The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 539 Beauty is not rewarding

"Don't take it, sit!"

Qin Yu saw more than a hundred people stupidly stupid, and some of them were slightly urgent. It was still very satisfied with this effect. Sure enough, hero is sad.

These hundreds of women can all be picked out, one of them, plus the costumes of the Ming Dynasty, is the most beautiful in the past, this dress dress, when a real one is like a fairy, the temperament is far away Not a modern woman.

If it is used to the Qin Yu, I have been used to it, and the aesthetics have already been tired. Where is it to let them come out?

"Thank you!"

Everyone reacted, and gave you a wedding, then lowered, came to the table, but there was no sitting, and some of the women who secretly secretly said.

There was a total of more than ten tables in the field. I also took a high platform. The red carpet was paved. Qin Yu came to the host. He called Li Dingguo and eight Qin's young people. This is Everyone: "You don't have to be restrained, sit down, today you don't have to talk about the ritual of the monarch, wait for the opening of the drink, everything is free!"

"Thank you!" This has only dropped, but no one dares to treat Qin Yu as true, but more careful.

After all, everyone is not a fool. I've been a secret emperor. I'm not secret, the ghost knew this banquet, will it be to learn Song Taizu, I want to engage in the right of wine

Or want to observe their reaction?

If you really indulge too much, you will be refreshed in your heart, and the iron is not a good fruit. This is not, Li Dingguo and the eight Qin surnames not only don't dare to sit down, but in turn, I am very shocked.

Seeing this scene, Qin Yu also sighed, but only went to Li Dingguo Shen Sheng: "Decided into the country, we will die together in Googheng, fight side by side, have a hand, there is a hand, if you don't lose me this life, I will never lose you, you first sit! "

"The minister swear here, never neglects your majesty!"

Li Dingguo has some excited vow, then sit in the left of Qin Yu, Qin Tie is also following the right side, and other seven people are sitting down.

"it is good!"

"Put it from the end of the micro, the Nangzang North War Number, and now finally Ding Ding Tian, ​​let the people live in the music, the first cup of wine today, the robe of the gown of the battle, there is no sacrifice, there is no Today, there is no such thing today's Ronghua, I hope that this is a prosperous, which can make their universities to rest in peace! "

Qin Yu is a wine glass, and the generous and excited road. The last tone is somewhat grief to sprinkle the wine and sprinkled on the ground.

Everyone has a sample, and the face is grief, I don't know how many people still have to die.

"The second cup of wine, you have to respect the seat, no you, the same Daxin today, here, I hope to witness the Wanshi Wanye of the Central Committee of the Central Committee, I hope that our future generations can enjoy this peace. Shengshi! "

"Your next Qianqiu Wan!"

"Da Qin Wanshi Changsheng!"

As Qin Yu drunk the wine in the cup, everyone is emotionally shouting, then kill.

"Come! Eat, drink, today's beautiful wine, only drink, but not allowed to pack it!"

Qin Yu had to easily ease the atmosphere, put a piece of bear's palm and greeted.

Sure enough, everyone made a big laugh, all of them have been released, and each table began to faster, talking and laughing.

After all, the dishes on the table have never been seen, and they have never eaten. I know that this opportunity is estimated to be this time, but when you eat, you will still come to the beauty of the beauty of time.

And that hundreds of women were also elegant on the bench, and they did not send a sound from beginning to end. There were dozens of people to cover up with fragrant flavors, and the costumes were obviously more expensive, this is more Everyone is very difficult, I want to peek, but I don't dare to let go.

After all, although everyone guess, these women may be to give them, but since ancient sacred hearts, it is, so, if it doesn't dare to discuss it.

At this time, the sound suddenly sounded, and everyone's consciousness stopped the chopsticks. He looked at the high platform in front. He saw a woman wearing a white dress. From the back, it started to dance.

The unique melody style, plus the beauty dance, every time everyone listened to the drunk, I should not be intoxicated, people are drunk!

At the end of the song, everyone is still unfinished. Qin Yu also has a little enough. This ancient style is one of his past generation. It is special to make Qin Huai Bang Yanzi. Now, the effect seems to be not bad.

Although slightly different, with an ancient musical instrument, it can be perfectly played, and it is very beautiful.

No way, the song and dance of this era, I really appreciate it, so I can only sing some of the ancient wind songs in my past life, let the Master of the Mrotherapy use the ancient music.

When the last momentous "true hero" performance is over, although it is just a pure melody, everyone still listens to the blood.

"it is good!"

"Your Majesty, this song is used to be too wonderful, and the end will seem to be in battlefield, hate can not immediately kill him!"

Qin Meng took the table stood up, screamed, and then he was excited to Qin Yu.

Everyone is scared, but but also have the same sense, even the old frozen strip of Zuo Liangyu is nodded.

"Haha, this song name is true hero, is preparing for the real hero!"

Qin Yu is also smiled, but there is this, such as the future, and he will play a thousand people, it will be very spectacular.

"Your Majesty, is it a reward to us?"

Qin Meng may really drink too much, some of the head, and ask Qin Yu asked.

This time, everyone slammed a cold sweat for him, but it was stunned, but the ear was all vertically, and the scenes were all except for a time scene. After all, they also wanted to ask, but they didn't dare to ask. .

"Hu said, my Daqin is a civilized society of the rule of law. In addition to , other people have no expensive, these women are also protected by my Qin method, can you send people like goods?"

Qin Yu was in the prostitute, but he also known almost, the performance of the performance, also hangped up their appetite, so he did not wait for Qin to ask for crime, and the tone was turned: "However, since ancient beauty with heroes, it is killing The hero, if you look at which woman, she is willing to, I will naturally adult beauty! "

Everyone was originally lost, but he heard that it was a big joy, it was obviously not a fool, so he expected Qin Yu.

"Tell, San Gui, I have promised it, who kill Dolu and Li Zi's achievements ... Well, let's ask, see if there is ten women who are willing to marry you."

Qin Yu pointed to the mouth, so in a timely crash, put on the two people, and the two are rushing to get up: "Follow!" Then in a crowd, head towards the side Woman walks.

"Right, those who take the fans are the righteous girls received by the emperor."

At this time, Qin Yu said faintly.

Everyone is not stupid, naturally know that Qin Yu's meaning, the nature of the nature, it is naturally not to be, so don't think about the fan.

This is not Cao Fengqi. Since the early years of Qin Yugu returned a county owner, the old man did not take the ten, and the ten women naturally won't refuse. When Cao Ying came to them, they got up. After a ritual, then lifted the jade to him.

These hundred women are the Qinhuai River and the famous people from the Jiangnan. Don't say the generals in the field, most of them are young people in the age of 20, even if they are 30 or forty, they are willing to marry, so they say that they are blind date. , But in fact, there is not much difference.

This, Qin Yu knows that the general understands, and the few women are also clear, no one will really think that there is no expensive division of Daqin in the future.