Qin Yu is coming to say that the emperor who is doing, and the emperor who is not moving.

Under this, tens of thousands of people began to be busy, and began to complete the task of Your Protocol, cast a bowl size, twenty-eight-legged iron column.

Such a project is undoubtedly huge and difficult.

The first is that the mold is difficult to do, then it is so long, the mold must be horizontally, can't put it, this makes iron water from this head, I am afraid that I haven't flowed to that head.

However, the way is more difficult, as long as the merits can always be solved, this is not just three days, in the scratch of the cast iron master, the rough plan will come out, after all, there is still no problem.

After Qin Yu listened to their programs, they had to be praised, and the ancients were really not more than modern.

The solution is like this, first find a hundred meters long slopes, then take a row of half a high shelf, used to place the mold.

The mold is naturally used by mud, first make a section of a section, then stitching after dryness, all over the top of each connection, uses a gap to irrigate.

The holiday is about one meter, and there are more than 80 sections, and the connection is slightly rough than elsewhere. At the same time, it is possible to drive the iron water at the same time, and can avoid the flow of ferrous flows too long.

More powerful, plus the shipyard is not lacking, just in just half a month, it is ready, even Li Yuer and the Ryukyu king will run.

I saw a hundred meters long slopes, and a row of wood shelves extended from the low to high, and a long pipe made with mud is placed, it is slightly larger than the bowl. If it is not every other In the section, there is a horn-shaped gap, which can't be spliced.

After the mud embryo is used, it has been brushed on a layer of special oil, and even the connection is also wiped out with a stick, and a small soil kiln is built next to each connection.

The soil kiln is high, the following is the hot coal fire in combustion, the top is heating fine iron block, and the water exit is just above each gap, so it does not require people to cast, but only need Open, iron water will flow into the mold.

At this moment, Qin Yuzheng stood at the top of the mold, no half of the emperor's image of the cat, squinted, and his face was not known on the mud film.

Qin Yu is naturally aiming, there is no spelling when the mold is spliced, which is also his only concern.

After all, a mud model is only about one meter, it is impossible to be bent, but there is no way to spell, there is no way, it can only be used to come to the teacher, there is no tool at all.

With this era, no matter what material is made, it is impossible to do so long straight.

Everyone looked at the hierlet and ran and got a little time. Although I was curious, but no one dared to ask, and no one would think that he is evil, and it is hosted by the sickness.

Because in the shipyard work, the insight is not the ordinary people, and it is still very strong for some things that exceed a cognition.

No way, the emperor like Qin Yu, I can't accept the ability.

"Your Majesty, all furnace refines have been melted, can you start pouring?"

Responsible for commanding the old man of casting, seeing the furnaces, so that the farting farting, please show it to Qin Yu, the expectation of the face will not be much less than Qin Yu.

"The success or failure is here, then start!"

Qin Yu didn't hesitate, one waved, and then quickly retired twenty-ten steps, standing to Li Yuer.

It can be used in this point with the current process. If the cast iron stick can't use, he can't reach the request, he can't do it.

As for the waste of this refined iron, although it can be used to cast Baigmen Terminal, he is still affordable.

The seven or eight thousand pounds of refining, but also the day production of the Sichuan Iron Factory, two boats can be transported directly from Nanyang, and do not use again, directly put into the furnace melting.



With a copper, people next to each soil kiln are immediately opened, and the iron water of the water is immediately flowing, and the red flow is directly flowing to the mud film.

For a long time, the temperature on the hillside has risen, all people are waiting, the mouth has an adult fist size, plus the slope is more steep, short time, the iron water, obviously every The iron water in the kiln has extra.

The people in the soil kiln quickly closed the gate, and the other person gave a straightened iron stick, the iron water spills, the whole hillside is a smog, Mars splashes, so good to wear a cowhide. .

Just a little cooling, Qin Yu can't wait to water to the mold, then knock down the mud film, ordered it, everyone will not be hot, three down five eloquence, put the mud film, the mud film is knocked, one is dark The metal iron column appeared in front of everyone, glitting in the sun.

"Fast, every place gives me a closer look, see if there is a breath, have no cast in place."

"Yes, Your Majesty."

After a hundreds of people, they got on the iron column. Look carefully, and they didn't let it, Qin Yu also stroked this metal iron rod, and the destination seems to be stroked with peerless beauty.

After some inspection, Qin Yu is also temporarily loose, because the small hole of the iron column is still very small, no pit, as for the split, the burr, the first time is removed .

In general, the cast is still successful. As for the inside, there is only a ghost.

However, even if there is, it should be very small, the influence is not big, after all, the refronus has no impurities, and stir it after melting into iron water, and there is no moisture in the mud mold.

Next, Qin Yu is carefully grinding, and people will take them to the beach boat, and then use Cao Chong as an icon to say many times.

Such a big guy, can not be carried out, and the five hundred strong men can be used to use the rope wooden stick to raise, shouting the number slow forward, so good at the seaside, even if the journey There are more than ten miles, I will fight people, but I just spent three time.

On the way, Qin Yu followed, carefully observed the amplitude of the iron column in the process of lifting, as this is related to this iron column.

If soft is like root, it is definitely not good, but although there is no soft like gluten, the flexibility has made Qin Yu to back.

Yes, steel is also flexible, the less the finer, the more flexible, the smaller the flexibility, such as a steel strip of a chopsticks, waving, definitely will not bend, but if it will It is extended to one meter, then it is absolutely curved, as for dozens of meters, I am afraid that it is like a paper.

Although this steel column, there is a bowl of mouth, if it is a long one meter, more than ten meters, I am afraid it will not bend, but now there are more than 80 meters, watching more than 500 People, carrying a wavy shape, don't try, Qin Yu also knows too thin, it is unused.

At present, I can only carry it on the shore. If it is not too heavy, if it is not too heavy, it can be re-casting the thick try, but if it is too heavy, more than 100,000 kg, that is troublesome.

Although the full load of 500 tons of big boats, it is not a problem with dozens of millions of kilograms, which can have a long bone accounting for 12,000 kilograms, and it will definitely affect the speed of the ship.

Of course, there is another way, that is, make the iron pillar into hollow, not only do it, but also reduce the weight, but Qin Yu also knows that more than 80 meters long, with the current technology, absolutely can't do it. .