The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 532 relying on the emperor of the world and widow

I hope that the three girls who are kneeling in the hall, it should be three young women, Qin Yu is silent for a quarter of an hour, she slowly said:

"I have worked hard to cultivate you, I want you to make you contribute to my Daqin's education, who I once thought of you ... Hey! Time, this matter can not completely blame you, since wood has become a boat, you will be embarrassed. I have lived together, from now on, you will be free of your interior, no longer a person of my royal internal government. "

"Thank you!"

The three women are like a Mun Dan, and they have rushed down the hoe. At the same time, they all guilty, they all regret that they were righteous, and people were bad, and they could no longer repay the cultivation of Your Majesty.

Mrs. Zhou is a heavy tone.

Immediately, Qin Yu took the owner and the casino boss, personally smoked 10 whip per person, so that the two must be a three girls, this will rush back.

He is also no way. At this time, the woman's chastity is very important. In the future, it is also advocated, so even if you kill, it is already late, you only have to make you.

Qin Yu also knew that this kind of thing, anti-can't help, can only guide it, after all, these girls will be married, but the minimum will be 18 years old.

In the end, Qin Yu has only to temporarily send an experienced female soldier to the Jingzhou House, and prevent it from being deceived, and stipulates that they will not be close to the school, and if they pay for the county, they will fight the top ten boards. Fine tan silver ten two.

Qin Yu believes that if the two people are entangled every day, the three girls are absolutely can't see them.

So in the future, I will stay away from the downtown area, built in a secluded place, the female gentlemen also try to go back to their own hometown, so that parents look, it can avoid this.

Moreover, Qin Yu is also preparing to make the Ministry of Education, which officially expressly stipulate that female teachers are within 18 years of age, and they don't talk about marriage, and they will be opened, and fined. After the age of 18, we must apply for marriage must apply.

"Mrs. Zhou, these two men don't know the people of all towns in all towns, and did not find the meaning in the local area?"

Compared to those girls, Qin Yu is not as long as they are so early, affecting their own education, but these widows want to find a person to marry, just at the side of the local, while singing, doing things, Guide the spirit of society.

"Please ask the sisters of Mingjian, Chen Chen and townships, have always been cleaned, and never dare to make a wound defeat."

Mrs. Zhou misunderstood Qin Yu's meaning, scared a jump, hurried down.

"The lady misunderstood, I have said before, as long as you have interested in people, you can marry again, and if you have basically fixed today, I also hope that you can have a good home, of course, even if you marry people, still I still The royal households, the body of the body will not cancel. "

Qin Yu is helping her, tone and slow.

"Your Majesty ..." Zhou Mrs suddenly moved his eyes, and he couldn't speak.

"Okay, if the lady is interested in people, you can do it for you now." Qin Yu had to comfort.

"Your Majesty, the minister is really ..." Mrs. Zhou shook his head and somewhat red.

Qin Yusi did not like to lying, and the brow suddenly wrinkled, asked: "Why is this? Is this big Badong County, there is no one to enter the eyes of the lady?"

"Your Majesty, this ..." Although Mrs. Zhou is already a woman in her thirties, but still asked by Qin Yu to ask red ear, low, shame, half a day, not there is still something.

"The husband is close to lifelong, you don't say, you don't say, how do you know the medicine?"

Qin Yu is anxious to die. After all, this is not one or two, but there are tens of thousands of people. He can get the world today. If you say anyone's credit, it is absolutely those young soldiers and these widows.

Those teenagers helped him play the battlefield of the world. These widows helped him to have a stable rear, and the contributions made were also huge.

Qin Yu is not a ruthless person, and will not forget. Nowadays, it is now a young boy, it is a blind wife, sitting in the beautiful wife and beauty, and these widows will be given to them, but only I can find a good home, after all, the husband of these people is basically dead.

"Your Majesty, Chen Yu ... Chen Chen doesn't want to marry ..."

Mrs. Zhou was forced to bite his teeth, but it was sobbed.

"You ... don't cry, no matter what, you can give you a master."

"Your Majesty, or let the end will talk to this lady!" Xiao Cui is straight and white, it is not possible to see it.

"Good!" Qin Yu suddenly took a forehead and finally wake up.

Xiao Yuci immediately took the Mrs. Zhou went to the county. After two people came out, Qin Yu also finally understood, not she didn't want to marry, but not found appropriate.

They are asked, no one is willing to marry her for his wife, up to one alone, ordinary people and those ordinary soldiers are willing to marry them for their wife, but they can't see it.

Think about it, after all, these widows are now have a private, and they are born, how to see those villages and husbands, and how can they be willing to be a little?

The key is that there are many daughters. Once you have done a little, the daughter can't find a good person in the future, so they are rather than being alone, and they are not willing to be a little.

"Mrs., I think as long as people are practical, strong, thick, and there is no talented, let alone you can slowly teach."

Qin Yu is a bit awkward. In fact, he is not willing to give these widows to the big businessmen to do Xiaolu, which is more willing to marry ordinary people and soldiers, in order to neutralize, improve everyone's overall quality.

"Okay! This way, when you will tell you the world, I will promulgate a temporary Qin method. In the five years, anyone who has seven-year-old interiors, anyone marks the identity of the right wife, at the same time You can marry a wife again. "

Qin Yu saw she still didn't speak, and I was smirking, I thought I would like to say it.

Obviously he also knows where the problem is, most of these ladies are still in the wind, and he believes that people who have a heart, absolutely not a few, especially those who are low-level military officers.

But after all, it is already married. I have a child, I am willing to go home to be a little, because there is no nature.

But if you do a wife, it will definitely be shameful. I am afraid that I can't lift my head, so people who have a little bit of identity will not be willing.

This is the market. In ancient people, I would rather marry an ugly girl to be a wife, and I will not choose a woman.

After all, although the ancient wives, the three wives, but no one is qualified to marry the wife, once the passover, it is absolutely to stand on a big event.

So this Qin method is undoubtedly giving them a pet wife, and the reason is only five years, mainly solving this batch of Kung Fufu, and the future woman is afraid that there is no such treatment.

The same ordinary people will not allow their foreternal, the wife is a wife, and the is a woman, he will not engage in a wife, and he will not engage in his wife.

Although it will not be able to kill the room like now, the status of the wife is also clearly distinguishing, so the woman is a little heartless, will not be willing to give others, otherwise, once the wife is flat, I am afraid. Pretty women have the power of the wealth man, and ordinary people can only drink foot water.

Mrs. Zhou listened to Qin Yu, suddenly the eyes were bright, excited, and Qin Yu also had a heavy tone, solved the problem of these widows, and they can make a merger in the future, special responsible for banks and business Do things.

As for education and grassroots teaching, it is still to handle the government of the government, the widow woman in the army, in addition to a few people who have a nurse, and the female bare to guard the inner palace, others must gradually decline.