The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 525 of the overall situation has been fixed

This chasing warfare lasted for three days before the end.

Wang Wang is a step by step, and it is caught in Wu Sangui outside the Shaoguan several miles away, directly falling down the horse.

The large number of infantry that fled later was completely blocked, and did a prisoner.

This is the difference between cavalry and no cavalry, and a total of more than 30 million army of the coalition.

Dorr rolled away, and he ran to the Yellow River, and he was caught up by Cao.

The result of a battle, all died on the edge of the Yellow River, and even Dolong rolled by Cao Ziyi.

The only thing did not be caught, it's not killed, there is a Hong Contribute, have to say that ginger is really a spicy.

When the situation is not wonderful, there is no north to the Yellow River, and there is no fleeing to Shaoguan, but I slipped into Luoyang City, and I also took the opportunity to get rid of tens of thousands of soldiers.

Obviously I know a dead road, so it is better to escape from Luoyang City, and then negotiate with Qin Jun, and strive for a life path.

If it is the other emperor in history, this trick in Hong Chengge can really be successful, it will be allowed to raise him, after all, there are too many people who die this battle.

In the handsome account of the big camp, the generals chasing it basically come back, the most exciting need, Cao Cao, others or excited or envious.

The Wu Sangui, who has just been brought, has some embarrassment, Xiao Ji looks at the head of his waist, snoring, obeys the head, obviously to this day, the guy who returned to it, Heart is unwilling.

"At the end, Wu Sangui, worshiping Your Majesty! Long live you old!"

"Well, put it out," Wu General can repent, good, the past is actions. "Qin Yu nodded, and then played.

"Thank you! This is the first level of Pseudo Emperor, and the end will be lucky, special offer!"

Wu Sanui relied relieve tones. After wasting, he will follow the head of the hero.

"Oh?" Qin Yu's eyes lit, all the people in the account were stared at the head, and the people who envyed, obviously except Xiao Cui, others didn't know that Li Zicheng was killed by him.

Such a big weather, even if you use the lime spices, this is three days. At this time, it is also a stinky, Qin Yu is just just looks at it, and then waits, and the dealer is buried.

"Well, this war has changed and the San Gui pulls the head, and afterwards, it is unified before the war."

Although the head is given Wu Sangui, Qin Yu is very unhappy, but after all, there is no jog, saying it is to be fulfilled.

What's more, if it is not Wu Sangui, the king of 80% will escape to Shaoguan, although it is finally desirable, it can be done now.

"Thank you!"

Everyone gave you a single knee, especially killing Dolong and Li Zicheng, Wu Sangui, as if I have seen Marquis, I have seen the Marquis.

As for ten beautiful women, although I know that there is a unlucky beauty, Wu Sangui only wants one, then it is his own round.

It is also because he is desperately chasing Li Zicheng. The emperor is not a person, and there is more than six thousand rides, and finally chasing Li Zicheng under Shaoguan, but given the last lesson, but not said.

But the look, Qin Yu will see what he thinks in his heart?

Dark road, this guy is not a rush of the crown, and it is still not dead, but also remembers Chen Yuanyuan. Although he wants to fulfill him, you can still be reluctant.

Seeing Qin Yu did not say that the round rewards will be given to him, Wu Sangui is a face of the face, and it is too happy to return it.

Qin Yu is done to control him. He knows even if Wu Sanqi's heart has a resentment. In the future, it will never be rebellious, and it has no opportunity to rebel.

"This battle has killed more than 50,000, captured more than 20,000, killing eight flags and more than 20,000, and Handsmen more than 20,000, but there are still more than 40,000 to follow Hong Sai escape Luoyang. City, but our army's own casualties are also quite heavy, and there is a total of more than 50,000 songs. After this war, the world is basically fixed, and Li Dingguo is listed. "

"The end will be!" Li Dingguo quickly went out.

"Hey, now, you will be the general of the West, tomorrow, the third army will attack Shaoguan, set the northwest and surrounding people!"

"Chen's mission!"

Li Dingguo is happy, knowing that Qin Yu will not go northwest from it again.

"Cao Meng!"

"At the end of!"

"Hey, now, you will be the general of the general, the sea of ​​the town, and tomorrow, the Mongolian cavalry, go to the big famous government, follow the north of the north!"

"Thank you!"

"Wu Sangui!"

"At the end,"

"He is now officially promoted you to the China General, and the Qing Dingning iron riding, and the whole company is the Daxin Army cavalry independence town.

"Thank you, the end will swear, loyal, loyal Qin!"

For the preparation of Qin Jun, Wu Sangui has already understood clearly, although the general military officials in the middle general, but it is independent town, according to independent camp, the independent town should be comparable to the existence of the army, so Still very satisfied, the only dissatisfaction is that there is no seal, but he is not anxious, anyway, it can't run.

The next day, Cao Zhao took more than 20,000 Mongolian cavalry, and Wu Sanki took more than 10,000 Guanning iron riding, and the big famous government was killed. Li Dingguo also took 100,000 troops, and the mighty rushed to Shaoguan.

Qin Yu is left to Luoyang, starting to work, after all, more than 200,000 captives are still being treated, and the entire Henan government is also a mess.

As for the war of the north, Qin Yu is no longer intended to manage it. It was originally intended to let Xiaoyu with a soldier and horses. The father and son were also caught, which made Qin Yu did not have a worries.

Luoyang City under Luoyang City.

Looking at the army of the city, the traitors such as Hong Chengguo on the city are all opposite.

Because Qin Yu actually tried to kill and refused their surrender.

Qin Yu is indeed to drive, but only for the general soldiers, it also disdains the first to scam the city gate, and then kill things.

Playing a horse and put a horse, don't let it go, the kind of words do not believe, first promise to find an excuse, secretly killed things, he still dismissed.

Hong Contributes they think that they can live in Loyang City, and it is wrong.

Don't say that ordinary soldiers will not follow them together, even if the soldiers will not be able to rebelly, he also has countless means to attack.

However, hundreds of big men just shouted, only the military officers, did not kill soldiers, tens of thousands of soldiers in the city rebellious, immediately took all the officers to all, open the city gate.