The Bowl of Seven Emotions

Chapter 1 Driving Out of Home


The violent slamming of the door hit Tang Susu's brain like a hammer, causing her to wake up from the chaos, who had not slept for several hours.With a splitting headache and astringent eyes, she grabbed the scattered shawls and hair, climbed off the bed, walked through the living room with cardboard boxes everywhere, and came to the door.

"Open the door! Tang Susu, don't pretend to be dead, just open the door for me!" Outside the door, some piercing and sharp female voices penetrated the door and came in clearly.

Tang Susu frowned slightly, and looked at the cat's eyes. It was not only Tang Qi outside, but also her father.

She stood at the door for a while, trying to pretend she was not there.

Only three months after her mother died, she has an extra sister, Tang Qi, who is two months younger than her. Bai Fumei, who returned from studying in the UK, has the same father.

Her decent married son was driven out of the Tang family's villa and moved to the house his mother left her during his lifetime.As a result, within a week of Ann's birthday, they found it again.

"Hurry up and open the door!" There was a bang, which was probably the sound of kicking the door, making people pounding in fright.

She stayed at the door for a while, twisted the lock and opened the door.

"Dad, what's the matter?" She stood in the doorway, looking at the father and daughter indifferently.

Tang Qi looks very similar to Tang Qiming, and Tang Susu is more like her mother, so when three people stand together, she is more like an outsider.This is probably the reason why Tang Qi, who is also Tang Qiming's daughter, moved into Tang's house, and she could only be driven out.

Tang Qiming wears a black suit and gold-wire glasses. He looks like a successful social man. In fact, he is indeed very successful. He has companies with a market value of more than 100 million yuan. Behind him is the Tang family in Fenglin City.

"It's okay, come and see you, don't you ask Dad to sit in?" Tang Qiming smiled at her.

This man looks very good, especially when he laughs.Otherwise, no one would know that he had married a wife and had children and would be willing to be him as a junior for more than 20 years.

Tang Susu paused, turned his side, and let them in unwillingly.

The house is a bit small, only more than sixty square meters. She hasn't cleaned it up the past few days when she moved, and cardboard boxes are piled up in the living room.

Tang Qiming looked around, walked to the fairly clean sofa and sat down.Tang Qi held his arm and sat down with him.

"any drinks?"

"Coffee." Tang Qiming didn't speak, but Tang Qi said. She deliberately said, "Add milk, no sugar."

Tang Susu glanced at her without saying a word, went into the kitchen and turned around, and brought out a glass of water, which was picked up by the tap.Then he pushed to the opposite of Tang Qiming and ignored Tang Qi.

Tang Qi was so angry at her attitude, Tang Qiming patted her knee, she didn't have any attacks.Thinking of today's purpose, a hint of happiness flashed in her eyes, and she sat quietly on the side and stopped talking.

"It's been half a year since Su Su graduated, have you found a job?" Tang Qiming clasped his hands and asked with a smile at his impatient daughter.

"Not yet." In fact, she has submitted a lot of resumes, and no one has asked her to interview.

Classmates with similar grades as hers have basically been employed or have started internships, but she was the only one who was repeatedly rejected.She didn't know whether the Tang family had intervened, nor was she interested in knowing.

"Dad has an old friend, he just lacks an assistant over there." After speaking, Tang Qiming looked at her with a smile.

Tang Susu responded with the same smile, "Is that so coincidental. I don't know who is Dad's old friend?"

"It's your Uncle Xue, you saw it before, do you remember?"

Tang Susu blinked, her long eyelashes trembled slightly, "Oh, remember." She answered, of course, she remembered that two wives who were in their forties and died before and after, looked like pigs and wanted to marry. Her uncle.

"what do you think?"

"Why don't you let Tang Qi go with such a good opportunity?" She raised her eyes and looked at the man sitting on the sofa.

"Qiqi has entered the company at home." Tang Qiming crossed her legs and sat on the sofa in a stretched posture. His eyes narrowed slightly behind the gold glasses.

"That's really unfortunate. I didn't plan to look for a job recently. I want to go out for a stroll while I'm still young. I'll talk about work when the time comes."

After speaking, Tang Susu saw that the smile on Tang Qiming's face gradually cooled down.

Later, she heard Tang Qiming say: "Susu, you probably don't know that your mother signed a divorce agreement with me before she died."

"What?" Tang Susu's expression froze and looked at each other incredulously.

"She cleaned up and went out, and all the property under her name belonged to me, including the house you live in." Tang Qiming said slowly, watching his daughter's expression change, and finally smiled.

It is inevitable that a little girl has a temper, but she has forgotten who she relies on for food.

So, if she doesn't agree, she must be driven out?Tang Susu's laughter was indeed Tang Qiming's solution. She really underestimated the shamelessness of the Tang family.

"I understand." Tang Susu paused for a moment.

Tang Qiming laughed again and folded his hands in front of him, "So, what's your decision?"

"I will move out tomorrow. I remember my mother still has some personal belongings at my grandma's house. If I can, I will take those things away together. Will my father disagree with this request?"

The narrow eyes behind the golden silk glasses narrowed slightly, and after looking at her for a long time, he said: "Su Su, you think it over, without the Tang family, you are nothing."

Tang Susu glanced at Tang Qiming with a bit of amusement, and pointed her white face with her finger, and said to him: "Dad, look, I am so beautiful, and I am still your own daughter. Even if I am a junior, I can at least change it. Come to a villa, this is not for me."

After she finished speaking, she saw Tang Qiming waved his hand to sweep the cup on the coffee table to the ground. The water was spilled on the ground, and Tang Susu ignored it.

Anyway, this house won't belong to her tomorrow, even if you smash it all up, it's fine.

The father and daughter broke up unhappily. Before leaving, Tang Qi smiled triumphantly at her.

Tang Susu refused to listen to her father, so everything in the Tang family would belong to her by that time. What about marriage and children? Having such a stupid mother was destined to have nothing.

Tang Qi's proud Tang Susu certainly understood. She didn't feel angry, but rather sympathized with each other.Does this silly boy really think the Tang family is a good place?Tang Qiming could have an illegitimate daughter, but how could he not have an illegitimate child.

Even if he inherits the family business, Tang Qi is not in his turn.

If you want to get something from the Tang family, you must pay the price. This time Tang Qiming found himself, and next time, it will be her turn. I only hope that at that time, she can still laugh.

Whether Tang Qi can laugh is still unknown, but Tang Susu can't laugh anymore soon.

She has no place to live.