The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

The finale has completed this testimony

Autumn is going to winter.

Although the temperature became cold, but did not affect the hot in the hearts of Daqin.

Hongju did not wait until the spring of the year, but in early November, the whole of the 100,000 military civilian practitioners, as well as countless materials, embarked on the journey to the northwest.

The army is directly in Wuhan, and then arrived in Fuyang by boat, and then he passed by the railway carriage to Luoyang. After opening the year, he went to the Western Region from Jiayuguan.

At the same time, Zhu Yu also launched Jiayuguan to Changan's orbit construction. It is expected to be completed within three years, in terms of future delivery of materials.

After this rail is repaired, then Jiayuguan is the starting point, continue to repair northwest, Hungju is the end point of the Yili Valley to repair the southwest, two heads, and strive for the completion in seven years.

You will be able to take the track and carriage from Wuhan directly to the Yili, and the route is more than 9,000 miles.

Chang'an to Jiayuguan, there is a station every 50, and Jiayuguan will stand a station every hundred miles.

In order to include the Western region, even the Middle East into Daqin's layout, Zhu Yu also added Huanggui Yu Hua Hui as the northwest Greater Meadow, but also allowed her to Kaifu, but also appointed the following civil and military officials, and the book of Marquis.

It is even ready to invest thousands of two silver funds in the next decade, every year.

The determination is not necessarily not.

Once announced, the world is insemn, almost except military political institutions, Yuan Shuai House, all department opposition, Tian Dynasty merchants have no agreement, even most of ordinary people don't understand, I feel that I am a wasteland in the Western region. , Spend such a large human material financial, it is not worth it.

In the face of an opposition, Zhu Yu did not only heard, but in mid-November, he sent a huge naval fleet to come to the north.

It is full of hundreds of large warships, tens of thousands of officers soldiers, rushing to the Star Island.

The remaining more than 100 warships are not idle, and they are also preparing for preparation. She only comes directly from the spring of the year. The northeast army is also a continuous assembly.

This winter, the whole Qin is destined to calm, almost a few shopping and carriages every day, and the source of the materials in the south is constantly shipped to Chang'an Beijing.

In such a large number of soldiers, some people in the country will have a deep worries, fear Zhu Yu's poor and military, so that Daqin, which is rapidly developing, is unable to fall into the land.

Even Zhang Wei couldn't help but every day to jealousy in Zhu Yuer.

Not everyone is not afraid.

Because of the poor, Zhu Yu has far super super-Hanwu Emperor, and to the Qin Shihuang, the Qin Shihuang of the Great Wall, the Emperor of the Canal, and the same is the same.

And the enthusiasm of the maritime, I am afraid I have to sweat.

It can be said that Zhu Yu's preferences, the Wenzhi martial arts, the poor soldiers are also over, have exceeded the emperor of China.

Of course, if the rules are happy, Zhu Yu is called the second, I am afraid that there is no emperor dare to call the first.

Because our Qinhuang, not only did it got more than 30,000 beautiful women in the world, not only the appearance, and the book seals more than 2,000, including four or five years old. Old woman, the end is the open eye.

However, people who know the truth have admired Zhu Yu's move, admire Qinhuang's empathy.

Because there are more than two thousands of , almost all blind date, no one wants, can't live in children, and most of the same is the first to follow Zhu Yu.

In order to properly resettle, Zhu Yu is a thorough emoticon, and a brain paste is brought into the palace.

Each person is a yard, wearing the usage, the palace woman, all like Yan, and finally even give a formal name.

As for this, Zhu Yu said long, he can't guarantee that it can only be with personal luck.

Although those women are also clear, their identity is just named, but they still have to enter the palace to pension.

As for the 30,000 small show, it is the future preparation of female officials, maids, female sans, , noble, and even the queen.

After entering the palace, it will carry out six years of court education, some of which will conduct military training to voluntarily register.

These six-year show women are equal, six years later, when they are 18 years old, they will conduct a major exam, and it is an all-round assessment.

The top ten, if the emperor is unmarried, I will pick a queen, one is the emperor, and the left is to be a good, and the ten people will be the official wife of the emperor. It is a name.

Although the emperor can choose the favorite woman, no matter the quantity, but it is unable to get a formal name, but also a talented person, even if the emperor is free to love, she can't send her.

Even if there is a ten officials, some people are dead, they are not allowed to pick up the amount from talented people. The queen is dead, and the nobles are replaced, and they are dead, and one person in four emperors is replaced.

The rest of the show, was seen as a talented person by the emperor. It was not seen in the performance, and he served as a female guard and maid, and the female defammer.

After twenty-five years, you can choose to go to the palace, or you can choose to go to the banking firm, you can marry.

This is the first batch, so Zhu Yu will choose 30,000 people. The amount will be reduced to five thousand next year. In the future, it will also choose 5,000 Xiaoxiu women to the palace, and the first batch of 18 years old show After the female exam, it will be examined once a year.

In the future, the emperor will be selected from the top ten of each year. The prince will come to the queen, so it is necessary to do the Queen, not only to look at strength, but also look at luck.

Similarly, the Queen's Queen in Daqin is also unable to be around, including the emperor and the Emperor of the Emperor.

This kind of benefit is that it is good to avoid everything in the history of the emperor's hometown.

Want to marry with the royal, no matter who, you have to go to the palace for 11 or two, then you will see your daughter's strength and luck.

Of course, in order to reflect the civilization of Daqin, the show is still young, can't be left and right, so you can choose the exam after 18 years old, or choose not to go out to go out.

Once the exam is selected, whether it is the queen, be a maid, be a maid, be a female official, a female guard, and no repent.

If you choose to go out directly, you can restore the body of freedom, and there is no need to compensate the royal food fees, and the cultivation is class.

At that time, the Royal Will signed two contracts with all the show, and the first part is signed with the parents of the show.

Xiu Ying is full of 18-year-old contract automatic waste. If you want to test, you have to sign your own contract with the royal family. After 25 years of expiration, you will not need to sign a contract.

Once the second contract is signed, after the first ten, as long as it is seen by the emperor, it will not refuse, otherwise it is necessary to compensate a lot of money, but also legal responsibility, others can refuse.

This royal system, Zhu Yu will gradually improve, then write into the ancestral law, go to the Qin II, Qin I, instead of his Qinyi.

(Completed! There must be many book friends to marry the eunuch, I have to marry this ghost? I have been more than so long, this?

But I feel that it is really nothing to write, it has been unified. The elimination is also destroyed. Whether it is political, military, economic system, it is initially perfect, and even the royal system should be more detailed than other books. .

Write down, nothing is to expand overseas, the results are so bad, I have been tired, everyone is very bad, it is a waste of everyone, dragging to now, it is necessary to prepare new books, two still some Don't say anything, don't say more, I originally wanted to send public chapters, or I don't know how to get it. It is estimated that people are going, but I will thank you, I have subscribed to this book. Book friend, in fact This book is in the moment of going to Nanxun, it is already a collapse, which is too lazy. If you want to learn from the circumstances of the book, even a draft, this does not collapse.

The original plot should be to go to the grain, then Li Dingguo, then Zhang Xianzhong secretly go to the house, develop in the house and county, and then annex the county of Fuyang ...)