The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 540 hanging the sheep head selling dog meat

Cao's speed is very fast, but Wu Sangui came to walk in the crowd, and it was not willing to make a decision, and a pair picking.

This naturally provoked the generals under the stage, and he couldn't help him, and now he still grinds, delay everyone chooses beauty, it is not allowed to rush.

Wu Sangui naturally feels that the eyes of the pair of people under the stage, so although it is anxious to be full of sweat, it still bits teeth continue to find in the crowd.

After half an hour, the more than 400 women in front have been found, still did not find it, but Wu Sangui is still unwilling, bittering to teeth, and the woman who is nearly 100 people take the fifth behind.

This makes everyone can't bear it anymore, some have a variety, and the table is roaring.

"Mother, this guy does something ghost, pick it up, don't pick it up?"

"Dog Day, occupying Mao Ping!"

"Ha ha…"

Only Qin Yu smiled, obviously only he understood that Wu Sangui was not chasing people, but looking for someone.

But this guy wants to think that he will put Qin Huai's eight-day, then he can only say that he drinks too much, he Qin Yu is more generous, and it has not been big.

Over time, the angry not only the generals, and there is a woman who is a woman who is a righteous woman in Zhang Wei, which is also a bit of miners, Wu Sangui, which caused him to take him behind him.

Because this guy let the women take the fan, only look at it, go away, come to the next, what is the difference between this movement and picking things?

So even if the face of Qin Yu is ugly.

May Wu Sangui also knows that he has already committed anger, and then find more than half of it can't eat it. So I sighed, just chose a woman who took the fan, and then picked up nine in front, I lost my face. Go to the seat.

"Mother, what's the rest ..."

"Hey! If you don't have a big degree, where is he qualified to sit here? It is still unbales ... I am!"

This woman was grabbed, and suddenly gave it to everyone disdain.

"Decided into the country, come to you, go to eight!"

"Qin Tie, six."

"Qin Double ..."

Originally, Qin Yu is going to go two two, can be delayed by Wu Sangui for so long, only accelerate the progress, and start some name directly.

This time, this time is not according to the title, but according to the rank, in addition to the extra two, the other is six, the generals, the generals, three generals, and two major people.

The whole Qin army, Qin Yu also seals five big generals, is the Hui Fengda General, Hui Dingguo, Zhenxi General Li Dingguo, Zhennan General Qin Tie, Zhendong University General Qin Tao, Town Peking University General Qin Wen.

Although Huaji is a noble, it doesn't need to be Que, but the rank is still sealed, and in the future, all the generals will be given a title.

Other five young people, and Li Yan, Niu Jinxing, Zuo Liangyi, Lu Xiangsheng, Cao Shiqi, Wu Sangui and others, when it is in order to go to the general, the towns are still the middle general, and the independent camp will lead a Major army. .

After the Pingding Yunnan and the Northeast, and the general army and the generals will not be able to recover the soldiers. It is usually awkward to be in the capital. Only the war will send one person to lead the army, and the war is over. Beijing.

It's just a long time, more than 500 women are willing to find the wishful Lang Jun, some are the wife, some are the sorrow, and the generals are not thinking about everyone.

After all, everyone is still unknown, but these women are really realistic, and they are all known to know the book, and they are both a double, and hundreds of women who have been the wife are also the righteousness of the Queen, and the identity is also enough. .

As for the previous identity, no one will be concerned, don't check, they also know those women who want to be their wife, they must have all the body.

This is all believe that your Majesty is never pit.

At this time, those women have left, more than 100 generals, and their faces have a jagged, some are more sorrowful, only three exceptions.

As the only female general Qin Lihua in the field, since the banquet has been in the blind date, he has been embarrassed, and Qin Yu has forgotten her.

Secondly, I declined to pick Zuo Liangyu, because his woman is already enough, and many daily and his son is a thin ice. I am afraid that I have been stared at Qin Yu that day, so I dare to have?

There is a marquel that he is full of satisfaction.

Seeing many dishes left on the table, the wine has not yet been drunk, Qin Yu did not announce the break, but let them eat, they left, this time, I didn't forget that Qin Lihua took it.

Qin Yu is walking, the scene is suddenly hot, and one is also thoroughly speaking, starting to find a good general, the tipe is back, and the wine is ignorant.

Only Wu Sangui is sitting on a table, drinking stuffling, even if so, still being found.

After returning to the harem, Qin Yu introduced Qin Lihua to Zhang Wei, a few women's understanding, especially with Hungju, and made a feeling of hating.

"Lihua sister, let me talk about what I just have, must be very lively?"

I can't wait to ask, I have said that I have finished Qin Yu, clearly blame him from participating in this big general.

Qin Yu had to smile and left the palace.

Zhang Wei is a bright eyebrow, and also lively, the latter is slightly changed, obviously some fear of Zhang Wei.

In fact, the redness is not Zhang Wei, but she is delegated, she has come back for three days, and she has already made countless bars. If it is not forgive, it is estimated that it is still in the cold palace now.

So for future nobles, my heart is full of fear, she doesn't know how other women have passed, anyway, she can't stand it a day.

This is not possible, that can't be said, don't say riding the sword, just eat, walk, bath, wear what clothes shoes, bring what hand and deco to die.

Just like this banquet, Qin Yu also agreed to bring her to participate, but Zhang Wei said that there was an inflation, and the final hard was soaked.

"In fact, there is nothing, my sister does not participate, it is good ..."

See Qin Yu, I remembered the face of the generals, Qin Lihua smiled.

At this moment, Xiao Cui ran in, see Qin Yu is not there, only have to rise: "The Niang Niang, Your Majesty, the end will be reported."

"As a banker, so panic, what is the body?" Zhang Yu suddenly traged the road, and the tone was quite unpleasant.

"Niang Niang is sinful, the end will be anxious for a moment, this is only ..." Xiao Cui frightened and rushed, obviously this shot was also unlucky.

Nowadays, Zhang Yu has gone with the princess. The mother and daughter were quickly petted in Qin Yu. Don't say that Xiao Cui's hilarious collar, even the Xinxin is so causing.

"Okay, okay, sister, how big is it? As for such a big temper, Xiao Cui, what happened?"

Huangji hurriedly played the round field and asked Xiao Cui.

"Red Sister, the guy is drinking, and even the prohibition can't stop."


"Also, I thought that this palace is a military camp? I dare to sprinkle ..."

The girls are big surprises, but the red scorpion is anger, saying that it is rushing, but I have forgotten that I have a long skirt, and I'm going to fall in a timely.

"Stand, you are not allowed, this is not what you should, this palace will go to Your Majesty."

Zhang Wei finished, just go backward.

Red scorpion is a half-dead, hesitated, or bite his teeth, rush out.