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Royal ancestral hall.

Inside the solemn and solemn hall, a strong bloody atmosphere permeated.

A silver cage stood in the middle of the hall, trapped a woman inside.

She fell to the ground, curled up into a ball, her body trembling slightly, her gorgeous palace clothes had been stained with blood, and the tail of her skirt was strangely empty-her feet were cut off by life!

There was a sound of footsteps, and Shangguanyue looked up with difficulty.

A familiar face came into view!

Her heart trembled fiercely: because the person here was her fiancé who was about to get married soon-Jiang Yucheng!

"Shangguanyue, the force has dissipated and it feels like being a waste, how?"

Shangguanyue looked at him incredulously:

"It's you!"

Jiang Yucheng smiled slightly:

"For the past three years, when making snow tea for you every day, I have added some raw powder for you. Does it taste good?"

Shangguan Yue froze for a moment, and smiled sadly.

Oh, I thought it was the kindness of my beloved, but I didn't know that he wanted her life from the beginning!

The look on her face gradually became cold:

"Jiang Yucheng, you know what a crime it is to murder Emperor Ji!"

Jiang Yu Cheng smiled without saying a word, and another female voice sounded in the hall.

"Sister, it's all this time, do you think you are still a superior Di Ji?"

Shangguanyue suddenly turned to look, and a woman came by Ping Ting.

But it is her three sisters who love most every day-Shangguan Wan!

The face that used to have a weak and timid look is now unabashed and proud!

"One day and one night, your blood will run out. Who else can come to save you? Is it your seriously ill father, or your thirteen soldiers in the frontier?"

Shangguanyue's heart is like an ice cave:

"Father is seriously ill... You did it!?"

I'm afraid the Thirteen Yuewei was deliberately distracted by them!

Shangguan Wan blinked, patted her chest lightly, and looked at Jiang Yucheng with an annoyed look:

"Yu Cheng, sister is so fierce, Wan'er is so scared."

Jiang Yucheng smiled and squeezed her waist.

"What are you afraid of, she is no more than a useless person now. As long as you use her blood to nourish your original veins, your talent will be greatly improved in the future. By then, everything will not be yours?"

Shangguan Wan looked at her hatefully:

"Sister, you were born with the original vein of the Tianjing, you are the Emperor of Heaven, and everything best belongs to you! But...why!? Is it because your mother is a queen, and my mother is just a concubine? !?"

She is unwilling!Therefore, she wants to grab everything from Shangguanyue!

"Don't worry, the man you love most in the future, your future throne, sister and I - will take good care of you!"

Shangguanyue's chest seemed to be blocked by something, and her whole body was about to burst open!

The two people she trusted most were Qi Qi betraying her!

Shangguan Wan admired her painful color, but still seemed not enough, and said softly:

"By the way, sister, for the sake of taking care of your sister for so many years, your sister will surely send you on the road well, I hope you can reunite with your short-lived mother, queen and brother soon~"

Every word was like thunder, and it blew into Shangguanyue's ears!

Isn't it an accident that the queen mother and her young brother died in the ice lake?

"You don't know, when the seventh brother died, he was still calling sister..."

"Shangguan Wan!"

Shangguanyue screamed!

Attacking the father, betraying her, beheading her feet, trapped here, is already a deep revenge!

However, she did not expect that her most beloved mother and most beloved brother would also die by their hands!

Her scarlet eyes stared at the two, like a ghost from hell!The next moment, crazy red flames swept!

Shangguanyue actually aroused the original pulse of the Tianjing in the body.burn!

A large fireball of longan flew out instantly, directly penetrating Shangguan Wan's Dantian!

Shangguan Wan immediately felt that her original veins were also burning up!Panicked and screamed

"My original vein!"

Although Jiang Yucheng avoided the danger, his right arm was also cut off by half!

"If there is an afterlife...this enmity-it must be reported!"

Word by word, like a curse!

No one saw it, and a strange rune suddenly appeared on the bloodstain of the table, which was fleeting!


In Tianling Dynasty 1,655 years, Emperor Ji Shangguanyue became crazy because of her practice.



Bone pain!

The flesh is torn apart, and the fiery flame is burning!

The vague sound suddenly came into my ears.

"Hey, big brother, although this little girl is skinny, but this little face is stunning, we just killed her directly, it would be a bit of a loss, right?"

"That's right! Big brother, how can she be the eldest lady of the Chu family, if this is must be different!"

"Sneez, what eldest lady?! Is it a waste material that is incomplete even the original vein? The Chu family can all regard her as a stain on the Chu family!"

"Big brother, anyway, the third young lady just said that she would disappear forever. After we finish the work, can't it be burned? Can someone from the Chu family come to her?"



There was a tingling pain in Shangguanyue's mind, and she suddenly opened her eyes!

Under the dazzling sunlight, a wretched-faced man was reaching out and hitting her chest!

"court death!"

Shangguanyue screamed, but suddenly realized that his voice was completely different from before!

The voice is hoarse, it seems that there has been no water in a long time, but it is not difficult to hear, this seems to be the voice of a girl who is no more than twelve or three!

But she didn't have time to think about it, and immediately grabbed the man's wrist!Great discount!Kick it out at the same time!


A sad scream sounded in the forest!

The man was careless for a while, and he was kicked back, and his hand showed a strange posture-his wrist was directly broken!

"Big Brother!"

The two men behind him were shocked and quickly held him back. They were shocked to see that he was actually injured, and turned to look at the girl.

what happened?!

Chu Liuyue is a well-known waste wood of the Chu family, and has no fighting power at all, otherwise they would not be so easily knocked unconscious and brought to this misty forest!

But now—she broke her eldest brother's hand!

"Little bitch. Son, dare to do something with Song Lian!? I think you are looking for death! The second and third child, go get her over for me!"


Although puzzled, they rushed over without thinking too much--

The three of them are all Tier 2 martial artists, and there is only Chu Liuyue, how could they be their opponents?I must have seen a ghost just now!

Looking at the two men who were besieging him, Shangguanyue narrowed her eyes slightly, and a dark light flashed across her eyes.

Afterwards, he also rushed straight towards the two!

When the three were about to confront each other, the two men swung their knives together!

Shangguanyue seemed to have expected it, suddenly bent over, and rushed to one of the men in a wrong step!

So close!

Afterwards, she easily strangled the man's wrist and pressed it hard in a certain position!

A feeling of powerlessness suddenly struck from the wrist, and the man's knife stayed on the girl's head for a lifetime!

Shangguanyue's eyes were cold, and his momentum changed!The knife turned in the opposite direction and cut off the man's head directly!

The warm, stenchy blood splashed her face!She didn't even blink her eyes!


She let go of her hand expressionlessly, and the man with a strange head suddenly fell to the ground!

A cold wind hits from behind!

She didn't turn her head back, but she hit a backhand!

The man who wanted to attack, his eyes widened, before the sword fell, he had been cut in the waist!


The neat cut on the waist is chilling!

Song Lian looked at what happened before him in shock, full of horror——

what happened?

Chu Liuyue actually killed two Tier 2 martial artists in the blink of an eye!

"Chu, Chu Liuyue!? Are you crazy!?"

Because of fear, Song Lian's voice became much sharper.

Shangguan Yue turned around and frowned slightly when she looked at the man who wanted to kill her.

She didn't know these three people, and they were too weak.

Want to kill her, at least have to send an eighth-order martial artist.But now this...


Isn't she dead?

In the royal ancestral hall, Jiang Yucheng and Shangguanwan jointly murdered!

Then now--

She suddenly lowered her head and looked at her hand holding the knife.

This is a pair of thin and delicate hands, but because of heavy work all the year round, a lot of thick calluses have been worn out.

This is not her hand!

And that man just called her...Chu Liuyue!?

Her eyes changed, quickly connecting these things before and after.

"The third lady sent you to kill me?"

Song Lian wanted to fight for a chance to kill Chu Liuyue, but the two died tragically before. Although he didn't know what evil Chu Liuyue was in, he didn't dare to act rashly for a while.

As soon as his thoughts turned, his expression changed, he actually knelt down and wailed:

"Yes! Yes! It was all instructed by the third lady! She let us take advantage of your time to go out and buy you, kidnapped you! She said, as long as you disappear unconsciously, you will give us six hundred taels. Miss, please forgive me! I am also confused for a while, Miss!"


After hearing these words, Shangguanyue suddenly felt a headache, as if something was going crazy!

The intense pain made her stagger, take a step backward, and her face was extremely pale.

Song Lian glanced at her, her eyes becoming vicious.

Don't do two things!It's now!


With a stern shout, he suddenly got up and quickly killed Shangguan Yue!

The power in him is suddenly stronger than before!

——It turns out that he has already been promoted to a Tier 3 warrior!

However, just as he was about to rush to Shangguanyue's body, there was a knife that pierced his chest first!

It's the knife in Shangguanyue's hand!

Song Lian lowered his head in disbelief.

How come... Chu Liuyue... when did she become so strong?

He will never know the answer.


The last one was also beheaded!

In the forest, there was silence.

If it weren't for the three corpses on the ground, no one would have thought that a girl with such a thin figure could have such amazing power!

Shangguanyue supported a tree, and when the severe pain gradually disappeared, she realized that there was another person's memory in her mind.

After sorting out everything, she slowly opened her eyes and let out a soft sigh.

It turned out that she was actually reborn on this young girl named Chu Liuyue.

Chu Liuyue, one of the four big families of Yaochen Kingdom-the eldest lady of the Chu family.

Said it is the eldest lady, but the servants who live by are worse.Because of the incomplete natural veins and inability to practice, it was regarded as a shame to the Chu family.

Chu Liuyue's mother died when she was very young. Her father, Chu Ning, was originally the best candidate for the next Patriarch of the Chu family.

In this way, it is not difficult to imagine how many bullies Chu Liuyue encountered since childhood.

The so-called third lady of the Chu family who wanted to kill her was the daughter of her second uncle Chu Yao, Chu Xianmin.

And the reason she wanted to kill Chu Liuyue was because Chu Liuyue had a marriage contract!

The marriage contract with the current prince of Yaochen Kingdom-Rong Jin!

Chu Liuyue will be fourteen years old in one month, and the engagement will be held soon!

In fact, it's not just Chu Xianmin, there are many people who secretly want her life!

Shangguanyue got up, the corners of her pale lips slowly raised a smile.

If she remembers correctly, Yaochen Kingdom is one of the subject countries of Tianling Dynasty!

Heaven does not kill her!

From now on, she is Chu Liuyue!

The enemies of the past life will be returned a hundredfold in this life!


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