The Contractor of the New Sister Devil

Sister New Devil's Testament Chapter 1

Sister of the new contract by the devil: the people decorated habitat

Introduction: "You said you wanted a younger sister, right?" The father, who announced his remarriage to the high school student Dongcheng Ren, took two girls who became his stepsisters home to live with, but he went abroad on a business trip.After their father left, the two girls, Mio and Wanliya, changed their attitudes a hundred and eighty times and planned to conquer the sword.Unexpectedly, the two real identities are Shinco Demon King and Dream Demon!However, when the master-slave contract was concluded with the blade, the hammer turned into a reverse contract, and the blade became the master instead!?

——The Desire Action Novel of the Strongest Contractor is here!

Volume One

Chapter One Days With A Sister

"Hey—you said you want a sister, right?"

This is one night when the summer vacation is almost halfway through.

Dongcheng Blade even heard the words his father said inadvertently.

Then at dinner time-when the blade is changed, I add another curry rice, when I stand up from the chair.

"I didn't say it, do you have a hole in your head?"

Over his shoulder, he added a "boring" blade change and opened the lid of the electric cooker.

"Your reaction is so cold... It's a younger sister, it's a younger sister. As long as it's a boy, you should be drooling."

"Sorry, my sister can't fill her stomach."

I don’t have time to talk crazy with my dad. I’m just now when I can eat. Don’t underestimate the stomach capacity of high school boys.

After the blade put the rice on the plate, he moved to the pot containing the curry on the gas stove.Drizzle the curry sauce over the white rice and return to his seat.

"Strange? Where did the Fu Shenzhe go?"

How did the best side dish of curry rice disappear from the table?

It turned out that the father sitting opposite, holding the bottle containing the blessings and gods in one hand, was still smug.

"I said Denggen, let's talk more about my sister."

He smiled here "hee".Blade sighed helplessly and looked at his father-Dongcheng Xun.

This father is already a big and young, but he insists on talking to his son about the charm of a sister who doesn't exist at all during dinner time.

If this situation is turned into a text description, it is quite "painful", and people can't help but feel a slight killing intent.

"You're really interested...Speaking of which, did I really say "I want my sister"?"

"What... don't you remember?"

Xun looked surprised.

"You once said with gleaming eyes, "I want a sister" that resembles a light novel title-probably ten years ago."

"Who will remember for so long!"

And ten years ago, Blade was only about five years old.No matter how you think about it, it's a kid's joke.

However, Xun stretched out a hand while saying "Don't do this."

"My sister is awesome---cute and gentle, and soft. I will call you out of bed in the morning."

"Well, that's right..."

"Right. And—you can do lewd things to her as much as you want."

"Don't instigate your son to commit a crime! Anyway, having that kind of sister is scary!"

That kind of sister will only appear in the second element.

"Dad, what's wrong with you... Do you want to talk about the topic of sisters that may be regulated by the Tokyo Metropolitan Regulations (Note: Refers to the Tokyo Metropolitan Youth Healthy Education Regulations)?

"That's not something that doesn't exist—but it's a joke to be able to do lewd things as much as you want."

Quickly slid the bottle containing the blessing god stain from the table to the blade.

"Well, I'm just to confirm. If you like or hate your sister, which answer would you choose?"

"Which kind of public opinion survey is this? Well... Apart from the sisters in TV series and comics, I heard that the sisters in real life are not as good as expected. Either they are stinky or rude."

"In that case, if it's a lovely sister, then it's okay to say it the other way around?"

"Well... if that's the case, of course there is no problem-then again, what is going on? You have been asking me questions in the form of inducing interrogation since just now."

Xun responded briefly with "oh" to the question of Blade Geng, with an intriguing smile on his face.

Then, succinctly spoke words that changed the fate of Dongcheng Blade.

"Great—you will have a lovely sister."

The endless blue sky is the color of the sky on this day.

The weather was very clear, and even the cicadas screamed like hot.This midsummer afternoon, every street set the record for the highest temperature in meteorological history.While Rengen and Xun went to the family restaurant in front of the station together.

"By the way, it's true..."

Dongcheng Blade even murmured in disbelief.

——Last night, Xun threw a topic about his sister.That seems to be a message suggesting that he is remarrying.

I just inadvertently picked "I like cute sister" in the options, but I didn't expect to meet up in a day.

"You really don't give up... I contacted the other party, but they said they wanted to meet you and say hello right away. Besides, I also asked if you had any problems meeting with them today."

"Well, that's right..."

indeed.Before clarifying the situation, he said "it doesn't matter" to Xun, who was inquiring with a mobile phone in one hand.But after waking up, I thought it was necessary to reconsider.After all, the matter of Xun's remarriage is a new addition to the family.

And it may not only be a younger sister, but also a mother.


Yes-that is, after all, "maybe".

Not only the two parties who remarried, but the daughter of each other who is about to become the younger sister of the sword, it is said that there is no objection to the remarriage.But despite this, the matter of Xun's remarriage is still not completely settled.The key is--

...The rest is just waiting for me to nod and agree, right...

Although it is in a state where everything is in place, the final conclusion depends on his own decision, which makes people feel a little depressed.Just when Ren was thinking about "braking his brain", an electronic sound suddenly came from the door of the store.It is a message to notify a visitor.Blade couldn't help but sit still and look in the direction of the entrance, and then sighed "Oh~".It is a parent-child family that is obviously irrelevant.

"Every time someone comes to the restaurant, why are you serious?"

"Yes, what does it matter... It doesn't matter."