The horse kicked me.

I didn't even get in the way of people's love paths.

Yes, that was a really unfortunate accident. Born as a duke's warrant for the vast kingdom of Altair, loved by God and born with phantom magicians, it's such an unfortunate accident for me to encounter.

Seeing a clear sky without clouds that day, my fiancé, His Royal Highness Prince Lewis, rarely invited me on a date. I thought you said it was a popular botanical garden in Wang Du.

Although I'm your fiancée from the point of mind, I can only count that Your Highness has invited me on a date. That's why I was standing.

Normally, no matter how much I wore it, because it didn't even reach the feet of my beautiful sister, I dressed plain, but all this day I put a little more effort into makeup than usual, and flax colored hair was decorated with the finest gift my Highness gave me last year for my birthday. My flax eyes in the mirror dressed in a light cream colored dress that had just been tailored had an unhidden joy.

As usual, His Royal Highness picked us up just in time and we tried to get into a luxurious royal carriage decorated with gold. Her Royal Highness still looks unreadable with her expression as she winds her silver hair like the light of the slightly longer moon, but I'm still happy.

Alarm, maybe he was. Yes, if I'd just been a little more careful around, I might have been able to prevent it.

The warmth of His Highness's hands felt over thin silk gloves was loving, and I stared at the two connected hands. That's my habit that has been going on for years now, and His Highness doesn't particularly care.

Yet only then did His Highness look at me. As a surprise, open your beautiful pale eyes like gems.

"Oh Layla!!

As with the time His Highness called my name, I heard the sound of a horse right beside me that was supposed to have been connected to the carriage.

By the time I looked back, it was too late. A hairy white horse, whose royal servant would be taking care of him in tandem, shakes his forelegs up against me greatly. Immediately behind it was seen a man desperately trying to forgive his horse.

Yeah, I've never seen a horse's stomach before. Even with horseback riding archeology, it was always a quiet pony I rode.

At the end of the day, when I thought about something unusual, my memories become obscure as soon as possible. I had a terrible headache and was uncomfortable with the raw warm liquid sticking around my face. I couldn't even hear His Highness or his servant, who was supposed to be beside me, and I was just scared.

I wonder what has happened to me since then. I wonder if you and Your Highness went out as you were. I can't remember. It was a date Her Highness invited me around the corner, and I kind of did something wrong. The next time I see you, I have to apologize.

So determined in a blurred consciousness, I woke up as if nothing had happened.

My body is heavy as lead. What I felt early when I woke up just ran out of that one point. Even the lid feels tingling and sore in the face muscles just a little bit open.

The bed with the canopy embedded with the painting that the famous painter painted is definitely mine. Even though I was confused that my body couldn't move well, I managed to catch a glimpse of what was going on around me with only open eyes. Over shiny thin silk curtains, I see a made-to-measure figure. Looks like he's doing some work on a little table next to the bed.

... Oh, me, I don't know if I left a side table there.

I'm going to try to speak up, but somehow I don't have a voice. Instead, an exhalation like a plunder squeezed out of the back of his throat.

"Come on, lady, we'll do the same thing this morning."

That being said, it was my maid Jessica with me who broke in the silk curtain and showed up. He's been beside me since I was a young girl, the maid I trust the most. But I wonder what the hell's going on today when Jessica doesn't always talk to me until I wake up and get out of bed.

I wanted to hear it, but I still don't have a voice. Instead, I met Jessica, who looked down at me with her eyes open in color. Apparently Jessica had it in her hand, a hairbrush with a rose pattern makes a noise and falls to the floor. It's a faultless attitude that's not like her.

"... lady!? Lady Layla............!! Are you awake?!?

I frowned lightly at the shout, which I didn't normally think was her voice of a quiet character. It wasn't uncomfortable. I woke up surprised by the early noise.

"Jessica, what's going on? Say that out loud."

There was another maid, or a woman's voice from somewhere in the room. It was an unfamiliar voice to hear.

... That's crazy, if you had a maid's voice with me, you'd know right away.

Jessica in front of me looked terribly wolfish, let alone began to weep.

"Oh, my lady... Lady Leila..."

"Something happened to the lady...?

Anxiety colors mix with the voice colors of strange women as soon as possible. Disturbing the silk curtains, a strange woman appeared next to Jessica. I'm wearing the same made-up clothes as Jessica.

... I wonder if such a maid would have been at the Duke's house. Doesn't sound like my sister's date.

Looking up at the strange maid and Jessica as she blurted and thought about it, the strange maid grabbed Jessica's shoulder and rocked.

"What are you bluffing about! Jessica tell her husband and wife!! I will contact the doctor in a hurry!!


Jessica wiped the tears accumulated in her eyeballs and pointed an irresistible smile at me.

"Ma'am, I'm going to call my husband and his wife now...! Please wait!!

I just said my eyes woke me up, but what a big deal. I didn't really understand the situation, until my parents came into the room with the news, and I was wondering what kind of tea to make today's teatime, and so on.

With so many cushions on my back, I was finally able to wake up just a little bit, beside me was my father, who still stared at me with his illusory eyes, and his mother, who trembled as she grabbed the handkerchief of the race. Your father's flax hair has a mixture of white things by the way, and that extra sticks to reality.

"... So I've been asleep for two years"

The reality told by my rushing parents was too unexpected. That day, the horse kicked me in the head and I slept for two years. As proof of that, my hands and feet became as thin as a stick and I could not walk.

"The doctor said I might never wake up... But it was really good..."

Really, I'm glad.

I stared at my parents with such eyes as to question your father's words. Originally, my relationship with my parents was a pale one. Because their sister Rose, who looks a lot like my mother, is so cute that they can't help it.

"Yeah, it's good to hear your voice again, Leila..."

In that word and on the back, your mother's expression is dark. I knew I wasn't greatly loved, but for the first time in two years I woke up and this attitude had something tough on the boulder.

"To your father and mother, we apologize for the inconvenience. We will improve quickly so that you can live your life as usual."

I bow my head lightly to my parents with the utmost strength, and the price of having spent two years in between for nothing is enormous. My wedding with Your Highness was imminent another year later.

"We will be able to dance properly by the wedding..."

My parents' concerns will be around there. Because they have told me so much that my ears hurt that I should behave as a courtier in the Duke of Ashbury's house.

"Leila, it's about that..."

Rarely, your mother clouds her words as she patrols. Mother, who is always the hua of a resolute social world, began to see where she could be so wolfish.

"... okay, let's talk from me"

Your father opened his mouth to give a help boat to his mother, who had tried to lean down and become silent. Unexpectedly, I also find myself in the shape of your father, who took a deep breath by posturing correctly. I wonder what the hell you're going to say.

"Leila, listen carefully."

My appearance in your father's flax eyes looked terribly pitiful. Like this, I get laughed at as Your Highness's fiancée.

- His Royal Highness Prince Wang and Rose are getting married.

For a while, I didn't know what your father was talking about. A painful silence rules my room.

Your Highness, and Rose is married?

What the hell is your father talking about?

My fiancée, she's supposed to be me. Nothing else, this me, Leila Ashbury, is supposed to be.

"... that's not funny, Father"

You distort your mouth like you laugh bitterly, and I stare at your father. You couldn't stand that gaze, and eventually even your father leaned down just like your mother.

"I'm sorry, Leila.... They told me you might not wake up again... but the royal family really wanted to marry my Duke. So instead, give Rose to His Highness's fiancée..."

Poop, and a large grain of tears fell on the back of my hand. Even my body, which has been asleep for two years, feels like I can shed tears.

Oh, you look like an idiot, me.

From the moment I realized it, I wore my upbringing as a queen to go as a future king princess with the thought of seeping blood. I've learned more about the history of this country, more about geography, more about the economy, and more about the language of a friendly country than I'd like to read. I've been trying so hard to dance perfectly until my heel skin peels off. To the point where they don't laugh at your plain face, you've toned your skin, glossed your hair, and you've paid many times more attention than people.

I remember the sweet grin and the pale eyes, occasionally shown by His Royal Highness Prince Wang. Even if they didn't love me the most, I thought I was just happy to be beside them.

Even that won't happen anymore. It was all for nothing.

"... for once I ask, will my awakening not revoke the marriage between Rose and Her Highness"

When asked under no means, your father lifts his face gently and squeezes out the words. My gaze was swimming.

"... if the situation wasn't a situation, it could have been..."

For the first time in my life, I was annoyed by my father, who was somewhat cloudy with words. Do you even think that I will be saved by obscuring things now? Unexpectedly grabbing the sheet, strengthening the tone and saying it out loud.

"Go ahead, say it clearly! A once wounded courtier says she can't marry a sacred royal family anymore...? Well, you don't know how much more beautiful Rose would be for a royal family than me."

My parents kept their eyes open to me absurd with words. I can't help it. At least not once since I got my mind on it, such as when I spoke out loud. I've always danced like a courtesan for my parents. I never broke it once. My sister was so free to spend every day.

"No, Leila! It's not..."

Mother stood up and controlled me. Tears in those clear blue sky-like beautiful eyes. For the first time in my life, I have seen a mother cry like an exemplary of a beautiful lady who is always resolute.

"Eh... Rose's belly has His Highness's son..."

Mother shoved the handkerchief in her hand into her eyes and told her so with a trembling voice.

On Rose's stomach, Your Highness's son?

"... so the wedding will be quicker. To keep your stomach out of sight, we're supposed to have a ceremony in February and a little later..."

That's all I said, your mother leaned down again. Same goes for your father. I didn't know what was going on at the earliest, only the words I had to say were coming out of my mouth.

"... is that right? Congratulations…"

It's not a very welcome story to give a child before we get along, which was originally sworn by God. Except if the other person is a royal human being. Who can say badly that a new life will be born to the royal family?

Oh, you look really stupid.

Nature and my mouth gave me a self-derisive grin. Even though Your Highness and I had a long month of seven years since we were engaged when I was nine, I can't believe that Rose, who has never spoken one word, has been engaged for less than two years, can be given His Highness's son.

I also have platinum hair like Rose, I wonder if I would have been loved if I had clear blue sky eyes. Could it have been cuter to laugh as glamorously as Rose and act somewhat like she was running away?

I have His Royal Highness's son in Rose's stomach, that's all the facts seemed to deny my life, no, existence itself

"... you have no idea how good it would have been not to wake up if this had happened"

Poop again, tears and somewhere out of the blue I shrugged. Wonder and mouth remain laughing with self-derision.

"Leila, I'm not saying anything rare. How relieved your father and mother are that you are awake..."

For some reason, while caring for your sobbing mother, your father lowers his eyebrow butt and stares at me.

"Please, don't worry. It would have been better if I hadn't woken up and listened. I'm so sorry for what I did. You're disqualified as a servant of the Duke of Ashbury."


"Please, pick it up. I'm not feeling very well, so I'm going to take a break."

"Leila... sorry, if your mother believes you will wake up..."

"Hehe...... it would have been better for your mother if I hadn't woken up. Perhaps this is a good idea, because your mother's drowning Rosé can become the Crown Princess."

"Leila! What are you telling your mother? Your mother loves you and Rose equally. And your father, of course."

Your father was holding your mother's shoulder and desperately sheltering her. Enough. I don't care, I want you to leave soon.

"Even children can tell. If it's enough to lie, it's better not to say anything. Please, please leave. If you two don't leave, until I do."

I force my painful body to wake up and get my feet off the bed. Even as I watched myself, my legs became so ugly and thin that I felt nauseous. Screaming from the maids, starting with Jessica, who had refrained in the corner of the room.


"Layla! Please don't! If I did that, I'd be in your way! I'll be out in a minute, so I'm making a big deal out of it."

When your father gets up trying to hold his sobbing mother in, he heads to the heavy door early enough.

"... I'll be back. Have a proper meal."

You don't have to bother to show me your worrying bare hands when you leave the room. I can't stop laughing at the way it looks.

"Lady, oh, Lady Leila... how can you not?"

Jessica just walked over to me and sank my body into bed. As I lay down, tears spread through my temples. I felt sorry for myself for lifting my hand to wipe my tears, and I overflowed with extra tears.

"It's okay, Jessica... Leave me alone already."

What a ridiculous life.

Once again, such thoughts occupy my chest. First of all, I wish I was dead. No, it's not too late now, so I want to die sleeping like this.

With such a pale wish, I closed my eyes quietly.