The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 571 of the ambition of the Dichuan Movement

Da Qin ushered in the third year in a thriving, and the provinces in Jiangnan were vigilant, and a school hall towering as a spring.

All provinces in the north are also busy counting the population household registration, the construction of the station warehouse, and the fleet fleet in the south to north is endless. In addition to the southwest, it is a song and dancing.

However, the North, the South, the northeast of the Empire is not peaceful. The Junxi General Lu Xiang has also convened more than 12 million Mongolian men and women. In the northwest of northwest, officially swearing to go to the desert four.

The North Korean Kingdom of North Korea, the country of Guidu, finally in January, was brought by the eight flag warriors. Renzu Li Wei took a civil and military minister, and thousands of soldiers were defeated, and the Huang fled, and went to the south. I have never been taken away in a peak, falling in the palace.

After entering the North Korean with a female real person, he began to burn and loot, all the way to break the bamboo. In just two months, it will kill Seoul.

Obviously, although the Qin Jun, the eight flags, but the navigation of the Koreans.

There is no way, although only five or six thousand people left, there is only 10,000 men who can hit the tricks. It is more than 10 million, and the soldiers and horses have added more than 20 million. It can be so huge. The disparity, but it is no longer the power of Bagi.

Li Wei may also know that the female real person came this time, I am afraid I just want money to grain beauty. Therefore, after several negotiations, plus the messenger of the party to the Central Plains and rejected, and they must only have to go to the Dikawa Shipping in the east. Ask for help.

Although the Japanese in the east is also a wolf, the female real person is a tiger leopard, so Li Wei has not been chosen, as long as the Dechuan Shimen is willing to rescue, I promise to the Japanese title, annually.

During the period of the three generations of curtains, the De Chuanfu belongs to the last generation. It is only three or forty years. It is the right to win from the last generation of Oak-machi, and the next generation of Oak-machi curtains, control of hundreds Year, the reason why it will end, because the invasion of North Korea, was played by Daming, before the past few decades, the first general general of the Deawa Shiku, and in the face of Li Wei's convinced .

The nature is naturally the Japanese anti-North Korean thousands of light, and it is not solving why Li Wei will ask Japanese asking, not like the Central Plains Dynasty?

Until the messenger explained, she understood that the heart was no more concerned, and the full mouth agreed, and because the Shancheng situation was critical, he sent more than 5,000 warriors to support.

The Dechuan Shipping is not to pay more soldiers and horses, but the big army will take time. I'm still a little jealous. I am worried that the Central Plains dynasty that just ended the war will intervene, so I only sent five thousand people to try. A test water, take a look at the reaction of the Central Plains Dynasty.

It is also because of these 5000 Japanese warriors, Seoul will insist on the summer of this year to this spring. If the food and herbs in the city have been blown, I am afraid I can still stick to it.

No way, although the 5000 Japanese Warriors are enough, it is desirable, but the short arm short legs are in the field, it is not the opponent of the eight flag cavalry, so they can only be held in the city.

Li Wei took the civil and military minister, the defeat of the soldiers will flee to the South, eight flags are temporarily pursued. After all, it is more than half a year. Although most of the death is the Korean soldier, but it is more or less casualties.

What's more, it's so long, and now it's hard to attack a big city. I naturally have to take a break, enjoy it.

After several days, Hancheng has been caught in the city. The men have left right again, and the sea is eating the sea. Women have once again lived in the big house, wearing gold wearing silver, picking the servant, busy, no Like, obviously don't plan to go.

As for all Koreans and Japanese, the Japanese in the southern part, the Hagig and Bagi Warriors are not placed in their eyes, although they do not win Qin Jun, but clean up North Korea and Japan is still more than enough.

Today's Dechuan Screen General, Deichuan's Jiaoguang is the third general of the Deawa Shi Prefecture. Just a few years, but his ambition is much longer than him.

I learned that the eight flags had broken the Seoul, and I was anxious. I couldn't sit. I immediately called the big name to come to the agenda. In addition to a few big names, the Chinese Dynasty is almost unanimously agreed to arise. North Korea And one of the Muquay.

During the day of the Japanese curtain, although the emperor was the largest, the national military and political power was mastered in the hands of the head of the curtain, although the strength of the curtain governance, but there were many large and small local princes, common name.

These big names have a strong strength, many soldiers and horses, and the curtains must be triad, and some are famous, but the population has tens of thousands, they have to rely on the strong survival of the strength.

In general, Japan in the shooting era is summarized in a short sentence of Huaxia. It is the stronger of the scenery of the scenery to make the feelings of the people, the scenery, the stronger the big name, the weaker strength, the weaker the rule .

The last Oka-machi curtain is because of the powerful strength, the wild heart wants to swallow up North Korea, and the result is called the army three times, and the vitality of the hit is great. Finally, the powerful Dichuan is a big name, and the other name Oil the oyster-machi curtain, replaced.

Therefore, the other powerful big names, the natural Pakistani Shi Prefecture once again serves the scenery of the martyrdom, hit the blood flow in North Korea, and finally, the Central Plains will not play Japan, they have succeeded, they It can also take advantage of it in the back. Once you fail, then everyone will join the Dikawa curtain, and the melon is divided into their site.

After all, although all major names must be sent, the scenery is definitely the big head, the fact is true.

Deichuan's home is preparing to send 100,000 army Tung Tun, the curtain is from 50,000, and the other major names jointly from 50,000, the strength of the scenery can be seen.

The reason for sending so many soldiers and horses, Deichuan's live light is to defeat the female real before the Central Plains Dynasty, and will eat the whole North Korea.

As long as you can eat North Korea quickly, even if you are afraid of the Trinity of the Central Plains, he is not afraid.

After all, the big army of the Central Plains is more, but there is no new grain replenishment, and the light will be sent from the Central Plains to send grain and grass, and finally dragging it by them.

This is also a lesson learned from the three major qualities of Wanl. At that time, the rooms of the octaves were scruples. They did not swallow the North Korea in the first time, giving the time and opportunities for Daming to dispatch the army.