obviously, is clearly commanded to the routine means.

The four rocket camps are not far from the high platform. As four leaders are pulled out, the ignition is the first time to ignite the eight rockets on the launcher, and then lick the ear. One side.


Booming ...

For a time, a rocket fought first aftertaste, it is like a general arrow to spend a spectacular, dragging countless white smoke, three miles.

Along with a whistling, a loud sound, more than two hundred Franca can also grow up, and the launch is the real bullet, or direct.

Compared to the rocket, the speed of the shell is naturally, a pop-ups of children's fists, shooting to the champion of the charge, almost no empty.

Directly hit it on the horsesaw, the horse is directly in the ground, and the blood cave under the neck is particularly scary. If you play on the knight, the shells are directly passing through the next goal, even if you hit I will also bounce on the ground, and I can't help people in the middle of the people.

However, even if the two projectiles have killed three or four hundred rides, or they are bloody, they can face more than 20,000 cavalry, still a drop in the bucket.

As for another cannon, even the Franco is not too late, let alone the fireworks will immediately modify the filling.

The front two row of fire devices have been all thrown, and one row is stood.

The latter firemanship is also a row, and there are nearly a thousand people in each row, while the back firearm is still coming, in the back column.

After all, the speed of the cavalry is too fast, from the charge to now just a short quarter, it will kill from the hills outside the 20 miles.

All the firearms are only stopped in the south. Obviously, Qin Yu is not afraid that the other party will return, because once it comes back, the speed will slow down, this more than 20,000 flags have no speed, the threat is not big.