As the land of Qin Yu, the same as the North-South cargo transfer station, the development is very rapid, countless in the urban area, opposite Fancheng shop warehouse is densely covered.

I have come to the Japanese, and the extraordinary Xiangyang City has recently been a little depression. All the store restaurants are basically closed, including the Daqin Firm.

Obviously, it has a treasure banknotes to buy things, too much, too much, Qin Fa has a clear text, all merchants may not reject treasure banknotes, which let everyone have to choose closing.

This closed door, led to the treasure banknotes in the hands of ordinary people, I also blocked the banquet in front of the bank or the whole day, I hope to convert the treasure banknotes in the hand to the silver, even the copper money is also it is good.

But not everyone is like a treasure banknote such as a flood beast, some smart people, but secretly hoarded banknotes, preparing a big hair in the future.

In a shop in Xiangyang City, a man and his wife finally finished a large amount of treasure bills on the table. The man looked at a bundle of treasure banknotes, and the face was excited. The wife was full of worry.

"Gonggong, all the values ​​in the family are taken out to change the treasure, this is the final change, I can't buy things, we can't buy things, let's go home!"

"What do you know? This Bao banknote can't change the silver, you can pay taxes, and it will definitely buy things, ladies, believe in the husband, this time, our Lu is absolutely wealth."

After the man finished, looked at the treasure, touched the horses: "No, this is only ten thousand two too little, so much more."

"But there is no money in Guanle's family?"

The woman is surprised. They also operate a small house in the city, and they will accumulate the thousands of silver in the city. This time, in order to hoard the treasure banknotes, Fu Jun not only took her jewelry. Several words and paintings of the collection, the porcelain is also taken out, even the books and pencils in the study have changed treasure bills.

"The opportunity is rare, we have not retired, simply sell the store." The man bite his teeth and faces the color of crazy.

"Ah! Millions are not, do you want you, don't sell it, 10,000 is enough, this is a place to sell, we can have no place, if it is the last ... In case this treasure is worth money, what do we do? "

"No one."

The man is firm, and he didn't take care of his wife and turned and turned to the house.

This man is also 25 six, called Lu Yong, it was originally a small town in the city, but the boldness, plus brain, and flexible, when the Chinese army attacked the city, not only did not follow, and later banks prepared loans Supporting small traders, everyone is still watching, conscientious, he is the first standing, and bought a shop with bank loans, and started a small business.

In the past few years, I have not only earned a lot of money, I have changed a bigger shop, but also married my wife, and the little day can be said to be very happy.

But Lu Yong is not satisfied with the status quo, always wants to expand his business, but the financial resources are limited, and now everyone is closed, desperately wants to change the treasure banknotes in the hand to the silver food, or other valuable money, he is back The road, not only sells the things in the store, but also take it out of all the money, all the money in the home, and change the treasure banknotes.

Although there is a few times more than the previous price, it is still a fool, and the head is cramping.

So when Lu Yong came to the bank gate, announced that when he would sell the store, he suddenly gave a group of merchants in the door, and he saw him with a ghost.

"Luke cabinet, old man has not heard, you have to sell shops, return the treasure banknotes?"

"Yes, Dear Lou really wants to sell the store, then go to Nanjing to touch your luck, Luo's store imaginary will also know that if you are interested, you can have a price, Lu Mou is satisfied with the contract. Lu Yongguan.

"Good! I actually wanted to go to Nanjing to make a fortune. The king is not polite, I am willing to make three thousand two, of course, I can only give Bao banknotes."

An official said immediately and also added a sentence.

"It's three thousand or two, of course, can only give treasure banknotes, ?" The other staff followed the standing.

For a time, everyone is rushing to the pricing, there is no way, they are all merchants in Xiangyang City. Because the usual trading is treasure bills, for convenience, it has hoarded a lot of treasure bills, more than thousands of two denominations, less There are also thousands of two.

After all, go to the bank to redeem both trouble, and have a fee, and bank transfer remittance is not very worried, so it is directly to Take the treasure banknotes.

Now everyone is here for more than half a month, still redeeming the silver, I can't buy a lot of money, so I heard that Lu Yong wants to sell the store, but also the treasure banknotes, will there be a heart?

Even if you are in your hands, you can take other things with others to change some treasure bills, I believe that no one will refuse.

Lu Yong is laughing and not waiting.

"The old man has five thousand two." A Chinese service of a cane, gone from the back, loudly.

Everyone heard the sound of the side, letting a road, obviously the place in the Xiangyang business community is not low, the fact is true, the old name is the side of the people.

"Good, transaction, or the old air, Luo admire."

Lu Yong saw the surrounding pawa, and he also learned that there would be no more people bid, and suddenly the hand smiled.

The people around them are all praised. After all, they will be changed, and the shops of Lu Yong have a maximum of five hundred and two silver, and there is ten times ahead.

The old man is not a vague, immediately let the underwritten law, the two sides signed, and find a few people to do it, then touched a stacked banknote from the arms and handed Lu Yong, be careful about the words, this is heavy The tone, the brow, the brow, also finally stretched.

This shot, more than 5,000 treasures, let him die, can't sleep, if you fall, if you drag it, you will be a life.

Just as everyone is going back, tomorrow, Lu Yong is also preparing to take the treasure banknote to pick up, but there is a team of carriages, and suddenly insert the logo of Daqin Royal Bank, the guards on both sides are also inserted. Hand big knife bank guard.

Everyone is a surprise, near the team, I saw a big box above the carriage, and there were hundreds of big cars, and everyone came to breathe.

The old man asked in front of him, "Dare to ask you, but the carriage is the silver?"

"Didn't see this is the bank's dedicated silver car? Don't pull the silver to pull something? Don't open, who dares to be close, be careful to knife." The guard captain turned a white eye and then raised the big knife in the hands.

At this time, the female shopkeeper in the bank has already gone out, immediately call the guard to carry silver inside, then announced: "Every space, tomorrow, the bank is officially opened, the banknotes and ingots exchange rates, the handling fee is constant, This is just the first batch of ingots, follow-up, how many changes, you still come back tomorrow! "

"it is good!"

Everyone suddenly broke out a while, but in this cheer, the voice is two sulings. The people look at the consciousness, I saw the old and Lu Yong at the same time, and fell backwards.