The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 562 is ready to bankruptcy

"His Majesty, the matter is here, or try to solve the bank's crowded incident as soon as possible, otherwise it will spread to the whole country."

"There is also a business bank, inventory is also in a hurry, not in time, I am afraid that it is not good!"

"Hey! How is the people who are so stupid?"

"Your Majesty, the idea, simply do not redeem the silver, so that the merchandon takes the treasure banknotes and then buy the items sold back, it is hard to fight, do they dare to rebel?"

Until the venting of Qin Yu, a few women dared to persuade.

Zhang Wei, Wang's, Li,, because of the long-term responsibility of business, it all knows how big is the impact of this incident, and a serious consequence of the treatment is definitely, but the prince is evil, but obviously thinks Stay before.

"Hu said eight, he repeatedly announced that the civilized society, the rule of law, protect private property sacred and unable to violate, if you are so special, what is the difference between the bandit robbers? Is this a civilized society? Where is the rule of law? Isn't it a hit my own face? "

When Qin Yu suddenly slammed her hips, Zhang Wei's three women were also straight and white, but the princes were rushing to make sin.

"It's ignorant, I will ask you to forgive sin."

"There are time to see some books, especially the cases compiled by the Administration and the Court, don't smash the first post, Tang Dynasty said this, how to let the world people think about?"

Qin Yu was swaying, but he just learned a sentence, thinking up, how to solve this crowded incident?

A few women did not dare to express their opinions, even Zhang Wei is the eyebrows, I don't know how to cope with this crisis, because it is definitely not good, don't redeem the silver, otherwise the bank is hard. The credibility of the establishment is gone, and the Bao banknotes will be fallen as before, and everyone avoids.

After the advantage of the advantages and consistency, Qin Yu still decided to dispatch the ingot from Nanjing. Let the ingot will be exchanged, and the money is not enough. If the silver is not enough to take gold, the gold is not enough to take the jewelry, and the credibility of the bank must be resolutely sustainable. .

It can be late, but it can't say no redeem, otherwise it will open this head, will be infinite after the suffering, after another, how to make up for the bank's reputation, everyone will always have a hibixi.

Moreover, if you want to develop the economy, develop industries, you must have a sound financial industry to support, so the credibility of banks must not be damaged. For this reason, all of the gold and silver jewels will be changed, he is also here.

What all have two sides, as long as the bank has been in the past, I believe that everyone will be greatly improved in the future, and will never be like this, slightly wind blowing, and going to run with crazy.

"Your Majesty, really want to open the exchange? So in the inner library and the banks in the treasury I will change it!"

As the main owner of the Hai Palace, it is not a heartache, and Zhang Wei is a heartache. As asked, the other three women are equally facing.

After all, it is not a few hundred thousands of two silver, but a thousand thousand yuan of ingots, the ingots in the treasury is more than 202 million.

"Nothing, as long as the bank's reputation is saved, it will naturally return the silver in the future!"

Although Qin Yu also distressed, it still bits his teeth.

"Okay!" Zhang Wei only had no choice butt, then asked: "How to solve the suppliers of the funds in the northern business? What are the people who have no treasure in their hands, and they will have a few months next year. Is it still for bank loans? "

"Loan a fart, all hungry." Qin Yu's heavy hammer table, obviously for those who are stupid, so far, still in a belly.

It is not angry if he is not angry. He gives the people loans are used to maintain basic life, so that they can stick to the summer harvest next year, and the money earned, you can buy some farm tools, and we can improve your life.

Who once thought that in just half a month, I took a good place in the hands of the treasure. If you buy a farm tool, even some luxury goods, you can accept it, but they are stupid to buy high-priced food, Results White cheaper, those soldiers and restaurant owners, thereby causing this crowded storm.

In fact, I have just got not long before he has received the news. It is expected that it may have to be bad, and the current communication conditions can only be seen at Kaifeng.

"Your Majesty, it is also hungry, this is a honesty, the disease is in a hurry, and then slowly teach in the future. After the bank incident, some silver will be given to them!"

Zhang Wei is also hilarious, knowing that he is talking.

"The sister is poor, the so-called emergency does not save the poor, if you will give them a loan again, it will make them habits, think that as long as there is no money, no food, the bank will give them loans, When you go, the people will become lazy, I don't know how to cherish it, so I won't give them a loan this time. "Qin Yu swayed.

"Although the words, do you have to bear the people?" Zhang Yan saw him seriously, and suddenly.

"Everything must have fruitful, this time they don't believe in my royal business, so I have to pay for my stupid behavior, only this will learn lesson."


"Nothing, they sell the current food in the family, go to buy rice bran, dig some wild vegetables, plus the money worker in winter, or can support it."

Qin Yu did not plan to be soft, decided to let the people of the three provinces in the north, and then realize the days of hungerous food, let them taste the cost of the Royal Firm.

Immediately, Qin Yu took a few ordered, sent to Nanjing, let Royal Banks and Central Banks dispatched the bank to visit all over the place, let everyone exchange, and let the shopkeepers from all over the world will stabilize everyone, and the Firm is temporarily closed to stop business, waiting for the silver After the arrival, open it, so as not to exchange the money, go to the firm to buy again.

Although Qin Yu's order is only three days, the movements of Nanjing, Qian Bin and Li Yuer are also not slow. You can want to transport 34 trillion and two silver to each county. Even if the government has a mail department, the merchant bank has himself The transport team still spent more than a month.

At this time, the crowded wind wave basically has spread to the whole country, many of the businessmen who have not been closed and closed are being snapped up, and the whole society has fallen into a panic, and the business is completely paralyzed.

Huangguang Jiangnan is also good, just stabilized the southwest two wide, but under the midst of all the businessmen, countless bandits thieves, rogue, the people also downg the county, followed by the boom, and all over the ground.

In particular, the southwest of the potential, even started to rebellion, took the opportunity to attack the county, killing bureaucrats, robbing Han people, obviously gaining the Tulus policy established by Qin Yu, and now I have found the opportunity, completely broke out.

Although Qin Lihua has 30,000 white pearls, the southwest is large, and the potentials are many, and it is also exhausted for a while. Just after the suppression, the county town was broken, and finally it was the focus.