The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 574 is actually a solution

" ..."

Under the city of Seoucheng, the Samurai, the Samurai, waved the warrior, and waved a wave of the city wall.

The Korean servants on the city wall, although all the faces were blocked, they had a trembling, but they had to hill the scalp under the knife behind the eight flag soldiers.

Several people will throw the rolling rock, slightly sprinkled with hot big manure, and it is a sloughness under the four-faced wall.

Although Japanese warriors are desperate, they are not afraid of death, but the city walls of Nai Han City are tall and strong. Not only more than 30,000 Korean servants, but also two thousand eight flag warriors, these two thousand people wear Yang, as long as the bow The arrow will be able to shoot, the Japanese warrior shooting injury is more than the stone rolling wood.

In addition, Haoger took nearly five thousand cavers in the periphery, every time, the cavalry will rush to the cavalry, so the seven-day army not only did not attack Seoul, but lost more than 20,000 people again.

This makes Deichuan's live light is also angry, how can they not pass, those weak Korean soldiers, this time sells.

Obviously he also seen it, the real eight flag people in the city, almost all the Korean soldiers are defensive.

This time, Single Chuanjia is personally coming, and the big names in all parts are all personally. Even if they are young, they will send their sons, and they will be almost all of the big names, so a few days. It is heartache.

One of the famous names really can't help but advise: "General, Han people are generally only three sides, leaving people in the city to escape, so people in the city will not fight for the city, not as good as we try it. ! "

"Well, then try it, put the people in the north, only from other three-sided attack."

Deichuan's intention thought, adopted this name of the name, the three missions in the Han people's law, he naturally know, the reason why it is not used, it is to destroy the female real person, prevent They escaped to the north.

Although the female real person stayed outside the city, there were thousands of cars, but women and children were left in the city, so as long as they broke the city, the real people will certainly desperate, but will not escape.

At this point, I will surround the Seoul group. Who once thought that the weak Korean soldiers had hurt, and some regrets were also regretted. It was a lot of the top shore, and the original shape was revealed. Otherwise, there were North Korean King Assistance. Things are more simple.

Sure enough, when the people took the northern soldiers and horses, there was a lot of Korean soldiers to escape the wall. If the non-city gate has eight flag soldiers personally, and it is estimated to open the door.

Although the eight flag soldiers in the city discovered that the people were guarded in the city, but the two thousand people in the district were tired during the day. They couldn't divide how many people, still have the Korean soldiers secretly escaped, one time people, the military is scattered.

Obviously, these Korean soldiers have been desperately desperate for a few days. They are indeed because they will be surrounded by the city group, and they have a fierce, and they have to fight.

Nowadays, there is a way of life, and no one is willing to die in the city, because the 30,000 Korean soldiers in the city of seven days have died nearly 10,000.

Three days later, just launched a few times, the Korean soldiers in the city ran to seven or eight eight, although he was in a hurry, but there was no good choice, and finally I had to send someone to go to Decchuan's Logo negotiations.

No way, the city gate is so big, the five or six thousand people even ride a horse, it is not going to go in a short time. If it is abandoned those people, the female real person is finished, so I don't have to have already, the Haoge will never give up. of.

At this point, some regrets did not stay in the north at the beginning, and they were also considering their safety, so they let the people follow the brigade.

The situation is not as good as the situation, the negotiations of the gorge are very simple, that is, they can make the most rich Gyeonggione, as long as the northern three, other five can be given to the country, and if the Han people will be discussed, the two sides can join hands. .

Who once thought that Deichuan's appetite is even greater, not only requires a female real person to hand over Huang Hai Road. In the future, we must call Japan, first contribute 10,000 harmonics, and the money grain beauty looted in Gyeonggi Province is not allowed. Take away, especially the king of Li Wei, must be handed out.

This will be semi-dead. Although the Bagnifier Warriors are not afraid, there are those people to drag, plus the people and threatens to adjust the 100,000 army, and after the balance of pros and cons, it will only agree to make Beijing and Huang Hai Road, beauty money can not take away, but the horse is up to two thousand, the title is impossible.

If you don't agree, it will die, although the people can't escape, but the seven thousand eight flag warriors can go, plus other three, the whole 10,000 flags, and in the future, I will not let the people will not be peaceful.

At this time, Dichuan's family has already known the power of the eight flag cavalry, not only coming to the wind, God is ghost, the arrow method is also quiz, the one is the desperate, fierce, I want to completely annihilate, I am afraid very difficult.

Once the two sides form a thrilled, most of the southern part is the plain zone. In the future, it is indeed an anti-defense. In the end, after a pair, the number of wars rose to five thousand, and Dechuan's live light will agree.

The reason why Deichuan's live light did not hurry, and the eight flag cavalry did not be very good to deal with. The second is a poor in the north, and the population is rare, so that there is nothing to give a female real.

Of course, the main reason is to worry that the Central Plains Dynasty will send a big army to come to see, so I want to end the war early. If the Han people are really coming, there is also a female real person to block in front. If the Han people don't come, then pack the real person. Norty is not too late, then some sites are barely, they are reluctant, and they are not afraid to go to the Han people, and provide grain materials to the Han people.

After talking, Haoger and Deichuan's home also studied Han people, officially signed a contract, or using Chinese characters, after signing the contract, Haoge this gave 5,000 horses in Deichuan's family, then bring The family goes north.

Looking at the five thousand tall BMW, Deichuan's home light and a big named the name, all love unlearable, but you can look at the golden silver jewelry in the city, and all kinds of beauty, all the people are crazy. It is a laughter.

Deichuan's family is sitting on the royal chair of the Royal Palace. After a king of the left hand, a princess of the right hand, in a big name, almost forgot what his surname is.

No way, Japan peeking North Korea is no longer two days, nor for two years, but a few hundred thousand years.

While North Korea has been holding the thighs of the Central Plains, let Japan always worry, do not dare to ill.

Decades a few decades ago, but in the end, it was not only the loss of the loss, but the rooms of the rooms were therefore, so Deichuan's live light was very natural.