Boom ...


Almost two rows of fires in front of the trigger, and then quickly kneel down the bayonet, the first rocket has already entered the cavalry group, and the explosion has taken place, followed by it.

I saw the sky-covered explosion swept the entire cavalry group, and countless wars in the black smoke, and the knight on the horse was blown up.

This kind of carpet saturation blowing, fierce explosion, in addition to being a charge of the cavalry, almost let all people have a sense of consciousness, looking at this side, dozens of thousands of troops who are killing, are gasping I don't know what it is.

Immediately, Qin Jun broke out, and the coalition forced to collapse, was awakened by this wave of explosions, and lost the blade and turned.

The king saw the trend and has been going. The same was directly fled to Shaoguan directly to the murder, and hundreds of thousands of people finally defeated.

And Doluo also rushed out of the black smoke, although the explosion was also unfained by the explosion, but he knew that it was not thinking about it, watching the fire soldiers close at the time, a faceless waving Long knife.


It is not much to control the horse like Dolgon, and the cavalry that continues to rush is not much. In addition to rushing in front or back, and the edges are not being affected, others are died, or that the horse is shocked. .

So even if there is more than 10,000 rides in foot, you can't get rude, and there is no longer the kind of uneven momentum.

In the face of them, it is a row of fire, and the Francilnel blows that have just been loaded.

In addition to the front two rows of fire, it is open to fire, and the latter is open, then immediately squats the bayonet, holding the gun with hands, holding the gun crossed, dying eyes, rear row It is the same as the lattice of fire.

If you can't stop the cavalry, then fill the turndom shoot, it is a joke, it is not as good as the fight, so it is better to squat in the same place, even if you are going to die, the bayonet can also get into the stomach of the horse, no The other party hacked and killed.

The fact is true, 30,000 flags are eligible, even if you have experienced a rush of cavalry, it suffers from more than 3,000 rockets, there is still no way to completely block, at least two thousand rides. In the crowd, put the fire of the fire in the first few rows of fire, and stepped on a mess.

But their charges have come to an abrupt, because the horse rushed into the crowd is almost biting a hedgehog.

Even if this kind of fierce, when I rushed into the crowd, I jumped high in advance, and I crossed two or three feet. When I fell, the following is still a bustling bayonet.

Because all the firearms soldiers did not run, they did not ran, and they didn't lift the gun, but they went to the cavalry, but all squatted down.

Although Dolg, although the mouth is fierce, it will not be really stupid to rush in the first wave, but fall in the second wave, so although rushing up, you can all have a horse corpse and a human body in front. It is impossible to continue to rush forward, others are like him.

This situation is either dial around the horse head, or lower the horse, or bend the bow archery.

"Wang Ye is still withdrawn!"


Dorr rolled around, he had to hate it, he was not silly that he was only more than a thousand people around him, and he lost his speed. You can at least be more than ten rows of fireworks.

The key is that the Qin army cavalry behind and the Qin army cavalry in front will be killed, and no longer have a whole army, and it is meaningless.

While dialing the horse, Doluo looked back at it, and the man wearing gold armor on the high platform was unwilling.

Qin Yu is distressed, the dark cavalry is really not good, although he has been killed by fire, it can hit the fish of the net, still step on the death of three or four thousand people.

If there is no hush, the consequences are unimaginable, it is estimated that the 20,000 fireworks are all over, so dealing with the best way to deal with cavalry is the cavalry.

After all, there is not much chance to force the opponent's cavalry, directly impact the infantry, and the fire army. The rocket combats the same conditions.

Otherwise, Dol is rolling on the hillside, he launched a wave of rockets.

Although there are only more than a thousand rides around Dollar, there are still many rolls around the rocket, and the knights will also control the horse's horses, and began to bring together to Dol. Going to the east.

Most people have not yet aggregated, and the five thousand female cavalry led by Xiao Cui directly crushed.

At this time, the eight flags of the eight flags rushed over more than 20 miles. All the war horses were sweating, panting, and the five thousand women cavalry, but they were horsepower, and they formed a scale. Waving the horse knife Shouting.

Dorr rolled back to see the five thousand women carars who chased the championship were also anxious. When the tiger, Pingyang was bullied by dogs, but the physical strength of the horse is not born, the speed of the other party's horse is getting faster and faster, Can't.

The distance is too short. At this time, I have turned around the horse to fight, I am afraid that I have not completely turned it, I was directly crushed by the other party, but their eight flags were afraid of the wolf, nor the young girls were bullying, and they returned to the arrow. .

I have to say that this kind of Mongolian invented the tactics, it is definitely the most powerful tactics when escaped, don't say that the five thousand cavalry will not archery, even if you can ride a horse racing, the archery is not bad, and it is also a loss. .

Because the people catching up to front archery, the front cavalry runs forward, the words that are thrown, and when the arrow is burn, the cavalry runs.

On the contrary, the front of the person turned the roller rain behind, when the land was landed, the cavalry behind him just chased it.

That is to say, in the case where the arrow range is the same, the person who escaped is much more than the people behind.

This is not young, they just suffered a wave of arrows, and fell to hundreds of rides. I want to take out a short-awaited and hit. The range is not enough, and after I fall back to more than two hundred people, Xiao Cui has to turn it. Matou, led the cavalry from the side, and did not dare to chase so anxious.

At this time, Cao Zhanyi also gathered more than 20,000 Mongolian cavalry, rumbled.

Compared to the five thousand female cavers who led Xia Cui, these Mongolian cavalry are absolutely the most professionals for how to chase cavers.

After a left and one right, staying from the side of the eight flag cavalry, as the bone is general, no hurry, always outside the arrow range of the other party, but keep the other party can't turn back, the speed of the other party As long as it is slow, accelerate directly to rush.

Dorr rolls only gathered more than 3,000 cavers, and the face of the desperate, Xiao Cui has also wanted to speed up to intercepanize, but he received the order of Qin Yu, but she had to return to the west. Those infantry, more than 5,000 female soldiers, almost all are unwilling.

Because of this battle, as the oldest camp for royal banquet, they did not build trees, but they must be equipped, but the whole army.

This is destined to come in the future, I am afraid it is lower than the male banquet.

Even if there are more than five thousand men, there is nothing, but only one left, the men's guard camp is a good guy who dares to take a positive charge of the squat.

And they will be joke into the protection of fireworks, until the other party fled, and dare to kill.