The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 553 New Zeense Country Relationship

As Lu is rising in the Beihai Tuen Tuen, the war of Daqin is finally completely declared.

The north has no strong enemy, the south is also completely fixed, Mu Guogong with the Ming Dynasty officials and some of the Ming Dynasty to flee from Yunnan and the thousands of soldiers, and Qin Double did not pursue, but according to Qin Yu's order Start disarmament.

The fourth army, the fifth legion, plus the first legion's 100,000 army, with a total of 300,000 people, leaving only 20,000 people to stay in Yunnan, 30,000 people stationed in Guangxi, Guangdong, and the remaining generals began to return to the lake.

Because these soldiers, most of them are Jiangnan and Lake Guangren, and it is not suitable for the Southwest Chongshan Mountain. With the weather turns, there have been a large-scale personnel soil and soil refine physical discomfort.

The northwest and Sichuan also only left 50,000 soldiers, the remaining soldiers and horses were retired, and they were in the local land.

At this point, the Qin Jun's field army, that is, a military group in Northeast, a military group in North China, a military group in northwest, a military group in the southwest, a military group returned from Yunnan, an external Qin Lihua's 30,000 white peaks, Lu Xiang Five thousand cavers.

Although the Wild Wars Army has been abolished, the Guanda Army in all provinces is a group of dispatches, almost all of the young bans aged 178.

Qin Yu intends to rest for more than a year or two, to be completely stable in the provinces in the world, the field of field is completed, and the Guanda army is adjusted to fight in the external.

He will not be like a generation of kings, and he will send tens of thousands of millions. He will play the country's power to fight outside. Finally, we will have a dealer for the sale of money. In his opinion, it seems that the small country will send one or two thousand people, big points. Up to 560,000 people are enough.

With the reunification of the Central Plains Dynasty, all countries around them have sent a minister to Nanjing, asking Daqin Emperor's booklet, of course, also have to help, including the Korean Li Shu Dynasty and the southern Dynasty in the southern Dynasty in Vietnam.

Because these two places have already been porridge, in the face of many makeups, Qin Yu is still busy in Wuchang, and there is no intention to return to Nanjing. This makes the Song Dynasty, which has just become the first place of the hospital, is also There is no bottom in my heart, I don't know how to dispose, I have to let the people have let the ministers let go, and then personally go to Wuchang to ask.


"Song Aiqing, what are the messengers of the country?"

"Return, there is North Korea, Ryukyu, Vietnamese, and Li's ...." Song Dianzheng quickly replied, and said seven or eight small countries.

"How can you come to a tribute?" Qin Yutou suddenly wrinkled, when the Central Plains dynasty was strong, come to the tribute, more than a dozen, there are more than a dozen, like now this is seven Eight, that is not just.

"Some of the majority of the Majesty is the Nanyang's small country being destroyed by the red man, even if it is not destroyed, many of them also take into account the happiness, do not dare to tribute."

Song Diancao has some angry and angry, obviously feel a bit less than the country in tribute, and he is the first thing to do this.

"What tributes have been taken? Is there any beauty?" Qin Yu nodded, and then asked, it was not angry.

"There is no beauty, it is some local native products." Song Dianzheng's face twitched, honestly replied.

In fact, all countries in the past are not willing to give the Central Plains Dynasty Emperor, but the emperor can't see it.

Just like the Tang, marry the princess to the foreign countries is to give them, let him marry the foreign woman, even if you are a good, it is an insult to them.

Don't say that the emperor is that the scholars who gather who gain the foreign women for their wife. The most is to play the skills. Whoever gives a name, it will definitely be smiled. It's not to mention the king of a country.

However, Qin Yu is obviously not so much, for marrying the Han family woman to foreign nationals, beautiful names and pro, it is to use a woman to exchange peace, it is deeply sick, so coughing a road: "This tribute is the rule Changed, the system of the primary and the country has changed. "

"Please ask how to change, how to change it, how to change?"

"How about this…"

Qin Yu smiled slightly, planning for a long time, and said in detail.

It is the country that I want to become a big Qin in the future. First of all, the king must personally come to Daqin to accept the book seal. When the emperor will give the country to the country, the robe jade belt and the crown, and the book seal, the king will receive Da Qin's protection Whether it is an external enemy invasion, or in a chaos, who dares to kill or overthrow the king, Da Qin will send a soldier, and truly do with Da Qin.

Although Daqin does not interfere with the throne of the country's throne, there must be several people must be observed and accepted.

The first is that the two businessmen can freely trade. The second is that the country must use the currency of Daqin. The third is that the country is not private and the alliance of other countries. To discuss the country, we must first report to Da Qin, and will be allowed to be allowed to give it.

Once the above, once it is violated, it will be regarded as a hlist mother, and the consequence is to die, the king family is killing.

Of course, this is just the first step. The second step is that the Daqin will set up a secondary school hall in all countries. All the people in the country can participate in the assessment. After graduation, the results of the results can go to Da Yin University Hall to continue to study, after graduation, you can graduate can be in Daqin after graduation Settle for the official set.

This will only pay for dozens of places every year, you can learn Chinese Han Dians from the people of the country. After all, the master's middle school assessment will definitely be too strict. As long as it will speak Han D, it will not matter. If you don't know, you have no relationship. teach.

The third step is that the title is integrated. That is the country of the king of the country, the right of the book, but afterwards, it is reported that these procons are reported, but it must be approved by the Royal Qin Royal.

The fourth step is the military integration.

That is the common force of each country in the future, it is not possible to exceed the provisions of Da Qin. The military military ranks also have to follow the provisions of Da Qin, and the standing troops in all countries have access to Qin Zhou.

In this four steps, step forward, there is no dozens of hundreds of years, all the country is probably talking about Chinese words, and there is not much difference in Han people.

Qin Yu believes in the first step. Most countries are willing to accept, after all, as long as they come to the Qin book, whether they are still safe, it is definitely a deadly temptation.

As for the use of Daqin's treasure, as long as you can exchange ingots, I believe that the people of each country can also accept it.

The two countries are free to trade, and it is even more than those of all countries. They are not allowed to allocate and the external operations should be requested. Although some are too much, it is not acceptable. After all, most countries are hobby.

As long as the first step is implemented, even if the kings don't want to be too late, because the countries have a sense of belonging to Da Qin, they can do not agree with the king, Da Qin or even useless force.

This is like warm water, it is unknowingly, and of course the premise is that the Central Plains Dynasty should have been stable, and there is no big-scale civil chaos, otherwise everything is going!

Compared to the barbaric colonial plunder method in European countries, this unnended part of the military in the national military is absolutely a hundred times more civilization.

The reason why Qin Yu has made this sect of the country, that is because his eyes can only be placed in the three acres of the big Qin State.

Instead, it is necessary to make the world's alligations have become the country of Daqin, and there is no ability to build a country. As long as you accept Daqin's booklet, Daqin will help you build a country, help you divide the site, help you drive away the invaders.