The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 573 is still a Han people?

This move is very fast, and even Li Wei has never responded. The first batch of 20,000 troops will land in the southernmost part of North Korea.

Within half a month, the remaining eight thousand troops have also arrived in turn, and even the Dichuan's live light is personally.

Seeing that the country came down, he had a hundred thousand army, Li Wei and North Korea's civil and military ministers, and also knew that the country was probably not just rescue, and it was nervous.

It turns out that Li Wei and the Minister of Korean are worried about it, and after all of the 100,000 troops landed, Deichuan's is finally revealed.

I didn't hurry to be in the north, but the soldiers scored, began to attack the city, looting the killing, one time in the southern four counties in the county, is a mourning.

In just a month, the top of the south, Shangqing Road, Zhongqing Road was taken over, Li Wei and the Minister had to escape to the western side of the Jiangyuan Road, and it is not good to day.

At this time, Li Yuchang repented, and understood, compared to the female real person, the people are more terrible, at this time, almost everyone will make big Ming, or the Han people!

So Li Wei is ready to dispatch the messenger to the Central Plains to help, in order to express their sincerity, this time not only carries a lot of gold and silver jewelry, but also sent his own pro son.

Obviously, all the hopes is on the Central Plains Dynasty.

The Korean dynasty has undergone eight, and now the peace, Ning'an Road, Huang Hai Road and Gyeonggi Province have been occupied by Bagi, and the southern Luo Dao, Shangqing Road, Zhongqing Road, and only In the last, Jianghairo, if the Dichuan's family is planning to solve the female real person, I am afraid that even the last one can't keep it.

Li Wei has been played off guard by Deichuan's home, and the Hao Gug and the eight flag warriors have been slammed. I have never thought of just a month. The singer actually captured three three in the south, straight to the city.

Although there is some accident, the HEG has not panicked, because the country has no cavalry, compared to the north, the south is relatively broad, so even if the country has come to 100,000 troops, it is still very confident.

This month, Hao Gho is dead in the Royal Palace, and the other eight flag warriors is mostly the case, but it doesn't mean that the eight flags are really falling.

Under this, the woman in the arms will be opened by one, ride on the horse, carry the bow, carry the knife, put on the armor, and turn it again into a bloodthirsty wolf.

Haoger will not be held in Seoul, but directly killed with 6,000 warriors. The whole Gyeonggi said only a thousand warriors. Seoul is only five hundred in the district.

However, the captive Korean soldiers have more than 20,000, which are distributed in Gyeonggi-do to help the eight flag management places. These Korean soldiers have already been treated to serve the post.

Similarly, the three in the north, each Haog has only left a thousand warriors, and three triaces are firmly controlled in the hands.

Lereading is a small number of county towns, even more than a dozen Bagnifang Warriors can have honest for hundreds of thousands of Korean soldiers.

This will be like this, that is because it is killing it, especially the rich official, it is not satisfied, and the man will kill, the woman is divided by the eight flag warp.

If you are willing to surrender, not only the family wealth is safe, and will be managed by the only manager.

Ordinary farmers are like this, the rebellious man will kill, which village people dare to resist a man who kills a village, and the woman is divided into the captive soldiers and land rewards to the discounted Korean soldiers.

I have to say that the set of eight flags has been very skilled. Although the Gogh is not over the emperor, Dolgon, but it is not Aji, Manggur Thai, knows the light against eight flags Yu Wongshi, 50,000 people can't rule a big North Korea, so they choose to kill him, and all people who kill them are cold, and they are also Empower.

Although it is simple, it is a simple and rude means. In just half a year, you will have a steady control of the northern three, and there are 3,000 people in the district, and more than 30,000 North Korea servants, countless big landlords, hundreds Wannong people governed to obey the post, but there is no one dare to resist.

I am afraid that people who have a refreshing mind during the period, as long as I look at the mountains like the mountains, I have disappeared the idea of ​​resistance, and I chose to be the people who are old.

The eight flag people are less, and the Haoge has to take a part of the killing, wrap a small part, deterrence, the strategy of most people, Dechuan's live strategy is not so complicated, because the country is not missing.

Therefore, the southern three, it is conceivable that all the upper people are dead, men kill, women, the property and the land are temporary, survive the ordinary people, all being turned into the city, waiting for them It is a slave life.

Three south, add up to five or six million, just half a month, we have dropped half, even if the Samurai knife in the country is full, it is full of gap, so it is on all the way.

The 20,000 army of the head, just entered Gyeonggione, I have encountered the six thousand cavers of Haoge, because the terrain is open, the cavalry comes too suddenly, so it is almost just a charge, the 20,000 army is hitting the collapse All the way to kill the ghosts that were chased by the cavalry, and lost countless.

No way, the Warriors who dare to fight, but almost didn't have to fight with the cavalry, I didn't know how the cavalry is very powerful, I don't know how to fight against the cavalry, I only know the flies, plus the arrogant The equipment is the warrior, and the simple sneak, as well as a small amount of bow and arrow, it can be said that the cavalry is not at all, and the battle is one is the hand, encounter cavalry, and consequences.

20,000 people finally had only three or four thousand people to escape, and others were dead under the iron horses of the eight flag.

I learned that the ancestors were killed by the Pioneer, only to escape from three or four thousand people. De Chuanjia is shocked and anger. After you ask for a clear, you don't dare to smill yourself, you will have a small sign. Wan Dynasty, mighty to the Hancheng.

This time, you should be careful, not only step by step, steady, and send a lot of whistle, preventing it again from being tapped by a female real person.

Although there is also a horse, it is not as good as the shortcomers in the South of the Mahi Huaxia, and the people are born, and the ride can run on it. If you change the high Central Plains, I am afraid that both feet can be on the ground. It's a big trunk compared to eight flags.

Haoger saw the other party steadily stabilized, there is a 60,000 army, and he doesn't dare to hard to resist. After all, the eight flags are so resolved. If you die, you will have to choose the Hancheng, the cavalry is swimming, looking for a fighter.